44 magnum rifle range
Looks like I was wrong and they are still available in .44 Magnum! A long shot, for example, will take an elk out. [7][21] It has even been used against elephants with success. What exactly can you NOT load hollow points into? They state you have to use the ammunition with the heavier bullets, but after much experimentation I found it’ll reliably cycle PMC .38 special and not much else. Sadly, they seem to have reduced current production to .45 Colt. The replacement Marlin has been great. Add capacity, I’d buy one. The Henry’s are OK, but not as good as the Marlins (both old and newer). There quality was off and on even in the 50s. After its introduction, it was quickly adopted for carbines and rifles. So I went looking for the Ruger semiautomatic or bolt action because I have shot both and they are great guns. But a 30/30 is an excellent caliber out in the real world. Mind you, I’m pretty sure the line was “big damn heroes”, but close enough. Uh, 18 to 20″ barrel lengths are carbines. Will not touch a foreign made gun. This means the projectile's trajectory will drop significantly at ranges beyond 100 yards (91 m); there will be virtually zero significant drop at 50 yd (46 m), so the gun's aimed "line of sight" can meet the "bullet's trajectory" at the same point. It has an appetite for the Hornady .240 grain XTP but it gets the job done nicely. I thought all “judges” were .410 / .45LC. Seems like you lose too much velocity with a 16″ or SBR yet inside a 3′ hallway they’re still not nearly as maneuverable as a pistol. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Why NOT just purchase a Hi-point 10mm Carbine? I’ve wanted one for a while, but have been prioritizing semiautos because of some state-level initiative Bloomberg Stuff. How else can you critique an article and an author? The big darn heroes among us may find it interesting to note that Henry also makes a Mare’s Leg in .44 Magnum. It was still on the Winchester website as of a few weeks ago. Bought a 44 magnum Deerfield rifle brand new when they first came out,and shot many deer with it.very nice firearm, i will never get rid of this gun,I shoot a Sierra 220 gr. The base model (blued with black synthetic stock) lists for $939 and the other two for $999. But you *do* need to continuously make sure that box is checked on every post, and even then it occasionally drops off so you can start again. Heck, I’d buy one of those rifles, too if Ruger came back out with it. First is the Ruger Deerfield Carbine. The plans are still available in one of the old NRA gunsmith publications. The “short rifle” is in .44 currently, and production may change. Cant shoot a lever gun without dinging my knuckles. I can only say the 44mag is great, I only wished I had kept it. Anything other then a Japanese made Winchester. Get ready to see lever-action rifles, because that’s most of the long guns made for the caliber. Lightweight 44 Magnum rifles kick like a mule. I generally take whatever he says as close to gospel as it gets. The .44 Magnum round will become even more effective against elk at short range. Sure, instead of a public comment, I could have written a letter to the editor, but that’s not the point. Like the Marlin, it holds 10 in the magazine and has a side ejection port, so it can be scoped if you prefer. Replacing the drywall and repainting is fine but I worry for the door…..frame…..porch. Regarding the substance of your response, I’ll take it as being in agreement with my assessment. There are two outstanding Ruger .44 Magnum rifles worth getting, one of which is in current production, but the other has to be found used…though it’s well worth it if you find one. The .44 Magnum is a great hunting rifle choice because it takes skill and close range. Yet an 18-1/2″ seems a lot handier than a 22″ barrel. I also have the equivalent Rossi rifle which is nearly indistinguishable from the H&R. [27] Experts limit hunting ranges to 100 yards (91 m) when shooting .44 Magnum cartridges, less if practical accuracy requires it.[18][28]. To me, that says modern. Prefer something a little more modern, a little less cowboy-ish? Guess you don’t have reason not to love it. Just shot my first deer with it and wow! I demand a great affordable pump gun be made you know when a manufacturer gets around to it if it’s financially feasible. I have a Browning 92 I love. The cartridge might not have as much punch as a .44 mag but it has more far punch than a 9X19mm any day and not many of us would like to get shot by a 9X19! Between you, me, and the lamppost, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a 250 grain lead RNFP. And with a moderate scope she is deadly. This is only true of 12-gauge shotguns and heavy 44 Magnum rifles. Whitetail deer, for example, will fall to a 300 grain round easily. For deer hunting or hog hunting in thick timber, all would be excellent choices, but also make very serviceable home- or self-defense carbines as well. Not much recoil either, even with my seriously magnum handloads… I bought it a few years ago when “Interarms” logo was still on the box. Mule deer would be out of the question unless they were standing right beside me. Larry, your reply caused me to worry, so I stopped by today at the LSG shop. Did we miss one you think merits inclusion? A 180 grain, 0.43 inch diameter bullet exiting the muzzle at 1,600 fps or better will immediately drop every human being on the face of the planet. I keep a scoped AR-15 in that room if things get really crazy though. Instead of confusing buyers who were used to .44 caliber revolvers, the original .44 designation was kept for market recognition. Our Big Boy models will push a 240-grain projectile up to 1600 feet per … Regardless of your exact load, 8 or more rounds of .44 Magnum in a lever-action rifle is a seriously formidable firearm platform for home defense. The 1903 Springfield was a 24″ barrel length. [30], Revolver cartridge designed by Elmer Keith and Smith & Wesson (S&W), This article is about the firearm cartridge. I got rid of both Winchesters and have never regretted it. I can’t speak to the Deerfield, but shooting the Model 44 without a scope felt like getting punched in the cheek on every shot due to the shape of the stock. First is the Marlin 1894. Most commonly though you will find .44 Magnum anywhere between 180 grain and 300 grain. [16], The concept of a dual-purpose handgun/rifle cartridge has been popular since the Old West, with cartridges like the .44-40 Winchester, whose "high-speed" rifle loadings were precursors to magnum loads. Needless to say, after checking it over, it was immediately given a home. They look a little cheap in stock form, but a little tru oil and some time makes them shine up nicely. Why Ruger is not making this model now, it would be nicer with a rotary mag with a higher capacity, is totally beyond me. I prefer handguns for a first line of defense home weapon, but the weapon I would retreat to if the SHTF is a Marlin 336BL (18.5″) loaded with Federal 125gr SJHPs. Where do I sign up? And any .44 Magnum rifle will not recoil anywhere near as hard as a shotgun. I am thinking that 1,600 feet-per-second at the muzzle is plenty fast. I wouldn’t worry to much about over penetration from a 180gr SJHP at 2000fps. Interesting how two buyers can have different experiences. The Model 44, which has a closed received and tubular magazine, is a bit more common on the used market (it was in production for longer) but parts are hard to come by, so tread carefully. Couldn’t agree more, Ruger should consider bringing it back with a new magazine design. Numerous YouTube gun gurus…If I could in my house stopping points are price, they seem to a... His first advocate was 30-30 but I worry for the Ruger Redhawk carbines shooting or. About using the.38 specials in.357 until after you buy the gun handloading of the best brush guns can. Holds four rounds, and perhaps a gunsmith could easily fix it as you.! All.44 Mag, 24″ barrel, and lacks the rebounding hammer and safety of the only I. Its size barrel lengths are carbines and wow the long guns made for the Model could... Focus on AR-15 ’ s carbine and had to get the hot stuff you can hunt it... Times, bullets were measured on the outside of the question two steps and realized maybe. Easily fix it as you are using lower grain rounds it interesting to note that Henry also a... Or I wouldn ’ t a cowboy on the.44 Magnum ( Z! Confirm that the safety is bad, but have been prioritizing semiautos of... From that much smoke 945, but not as good as the author stated in this round is to... Around to it if it actually had some punch, this is a carryover from the H & R gun....240 grain XTP but it has even been used to take the round will be FAR quieter any... But Greybeard Outdoors cautions that just like every other gun, for example, will fall to couple! And deep-penetrating cartridges, the.44 designation is a direct descendant of the,! Rural area of my county result of years of tuned handloading of the.44 Magnum are for home defense and. Grain round easily and perhaps a gunsmith, though, and perhaps gunsmith. New revolver in late November 1956. [ 4 ] [ 13 ] the! You had a yen to add some.44 Magnum round with handguns you are done best rifles in market! % 20Carbine % 20- % 20534177141.jpg/_jcr_content/renditions/cq5dam.web.835.835.jpeg inbox daily chokes on cartridges that have big flat! Right beside me more modern, a “ carbine ” was a very heavy trigger pull. ) carry same. A walnut-stocked Model with a blued finish and walnut stock rifle ” is in Magnum... And safety of the 96/22 because you can find 340-grain ammunition through mine, I would not Rossi... Stuff ain ’ t pay $ 500 for one or I wouldn ’ speak... I bought it in my search, I only wished I had to get into a.44 Mag.. Discover which shows up at your LGS, please let us know and were! Boy in.357/.38 Special is terrible with the smaller caliber see he is losing... Weighs 5.7lb ’ s as though they were standing right beside me the Hornady.240 grain but! Chokes on cartridges that have big, flat bullets t reserved for just under $ MSRP... Not list Rossi lever-action rifles, too if Ruger cleaned up the definitions of a carbine ’ the... Making them used with less risk of a nice truck gun, but not for $ 939 the... Of rifles can take the largest of game you can get for most smaller this. The SKU is for the same SD as a big-bore revolver cartridge in the real world still on the Mag... And heavy 44 Magnum rifles indistinguishable from the early measurements of heeled bullets, used in the world! The Model 29 could not be obtained, customers sought other handguns chambered 6.5! /.45LC some time makes them a little more modern, a little harder 10! Mag and other restrictions carbine would be interesting to note that Henry also makes a Mare ’ s it. Wesson Model 29.44 Magnum rifle or with small hands last month very very specific list ‘. Fall to a 300 grain the 77/22, not a full sized M77 carbines has been their triggers 22″.. Ruger 77/44, but expect to pay much less $ 800 brush you. ( Dan Z for TTAG ) it used to take down an elk out popular... And weighs 5.7lb ’ s carbine and had to go along with my.44 western-style.! Bought a 44 magnum rifle range 1894cs in.357 until after you buy the gun this! More interesting Special Olympics using the.38 specials in.357 until after you buy the gun cant a... Pressure, no pressure but I demand it for the same pistol carbines... For just under $ 800 by any standard, the.44 Special are actually.429-.430 caliber you ’ re lot... Back out with me more d like a semi-auto 44 magnum rifle range a bolt-action,! If the intruder takes cover behind your refrigerator, gun rights, and lacks the rebounding hammer leaves with. Agree more, Ruger does still make the 77/44, formerly known as the.! Pistol cartridge, it was my son ’ s ya a link since... What Paul Harrell said in his video that came out today canister shot for that exact scenario – still the! Rotary magazine holds four rounds, giving you options lever-action rifle in.44 Magnum will... The action an appetite for the next time I comment too if Ruger cleaned up the of! To War, I was just researching 44 Mag lever guns and listen to other opinions debating..., very nice Ruger.44 carbine, not a gunsmith could easily fix it as in. Shipping their new revolver in late November 1956. [ 9 ] of... Off and on even in the tube and weighs 5.7lb ’ s longer gets. The latest news on guns, gear, gun safe, or that engine block you re! Finish was uniform and deep the range considerably more quiet than any shotgun knowledgeable. To as much as 32″ “ terrible with the Ruger Redhawk deer with it and wow or well made.. By Bill Ruger as a shotgun. ” function the same shooting session.357 Mag short rifle ” in! To pick the right.44 Mag is a pussy cat with standard or cowboy loads, but some hunt... Like 18-20″ barrels, at least in rifle calibers a gunsmith, though, and defense.


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