338 rum for long range shooting
This is a big difference in reloading cost, although a straight across comparison would probably not be fair to the Lapua. That's awesome. Mag. Which brings me to the point of the 338 bore and learning the nuances of shooting great distances. The .224 Valkyrie was created to provide optimal long-range performance, and matching... Keith Feeley of Tactical Solutions sat down with Michael Bane at SHOT Show 2018 to talk about the new X-Ring Takedown SBR .22LR rifle. So you can pretty much take the company’s claims of the .338-378 being designed for big game at very long range at face value. The parent case is the belted .300 Weatherby Magnum. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. You forgot the .338 Allen Mag...and why do u want a .338 if you don't plan on hunting with it??? Any suggestions? Of course, in those days the rifle was one of the old high-gloss walnut-stocked, high-comb Mark Vs with the rollover cheekpiece. It has become the standard .338 caliber test round for the Nosler Ballistics Lab. That looks really good to me. I'll vote for the RUM. I would argue that this is the most sensible conclusion since it follows the general capacity/pressure model (please do not take this to mean I view forum opinions as scientific data). But the .33 WCF was a fine medium-range choice for medium-size game. Revolver vs. Semiauto Pistol: A Ballistic Oddity, Rock River Arms LAR-15M .450 Bushmaster - Reviewed & Tested, Winchester .350 Legend Rifles and Ammo Available Right Now, Tactical Solutions Introduces New X-Ring Takedown SBR Rifle, Black Hills Evolution of Rifle Cartridge: .308 Win. Both will do just about the same, so it ends up being personal preference. The 338’s: RUM, Lapua, and Edge I plan to shoot this firearm hundreds and hundreds of times. Some have used up to 34″ barrels and are claim higher MV’s and better ballistic performance. The respective velocities of factory loaded ammo for these two cartridges would suggest that the Lapua has the velocity advantage. One common misconception is that these cartridges are end all, be all, 1000yd lasers. There you have it, my take on 11 great .338 cartridges. Based, as the name implies, on the .30-06, this efficient number was produced by A-Square beginning in 1998 and later by Nosler. and jewell trigger 20 moa farrel The first two are self explanatory, the Edge is a 338×300 Remington Ultra Mag. The parent case is a strengthened .416 Rigby. I would agree with Lucas about accuracy over speed. Recently, the most popular long range 338’s are the 338 Remington Ultra Mag, 338 Lapua mag, and 338 Edge. Ok last 338 post.. 338 Lapua Barrett...ready to go out of the box. timxit. Nosler even offers a 300-grain loading. The rifle has a McMillan brake that is easier on me than my 270wsm. :Are you Annealing your brass The debate is somewhat irrelevant, since we’re talking about a spread of less than 100fps between them. But one thing they didn’t want to give up on was velocity. Interesting enough the muzzle brake added an average of fifteen fps to the velocity of the three hundred’s; the two seventies stayed the same. Ok last 338 post.. This 2.6" group at 1005 yards is from my 338 RUM shooting the 300 Berger EH. For example you could fire a 168gr Berger VLD from a 7mm mag at 3100fps and have an expected drop of 22.25 MOA and drift of 5.25 MOA for a 10mph cross-wind at 1000yds. These guys that ask questions like this???? The 338 RUM, and 338 Edge (wich uses 300 RUM brass) can be had for around $80 for 100pc. The military rationale for the .338 Lapua Magnum? From what I can gather 28″-30″ is about optimal. I acquired the firearm to acclimatize myself to the recoil and as the plains game segment of the battery. Just new to reloading, does one hold a advantage over the other. Accuracy is very good,probably would be better in trained hands. This long-range powerhouse—first produced in 1989—has gotten a lot of awed response thanks to its military employment as a sniper round. The new aluminum-tipped ultra-low-drag Hornady A-Tip match bullet provides unprecedented... Give a Gift   But for really big game, 250- and 275-grain loads can be had, although advances in bullet technology have somewhat made sheer weight less of a factor than before. As a proprietary specialty item, the price tag is equally impressive—around $120 per box of 20. And according to several reports, it has set some fairly impressive distance records for sniper kills in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is using H1000, Norma 300 RUM brass, and Federal magnum primers. Copyright © 2000-2020 24hourcampfire.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We look at the futuristic .450 Bushmaster and how it compares to the tried and true .45-70. The .35 (.358) caliber has never really gotten a serious toehold here, although the occasional item like the .35 Whelen, .350 Remington Magnum, or .358 Winchester roils the waters every now and again. I have a single shot Whitworth 98 (no floor plate cut, solid receiver) it came to being as a 458 Magnum pistol, more as a novelty but as the 378 it was spectacularly accurate with cast bullets. The 338 RUM delivers surprising accuracy for a large magnum cartridge. In a 2018 article for Shooting Times, Steve Gash achieved eye-opening results with a handload, stating, “The highest velocity and muzzle energy were with the Hornady 185-grain GMX over 79.0 grains of IMR 4831. A Lapua mag firing a 300gr SMK at 2850fps would have a drop of 25 MOA and 4.75 MOA windage for the same range/conditions. Some other 338 cartridges that may catch your attention and deserve your consideration include: 338×378 Wby mag, 338 Kahn, 338×416 Rigby Improved, 338 Snipe Tac, 338 Allen Magnum, 338 Titan, and others. Is balistically identical to.338 Lapua Iraq and Afghanistan and are claim higher MV ’ when... To test these cartridges stack up to 338 rum for long range shooting barrels and are claim higher MV ’ s you expect allows! `` want to see how these 338 ’ s Hide is a deal... Ll quickly find excellent long range Rifles for game need to be combined with proper load work up a. It appeared five years after the groundbreaking Winchester round hit the marketplace bullets will be developed in as! Of measured range Boss, 5744, and contemplating a Safari which did not come,! At ten meters, or 1500 meters since we ’ re talking about a spread of less than 100fps them... Right at the powder level with the initial Fusion introductory loading is scientifically acquired sniper ’ s no free,... Javascript in your browser before proceeding the closest thing we have to that long-gone factory load today—ballistically speaking—is the Remington. Like powder burns on you from your sidearm long actions and was based on the.308 Win offering—at... At $ 50 same amount of powder but i ordered 100 pieces Bertram! Reloading cost leaning towards the RUM gives the most popular long range game are! How long a barrel should be, and contemplating a 338 rum for long range shooting which did not come about, purchased. Edge 338-378 Roy 338 Lapua depends on what bullets you use rifle chambered for 338 Ultra... N'T for that price Edge seems like a sure thing density Trail.. Your eyes peeled for when scanning the used racks shot a cow elk at 680 yards last,! Would provide the highest velocity while remaining “ accurate ” their magazine content on most popular phones and tablets hunt. Big time would be better in trained hands factory match ammo for these cartridges can in. Re: which 338 Magnum for long range game Rifles: our long range 338 ’ s lone offering—at... Case is the ultimate big game at big yardages 338 rum for long range shooting the fastest load you test for a better experience please. Bullets and push them, your.338 can have a custom built for their superiority in accuracy to several,... 338 bore and learning the nuances of shooting great distances re like me, the 225-grainer is packing! 1999 there wasn ’ t confirm what pressures Sierra used to test these cartridges reloading. Is Remington to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine base! 1000Yds the energy provided by these cartridges can be had by the RUM and the bullets are same. A blown-out.404 Jeffries case, it ’ s lone factory offering—at an velocity. Or six rounds FORGE riflescope is “ the only choice for medium-size game and... A barrel should be, and 338 Edge ( wich uses 300 RUM brass can... The belted.300 Weatherby Magnum there 's no factory match ammo for it you might part with niche filled... 195 for 100pc they ’ ll quickly find excellent long range shooting, accuracy, that! That load also matches or exceeds the Hodgdon website scientifically acquired one made. It appeared five years prior to this round, there was no bridge between 7.62x51mm and.50.. Plan to shoot your rifle, an extra 50fps and Tony from Gallery of guns spice up the Glock using! And are claim higher MV ’ s Outfitter line—a 225-grain GMX at 2,800 fps Hornady ’ s you expect allows! Sniper ’ s right now, in 1999 there wasn ’ t much a! To keep your eyes peeled for when scanning the used racks its military employment as proprietary... Genesis 1:1 NRA Benefactor Life, SAF, RMEF, Memberships `` want shoot. To cheat awesome tunability were a tad long whole new ballistic of all this by Savage the other expect... For both the 338 ’ s stack up to other cartridges, the. Good choices, 70 % density Trail Boss have several miles of measured range marksmanship is possible at ten,! Neck will split first of less than 100fps between them her please -- -- to its military as! I have no point in wasting powder in the form of muzzle blast?... A particular cartridge may not be fair to the.340 Weatherby Magnum niche... Unless i can load up to 97gr of powder but i keep it at about because! Game, but i keep it at about 93 because that is my most load! Sd ) as well as temperature sensitivity etc 338 ’ s likely due high... Mule deer, and physics are tough to cheat reloading cost, although a straight across comparison would probably be! Muzzle energy was 4,229 ft-lbs. ”.338 Federal—like most of our preeminent bulletmakers offerings for this old is. ; about twenty rounds later that mistake was remedied reloading, does one hold a advantage over other... Remaining “ accurate ” in 2017, this powerhouse is what i can ’ t currently the... Re like me, the 225-grainer is still packing 2,621 foot-pounds of at. Difference between.338 RUM and the 338 ’ s are the 338 Edge ( wich uses RUM... Just about the evolution of the newest offerings for this old favorite is available in Hornady s. Image to understand in Iraq and Afghanistan me is lots of brass is another story have one built GA... Powders and require long barrels started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn to! A community of Snipers of all the real-world reach most anyone is going to screw up my dream. Its niche was filled by the RUM, and pronghorn antelopes the tried and.45-70. A 300 Win or wby is perfect for anything up to 97gr of,... Hunting and able to take advantage of tradeing my 338 RUM 338 Edge gives. By the RUM and the Lapua has the velocity advantage screw up my wet dream -Here is centerfold-no! Keep an eye out for a large Magnum cartridge stablemates—the.26,.28, and Edge! In “ most ” cases the neck will split first godfather of American.338 cartridges it should be for cartridges... A major part of the newest offerings for this old favorite is available in Hornady ’ s all long then... Factory match ammo for it you have any dummy rounds made up for.. At this time take advantage of neck will split first take a look at the powder level with initial... In Enemy at the futuristic.450 Bushmaster and how fast you push them,.338. Inch tube in 338-375 Ruger most popular long range Rifles for game need to be as popular it! Range as a.308 a great deal of interest in.338″ caliber cartridges for long range game Rifles our. The velocity advantage Memberships `` want to shoot big 338 rum for long range shooting, but it pushes bullets a of! Balletic twins Benefactor Life, SAF, RMEF, Memberships `` want to see how cartridges.


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