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This difference in belt size is apparent in the photo below of a .458 Winchester Magnum compared to a .450 Marlin cartridge. When you can go from your 250 gr. Well, let’s talk about the ballistics of the cartridge and how the .450 Marlin stacks up next to the .45-70, both of which will help explain why it didn’t take off like the folks and Hornady or Marlin hoped. LEVERevolution delivers up to 250 feet per second faster muzzle velocity than conventional lever gun loads and gives you dramatically flatter trajectories and more downrange energy. I used Shooters Calculator to compare trajectories, wind drift, and recoil for the cartridges. And why wouldn’t they? HOW WILL THIS (name any) AMMO FEED AND FUNCTION IN MY “GUN”? First released all the way back in the 1870s, the .45-70 Government cartridge initially used black powder as a propellent. For this reason, the .45-70 had a massive built-in advantage in terms of rifle and ammo availability as well as a reputation as a proven performer in the eyes of thousands of sportsmen. When it came down to it, most people elected to stick with the .45-70. This really brings us back to the reason the .450 Marlin didn’t quite take off like the folks and Hornady and Marlin hoped. The .450 Marlin has ballistics almost identical to magnum .45-70 Government ammunition and the cartridge fires the same weight bullet approximately 600fps faster than lower pressure .45-70 ammo intended for use in the Trapdoor Springfield. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.Click here for instructions on enabling javascript in your browser. Most reloading manuals also have multiple sections of .45-70 Government loads tailored to specific rifles, with more conservative loadings for use in the Trapdoor Springfield along with some hotter loads intended for use in newer rifles with stronger actions. DGX in .458 Winchester you know you have a great cartridge in either the .450 Marlin or the .45-70. One potential advantage of the .450 Marlin was its ability to chamber easily in bolt-action rifles, essentially becoming a ".45-70 bolt action" cartridge. Typical .450 Marlin ballistics are a 325gr FTX bullet at 2,225 fps (3,572 ft-lbs), a 405gr JFN bullet at 1,975 fps (3,507 ft-lbs), or a 500gr FMJ-FN bullet at 1,625 fps (2,931 ft-lbs). 1 single shot rifle in the cartridge as well, but also ceased production several years ago. While ballistically similar to the .45-70, the .450 Marlin was not developed from the .45-70. However, while Hornady and Marlin essentially achieved what they set out to accomplish with the .450 Marlin, the cartridge was not a smashing commercial success. Sign up to receive new product announcements, special offers, and the annual product catalog. Hi John, Mag..300 WSM.300 Remington Ultra Mag.30-30 Win..303 Brit. It is possible to handload the .45-70 to levels that can destroy older firearms such as the Trapdoor Springfield. As we drill down into the details of their similarities and differences though, several especially important factors emerge. In addition to the Model 1895 most commonly associated with the cartridge, Ruger also produced their No. Shaw Inc.[9] and EABCO[10] have helped numerous owners convert their existing bolt action rifles to .450 Marlin, fulfilling the cartridge's inspired purpose. Note: Our Current Ship Time Is 3-5 Business Days. Ammunition must ship UPS ground. Reloading components for the cartridge aren’t exactly growing on trees, but you can still normally find what you need without too much difficulty. Those loads have stout recoil, but also deliver heavy hitting, bone crushing power at short range. With this in mind, the modern rile loadings are comparable to the .450 marlin. Item 22C - Exterior Ballistics Charts for several Muzzle Velocities. Interestingly, the .45-70 Govt enjoyed a big resurgence in popularity during the 20th Century and the use of modern smokeless propellants dramatically improved the ballistics of that cartridge. I found this article a good read yet not complete in comparison. This prevents accidental cross-chambering of the two cartridges. 450 Marlin ammo for sale at Ventura Munitions. The same goes with different barrel lengths. If you'll limit yourself to broadside (double lung) and CNS hits, this load will work on animals up to 2,000 lbs. The .450 Marlin is a firearms cartridge designed as a modernized equivalent to the .45-70 cartridge. Finally, the Marlin caartridge has a much higher SAAMI maximum pressure of 43,500psi vs 28,000psi for the .45-70 Government. 450 Marlin RIFLE AMMO 450 Marlin RIFLE Ammunition for Sale. Neither one really excels at longer range, but both the .450 Marlin and the .45-70 deliver the bone crushing power and deep penetration necessary for hunting large, tough animals such as moose and grizzly bear at short to moderate range. From the start, Marlin introduced a special version of their legendary Model 1895 lever-action rifle chambered in .450 Marlin and Hornady began producing ammo for the cartridge as well. Yes, the modern .45-70 loads are more powerful, but the older loads still hit pretty hard themselves. Released in 2000, the new .450 Marlin cartridge largely accomplished those goals. Marlin ceased manufacture of the 1895M rifle in 2009. After all, the two cartridges have almost identical ballistics and are available in many of the same rifles. Out of stock. Ammunition. NOTE: The innovative LEVERevolution® FTX® and MonoFlex® bullet designs may require a newer magazine follower to provide best possible functioning of the last round out of the magazine in certain guns. 1. At this time, Hornady and Buffalo Bore are the only companies I’m aware of that manufacture factory .450 Marlin ammo. Created with Sketch. This is because the 450 Marlin brass (as made by Hornady) has a heavier web and as such the powder capacity was lessened, so the amount of propellant we can fit into the case is slightly less than with Starline 45-70 brass. That shouldn’t be surprising at all, especially considering that the .450 Marlin was literally designed to mimic the performance of magnum .45-70 ammo. There is a lot of overlap in the common bullet weights they use and the two cartridges often use the exact same bullets in the 250 grain to 500 grain range. After all, the .450 Marlin did essentially the same thing as the .45-70 with some of the higher pressure factory or handloads. For all these reasons, the .45-70 and .450 Marlin are perfect for hunting basically every species of North American big game in thick woods or heavy cover where short range shots (>100 yards) are common. 450 Marlin rifle ammunition for sale. That is, in my book, flexibility which is really helpful. On the contrary, hunters used those old black powder loads to take untold numbers of deer, bear, moose, and even bison over the years. These rifles are often easy to carry, whether on foot or on horseback, and are quick to mount and fire. Not surprisingly, the .450 Marlin and the .45-70 Government have almost the same amount of recoil as well. Additionally, don’t get the impression that those reduced powered .45-70 loads for the .45-70 are too weak for hunting either. Designed to fire the original .45-70 black powder load, those Trapdoor Springfields have a relatively weak action by modern standards. Item 22B  -- utilizes a bullet that expands to an inch or more at our velocities and hence penetration is limited to about two feet in flesh and bone. 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On the contrary, and as we’ll discuss more in a minute, the .450 Marlin is a well-designed and heavy hitting round. Indeed, it’s a fantastic choice for use on North American game like deer, black bear, feral hogs, or moose at short range. Hornady makes a 350 gr. While newer rifles like the Winchester 1886, Marlin 1895, and Ruger No. The table below compares 325gr Hornady FTX (.230 BC) and Buffalo Bore 405gr Jacketed Flat Nose (.216 BC) loads for each cartridge as well as a 405gr Remington Core-Lokt (.281 BC) load that essentially duplicates the original .45-70 loading. The Browning BLR is also now available in .450 Marlin chambering, as is the Ruger No. It was designed by a joint team of Marlin and Hornady engineers headed by Hornady's Mitch Mittelstaedt, and was released in 2000, with cartridges manufactured by Hornady and rifles manufactured by Marlin, mainly the Model 1895M levergun. 613-372-2662 From the start, Marlin introduced a special version of their legendary Model 1895 lever-action rifle chambered in .450 Marlin and Hornady began producing ammo for the cartridge as well. Buffalo Bore. It was designed by a joint team of Marlin and Hornady engineers headed by Hornady's Mitch Mittelstaedt,[3] and was released in 2000, with cartridges manufactured by Hornady and rifles manufactured by Marlin, mainly the Model 1895M levergun. Share your opinion with others, be the first to write a review. However, while Hornady and Marlin essentially achieved what they set out to accomplish with the .450 Marlin, the cartridge was not a smashing commercial success. Can’t think of any. Marlin ceased manufacture of the 1895M rifle in 2009. Visually, the case resembles that of the .458 Winchester Magnum with a wider belt. Bottom line: the .450 Marlin has almost identical ballistics to magnum .45-70 ammo and both are quite a bit more powerful than the lower end .45-70 Government loads safe to use in the Trapdoor Springfield. The belt has been modified to prevent it from chambering in smaller-bore 7 mm Magnum or .338 Magnum rifles. Welcome to Ammo Freedom! A decent number of hunters adopted the new cartridge, but many others saw the .450 Marlin as the solution to a non-existent (or at least not very severe) problem. My guess is (I don’t own one, but have two .45-70s) you would not be in a hurry to use a 250 gr. If it sounds like an appealing choice for you, then get a good quality rifle, learn to shoot it accurately, and I’m sure you’ll be happy with how it performs for you afield. This means I will earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase. There is currently a pretty good, but not gigantic, selection of high quality rifles available for the cartridge. IN STOCK NOW; Pistol Ammo.25 ACP.32 ACP.357 Mag.357 SIG.38 Special.38 Super Auto.380 AUTO.40 S&W.44 Mag.45 ACP/Auto [4] This places the .450 Marlin in the .458 Winchester family of cartridges, though it is more easily understood as a "modernized" .45-70. Item 22C -- utilizes an FMJ-FN bullet designed to penetrate 5 to 6 feet in flesh and bone. For the most part, both cartridges are most common in short barreled lever action rifles.


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