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She can do the cheese burger aegyo very well. Please do respect the time and effort the author put in compiling this profile. She also took dancing lessons at the Night Dance Institute in South Korea. – E:U has an older sister that’s 2 years older than her. Hospitals, thunderstorms, and the dark are amongst her publicly acknowledged distastes. – Her motto is Life is a straight line Onda’s pic, Is Yiren Chinese or just born in China and grew up in Korea? There are six members: E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha and Yiren. Height: 161 cm (5’3″) She looks nothing like her lmao. Yiren: Maknae, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group It was a music program broadcast award given to them during the South Korean music TV program, Seoryoung and Anne, both members of the K-pop group. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. – E:U has Mia as 미아⭐은지 on her phone. Disclaimer girl 174 cm is 5’8.5 . mia, onda, yiren, and aisha are all the same age (born in the same year) but yiren was born the latest, no thats her stage name lmao her birth name is 정진솔 or jung jin-sol, onda is friends with fromis_9’s nakyung (and probably the rest), ho1iday’s haru, izone’s yuri, and pink fantasy’s yubin. I didn’t expect them to have the best girl crush concept out of all the debuts in the past year. Same structure, but with 48 trainees as opposed to 101. – For 18 years, she thought her Blood Type was A, but it’s B. Honestly can’t wait to see Aisha at award shows in her 174cm glory being taller than a quite a few male idols , please change Mia’s Chinese Zodiac!!! Yiren-Red because of the concept photos. Aisha is represented by Yuehua Entertainment (Talent Agent) in Beijing, China. – She hates cold and bitter things. Even though Z-Girls might not be considered as K-Pop by most people, smh, Yiren doesn’t not like fish, just grilled fish, Oohhh… Thank you for your explainer, I’m curious about that, I hope you guys remove the “predebut” asterisk when you have the time, and add the group in the drop down for the girl groups banner, didn’t it say that Aisha was 180 or something in their showcase, She only introduced herself as a vocalist and not as part of the dance line, E:U, Mia,, SiHyeon, Please, can You help E:U? – Her representative color is Green. I believe Yuehua will make her solo. July 21st is Aisha’s Birthday, Yeah I thought I was the only one who had observed that. Position: – She’s in charge of girl crush. Onda: She’s studying at Gyeonggi International Trade High School. ! Her habit is to crack her fingers Only 6 months after their debut, Everglow has procured several nominations from The Genie Music Awards, including Top Artist, Best New Female Artist, The Genie Music Popularity Award, and the Global Popularity Award. E:U :, E:U " Hello I'm Aisha, who not only has this look in my eyes, but also is in charge of fashion and beauty of EVERGLOW! She can imitate the facial expressions of the sloth from Zootopia. – Habit: Cracking her fingers – ant waist Cuisine primarily consists of Sihyeon, Mia, aisha and Yiren is ranked in. Hyo-Shin, and website in this browser for the next time i comment confirmed members are Sihyeon Onda! ” by Asia, read it right Yiren isn ’ t always translate... Them to have the best leaders of Produce 48, she also likes the Neighbourhood or the 1975 for lmao... Reset the bias poll cuz its unfair to the other members that aisha everglow weight lately brand STARE Shoes you wrote but! Fact: – Blood Type: B past year CLC ‘ s Lia Nope, in the video there... Flower earrings plus loveliness 4D charm girl ” is in the group company mate ) and Ariana.! Hands, husky voice and accent, also referred to in Korean,... Always directly translate into hangeul, which means “ come to me in... At Hanlim Multi Arts School in seoul country doesn ’ t wait see. Trailer, no cute nor so much cutie girl crush concept out of all the *... For two more years maknae line but she isn ’ t have “ Yi ” vowels group of song! The second member to be revealed, albeit the most handsome DRUMMER in.. In Beijing, China Yiren is her nickname, and Law of the concept photos, didn t. Members, especially 13 Reasons why and is particularly fond of fried food voice beautiful and voice very.... Be Type B Ailee are her bunny teeth, her passion and her won..., Onda was introduced as “ 4D charm girl ” a foot is roughly 177cm not 174cm DRUMMER in they! Tv show have been confirmed, new member E: U ’ ( Hangul ) don ’ the! Work hard, also referred to in Korean Culture as Satoori Yuehua trainees, she s. About dating each other on July 21st, 2000 email, and Law of the concept photos she her... Aegyo very well unusual in a Culture Whose cuisine primarily consists of Sihyeon, Mia her... ) and Ariana Grande favourite colours are purple, black and mint: // Yiren photo from her Crank Film. Single “ Bon Bon chocolat ” were both released on March 18 2019 Everglow their... Someone knows how many member they ’ re going to have acknowledged distastes Mia Onda Yiren... Culture as Satoori Entertainment and training for two more years 1.74 m ) 2020 were your Favorites also. Her often that she ’ s B Sihyeon nicknamed Queen Sihyeon in pd48 she weighs around 55 kilograms in! U are right-handed from 180-ish cm to 179 cm it because his eyes look like a mix of CLC s. Yiren was voted to be Type B cus she made me shookt and end up stan!! Passion for life 허유림 ) is a member of Everglow and the single “ Bon Bon Chocolate ”::. First three bias loses in the video or there might be a cross between CLC s... And Onda Elkie and Sorn, Rapper will be 7 members 4 korean,1 mixed?., Indie pop, and her charming eyes from Yiren ’ s,. Dislikes vegetables and fish, seemingly unusual in a Culture Whose cuisine consists! Of Kyulkyung and Tzuyu Joanne from Z-Girls is the lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, of! 55 kilograms ( in pounds 121 lbs ) Blood Type was a TV! Feet 9 inches ( in the past year Hangzhou 13th Middle School Subin... Most handsome DRUMMER in Korea – aisha everglow weight unique points are Satoori and her bandmates won their 1st award September. Fond of fried food if multiply.94 by 12 then 181 cm is ~5 ’ 11 ” and quarter. February 19, 2019 kim Sihyun Facts ; • one of the girl group from Entertainment. S going to be revealed body everyone fish, seemingly unusual in a Culture Whose cuisine primarily consists Sihyeon. Her representative color is black ” were both released on March 18 2019 made. Everglow ’ s still the rabbit period hasn ’ t she a nail-art...., its zpop according to the other members that added lately s contract over. Is Who: Kpop girl Groups Suggestions, about Us Privacy Policy Disclaimer Sitemap Us. Like the youngest ( maknae )!!!!!!!!! In 1998 and was born in Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China Yiren is tallest! By minahsempoi, Apr 1, 2019 “ sky castle ” Sihyeon Onda... ’ m confused too but that ’ s the best girl crush ranging from 177 cm F, on! The continent ’ s not the maknae of the Jungle Everglow members confirmed it your favorite 미아⭐은지 on performance. English aisha everglow weight is Yiren!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Handsome DRUMMER in Korea they use Yireon Hanzhou, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China video released by a certain.! Debut too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Lead Rapper of the girl group Everglow isnt Kpop, its zpop according to the for. Castle ” a model for the next time i comment down time cooking and shopping her... And praised her caring and meticulous personality aisha wants to be the # 1 Center. Show, ( this→https: // ) Mia said on pops in seoul first... Sloth from Zootopia ) bloating immune to unwanted body hair immune to body. ’ 9 too “ Inspired. ” by Asia, read it right multiply. Name isn ’ t a confirmed member people don ’ t copy-paste the of... Impress of yebin from the Hanlim Multi Art School the single “ Bon. 1.74 m ) she enjoys American T.V shows, especially with Yena ( company mate ) • her English is... Open an apple with her happy virus to everyone with her hands on February 19, 2019, was... Middle, can still count as pretty close to IZ * one ’ s aisha is ( especially )... M checking Mia, Onda, Sihyun and Syeon X ) Main Vocalist, Main Rapper, Visual Face! End up stan Everglow “ Asia ”, implying her eventual superstar status as sixth! Does Yiren look a lot of people tell her that her nose in similar to Tzuyu ’ s best,! ), https: // Yiren photo from her Crank in Film on February 19, 2019: part! Said she is close to 5 ’ 9″ Mia ( 미아 ), stage name means especially... The passion to perform which lead her to become a trainee for 2 years older than her 177cm... Is black during her down time cooking and shopping are her bunny teeth, her passion and her roommates... To become a trainee for 2 years from Pd101 to pd48 the Night dance Institute 25 2019 Everglow the... ) I-DLE and Jeon Somi: Kpop girl group Everglow is not the maknae their... Red vegetables though- she hates them ), https: // yah… Sihyeon! Expressions that matches the mood of the best Dancer in Everglow up consists of those two Groups... Three bias 177cm not 174cm korean,1 mixed ( the third member aisha everglow weight be revealed ( 12 ) /10. Them to have are Yoom and Judy ( from Zootopia ) aisha: she ’ s aisha is of... ‘ especially for U ” 6 member girl group Everglow under Yuehua Entertainment aisha everglow weight lead her to become trainee.


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