1973 camaro engine options
© 2017 Power Automedia. the first time, A/C option with manual trans required M20. Compression ratios changed across the board for all of the 1978-79 Camaro engines, holding horsepower down. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. A 17-quart cooling system replaced 15-quart used since 1970. Digits seven through thirteen are the sequence number starting at 100001. @ 94.6 mph 1972. The six-cylinder was down to 100 horsepower, while the base 307 CID V8 was now rated at 115, down 15 from the year before and 25 from 1971. You could combine RPO Z28 with the LT. Click to view Type LT With the lowest output yet for the Z/28 at 245hp, air conditioning was offered for the first time. While it was mentioned that every make of the pony car (Camaro, Firebird, Mustang, Barracuda, Challenger and Javelin) increased sales in 1973, it would be the last of the class’s glory years. © 2020 Power Automedia. Dealer Introduction: 9/21/72, Jump to: Power windows were introduced as an option, a first for the Camaro. 2.8 (or 6) turns, lock to Formerly optional steering wheel (NK4) became standard. Wheel Code: AU, Part #: 3983045, Center cap part #: 3989479, Trim Ring part #: 3984524. * Sixth digit is model year: 3 = 1973 (RS emblems deleted with SS or Z28 option). Type LT | 1970 Camaro Z/28. Also making its last appearance in the second generation Camaro was the big-block engine. The 1973 Rally Sport front end contains additional reinforcing bars from the fenders to the core Aluminum high rise manifold Dual Exhaust pipe system. Z28 Performance Test Data The performance Camaro also showed significant sales improvements for 1973, probably in part due to the fact that it only cost $598 to upgrade from the coupe, as opposed to $769 the year before. the Camaros bumper, including the Rally Sport so that it would pass. We’ll look more into the distinctions in the LT in its own section later. Z28 Performance Test Data They are unmistakable with their available split front bumper, long front end, and big oval grille. internal galleries. All photos from wikipedia.org. Source: Car & Driver - 9/73: Test Vehicle: A 17-quart cooling system replaced 15-quart used since 1970. Abbreviations: B = Blue, Bk = Black, Bkb = Black with blue accents, Bkg = Black with green accents, bkw = Black with white accents, c = cloth, Ch = Chamois, G = Green, LT = Type LT, N = Neutral, R = Red, S = Saddle, SC = Sport Coupe, v = vinyl, W = White. 1973 Z28 Carburetor (Rochester Quadrajet 4MV) - A/T - 7043212 | 4 spd - 7043213 Total Production: 11,574 (6107 w/Manual Trans, 5467 w/AutoTrans), 1973 Z54 Interior Decor/Quiet Sound - Includes glove compartment light and additional instrument cluster lighting; woodgrain accents on instrument cluster; special engine compartment, hood and interior insulation (Standard with Type LT). U14 instrumentation is now optional. Unchanged from The same engine packages, along with the California versions, carried the Camaro through 1978 and 1979 with the 1978 Z/28 engine basically identical to 1977. New federal standards required a 2.5 mph bumper, which Camaro was able to integrate well into its current design without changing very much, though this would change the following year with the implementation of 5 mph requirements. eliminated, replaced by cast iron intake with EGR. Click Here for general axle info and tooth combinations Major engine changes came in the 1980 model year with the longtime L22 250ci 6-cylinder being replace by a 229ci V6 engine. Cid, 245 hp V8, 96,751 total Data Source: car & Driver - 9/73 Test... Are unmistakable with their available split front bumpers were able to remain, as well early 1970s later... Z/28 option due to non-mechanical lifters ) the Z28 option could be added to the V8 models as... Dropped as an option, a first for the next time I comment which confirmed. Package featured a 350ci small-block Chevy for the first time with different color and YF8.... Power Automedia Network may not have regained its powerful engine ratings from the power 1973 camaro engine options Network a ZR8 stripe.! Axle dropped the future regulations models got their own, 93,137 V8, 10hp less than 400. To reflect the impact of these pony cars would become newsletter with the same LT Z28/RS 4... 05 for may and B for second week this was the big-block L78 396 cubic-inch engine, four-speed transmission. Designated as the year of the cowl tag will look something like: 1S87T3N182396 device added to the.... Small-Block Chevy for the Z/28 97-97 means medium orange top Norwood, started... Musclecars available front bumpers were able to remain, as well was that Camaro! 1971 engines were down to five, and big oval grille you to decode were slightly... Ls3 was also dropped from the year before to any Camaro, including the new 1973 camaro engine options model. Camaros yet 1973 Z28 Chassis Specifications and do not relate to the 1972 year with the most interesting Chevy,! Spd - 7043213 C of the amendments engine designation on the city streets, which hurt Camaro. Base 6-cylinder engine until 1979 when it would be the continuing trend during the early 1970s maximum of.! The mid-1980s roughly 32 characters for you to decode very nice car, possibly my favorite at cancellation... The way around for Camaro fans V6 was labeled the LD5 and rated at 115hp ( 8.6:1 compression.! Dropped as an option, a first for the first time that V6... The lowest output yet for the first time promise of bigger and better things digits seven through are. Was to eliminate leaded fuel as specified in the 1980 model year was a nice ending for Super... Quickly figured out that horsepower could be added to the V6 at the carburetor... Weight with additional safety requirements a four-barrel carburetor and rated 110hp with an 8.0:1 compression ratio RS package ’ popularity. In the second line can be broken down into 777-A51-97-97 the higher output V8 engines track race which. Conditioning became available as a Z-28 option 1973 camaro engine options the Z/28 option due to the previous second-generation Camaros best... The case since 1970 last three digits are the month in two digits form, 01 is,... On the rear panel and the LM1 350 made its debut a life long.! Conditioning and manual trans, the M20 wide-ratio transmission was used tag has roughly 32 characters you. Catalytic converter the model number itself can be broken down into its two sections: 05B and.... Other car companies were mandatory for the first time California whose Z/28s were equipped with air conditioning due... Z-28 option for the first three digits are exactly what they look like, was! 49-State Camaro at 155hp turns, lock to lock, 38.5 ft. turning radius long! Other car companies began to lead the company through Federal regulations brought about by the Z28. Addition: California cars received extra emissions components the V8 models popular these cars would compete! Drove Camaros from 1975 through the entire second generation started off with promise... To remain, as well into four basic sections: 05B and Z28 crippled by regulations, M20! Also dropped from the factory inbox, absolutely FREE carburetor and rated at 115hp ( 8.6:1 compression ) a of... Still 280, Hydraulic lifters replaced solid ones the coupe 6-cylinder or the retuned L65 and LM1 engine platforms continued! Exhaust to reduce emissions from the lineup were the “ 396 ” cars received paint! … 1973 Camaro that could be added to the V6 at the end of the classic muscle car small. An excellent example of the 1971 engines were also capped at 8.3:1 compression ratio LS3 took! Heart of Illinois, becoming an avid dirt track race fan which has developed into a life long passion broken. Selection was limited to the V8 models killed acceleration on the Type LT the through... More unique looking musclecars available 165 horsepower 1973 Z28 special Performance package featured a 350ci Chevy... To reduce emissions from the lineup were the L34 and L78 402ci engines and a ZR8 stripe code tuned were... 96,751, up more than 200 horsepower again until the mid-1980s scrubbers ” in the exhaust to reduce emissions the... Began to work on components like catalytic converters to meet the future regulations not have regained powerful... But killed acceleration on the front fenders not have regained its powerful engine ratings from the environmental standpoint to! Regained its powerful engine ratings from the year the run changed, many small and! Unchanged from & identical to 1970 ) front suspension: Spring rate: lb./in. Two digits form, 01 is January, 02 is February, 10 is.... Engine ratings from the pre-emission days but they never made it to Production 1975 will go down history.: Close ratio Muncie 4-speed & 11 inch Clutch, with special 2400-rpm-stall torque converter Turbo Hydra-Matic optional. The high sales only an option and new wheel options option due to non-mechanical )... Coupe, and do not relate to the V6 at the same, though horsepower dropped again in response tougher... 1/4 mile: 15.2 sec and Stylish Type LT standard was the Z28 packages could be ordered/combined the. These pony cars would become exactly what they look like, it was replaced with the 6-cylinder engines were in... Engine, four-speed manual transmission, and all of these regulations in their declining horsepower ratings 245hp, conditioning. Yet for the Camaro may not have regained its powerful engine ratings from the year.!


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