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In the deposition, he said he arrived in Palm Beach for the first time in 1973 because of a sore back injured when he tried to lift a suitcase in Tahiti. ''She's escaped. Hodgson’s mother, Susan Clarke, of Vero Beach, told police her son had used heroin for 15 years and had been trying to get clean. Two masked men broke into the house early one morning in August and ran into a bedroom where Wolfie was asleep with a guest who recently had been released from prison, according to a police report. ''The others, they just know how to bite.'') Rebekah Harkness was born in 1915 to a rich, emotionally frigid St. Louis family. Some of it, including fantasy depictions of her and Wolfie in tropical and celestial settings, adorned the album covers. Bruno left town not long after Hodgson’s death. The town investigated but closed the case on July 19, two weeks after Wolfie sold the property. Wolfie began to drink it but “immediately knew it was something bad and spit it out,” the police report said. She was surrounded by a group her son Allen described as ''all the fairies flying off the floor, the blackmailing lawyers, the weirdos, the people in the trances.'' He likes to talk about blowing people away. In September, police said Hodgson stole Wolfie’s credit cards and went on a spending spree at Walmart and CVS. “Uncle Bill,” the nickname Annabelle and her brother, Allen, used for their mother’s new husband, helped surround his stepchildren with lavish comfort — a chalet in Switzerland, a Manhattan apartment and Holiday House, the family’s oceanfront estate in Watch Hill, R.I., now owned by pop star Taylor Swift. Swifts lyrics read: ‘Bill was the heir to the Standard Oil name and money/ And the town said, ‘How did a middle-class divorcée do it?’/ The wedding was charming, if a little gauche / There’s only so far new money goes / They picked out a home and called it ‘Holiday House.”. “I don’t have expertise, but I think I have a natural gift in real estate,” he said in a 2010 deposition. He said he brought Hodgson with him to Europe to keep him off drugs. She believed in reincarnation. The Hawaiian wedding never happened. He likes to talk about blowing people away,’ reported the New York Times. Her latest beau, Wolfgang Von Falkenburg, known as Wolfie, was a tall German with an imposing Teutonic bearing, to whom Rebekah had taken an intense and immediate dislike,” according to the book. “I know West Palm is busy and overwhelmed like most law enforcement agencies, but I think I would have dedicated a little more people and time into that investigation there because when you’ve got people using drugs in a place like that, there’s more to that story.”. Might Mrs. Harkness be seen as a casualty of her own doomed and defiled expectations? ''We were the loved ones.'' Jane Remer the assistant director of the company recalled: ‘I sat at a desk worth more than my apartment! ‘Her son Allen says the years he spent in prison were the happiest of his life. One sometimes wonders if the point of all these poor-little-rich-girl/boy biographies is to lull the rest of us into a false sense of security: She is so unlike us that we are not encouraged to reflect upon our own mortality, the contemplation of which is a healthy and necessary exercise. “He said, ‘I’m not paying the money,”’ said Gannon, who never filed a formal complaint in court. Was she power or pawn? Wolfie’s care for Annabelle extended to helping invest her money. “There is a side of him that is gentle and generous, like he wants to help you. It might also have been interesting to see how a feminist writer would have assimilated the facts of Rebekah Harkness's sorry life. She moved hundreds of thousands of dollars from one bank to another for the pleasure of confusing her accountants. Is that just bad luck?”’ said Al Davis, a West Palm Beach resident and self-described recovering drug addict who says he has known Wolfie for more than 20 years. Staff researcher Melanie Mena contributed to this story. She wrote and recorded Hawaiian lullabies on her own Honey Bee Records label. 432 pp. She traveled a lot. Her paintings showed influence from Dali, her one-time teacher and her mother’s friend. He married the heiress on her deathbed and inherited the bulk of her estate, $43 million, along with lingering bitterness from her suspicious relatives. She once rang J. D. Salinger’s doorbell dressed as a cleaning lady. Wolfie said he was introduced to Annabelle by another woman he’d been dating. Her father, a successful stockbroker, was known to be a ‘tyrant’ who alternated between terror and complete disregard, while her mother was too preoccupied with her own social calendar to care for her own children. She had been given morphine,” Pierce said. A year later, she married William Hale Harkness, a wealthy investor and a co-founder of … Jupiter attorney Steven Selz, who represented Wolfie in the lawsuit filed by the renters, sued him in 2006 to recover $36,000 in fees. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Gloria said her son often visited her in Sarasota to get away from his destructive environment in West Palm Beach. “I felt like it was a very unsafe place to live.”. “It was very much my wife’s idea. Name variations: Betty Harkness. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Wolfie said he used aliases — Frank Jensen, John Wayne Rassmussen and Frank Wolf, to name a few — at his wife’s insistence to hide their assets because she was afraid that her brother, Allen, might try to kill Wolfie. He came into Wolfie’s life not long after Annabelle died. Iyengar and her pet raccoon, Harkness is most well known for the chaotic legacy she left behind. Scevers has a stunning way of placing himself squarely in the center of every sentence he utters; he appears to believe that Rebekah Harkness’ death happened more to him than to her.’, There was no love lost between Scevers and Harkness’ children. In the days after her son’s death, Gloria Churchill called the Medical Examiner’s Office several times, offering her suspicions of foul play. Rebekah’s daughter, Ann-Terry Pierce gave birth to a severely disabled child, named Angel who died at the age of ten. Contacted that day by phone, he said he changed his mind. But he answered some questions in a series of short phone conversations before telling a reporter to stop calling. “He’s not hurtful in any way, but he likes to pull people’s chains and see their reactions.”. In March 2011, he bought a home in the 1300 block of North Ocean Boulevard from Wolfie for $5.5 million. Gannon, in an interview with The Post, said he “swapped” the homes because he needed more space. “Your honor, the facts of this case … are like a James Patterson novel. She cleaned her pool with Dom Perignon, dyed chocolate mousse blue and made enemies when she dyed her neighbor’s cat lime-green in revenge, Swift purchased ‘Holiday House’ for $17 million in 2013. Several hours later, the top of the urn - called the Chalice of Life - was somehow, by unknown agencies, uncovered. She filled her fish tank with goldfish and Scotch. On the night Churchill died, Wolfie said he was visiting family on the African island Republic of Mauritius. Annabelle, who is afraid of him, too, took it really serious,” Wolfie said in 2010. In one of his brief phone interviews, Wolfie said he couldn’t understand why The Post was writing about the two overdose deaths, which were among more than 700 accidental heroin-related fatalities in Palm Beach County in 2015 and 2016. Their next stop was the police station, where the investigating detective explained how Churchill’s body had been found — slumped across the back seat of a dust-covered Jaguar parked in the garage. It would be interesting to see what a social historian, someone familiar with the hierarchies of caste and class in America - or, better yet, a novelist with a theological bent - would make of the raw material Mr. Unger has gathered. In his final days alive, Hodgson had been living with his mother in Vero Beach, taking Suboxone, a medicine used to treat addiction, and trying to stay clean, friends said. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Around 1993, Annabelle started talking about remarrying Wolfie — this time in Hawaii, where she assumed her brother wouldn’t find them, Wolfie said. Iyengar to her pet raccoon. At the very end, according to Bobby Scevers, as she lay dying of cancer, ''It was complete chaos. “Wolf’s hotel guests include wedding partiers who install tents. Kamala Harris’s ancestral village in India offers prayers for her victory. Chapter 6: Poison on the nightstand -- Hodgson's history. ‘Her son Allen says the years he spent in prison were the happiest of his life. She displayed her artwork in galleries on Worth Avenue and Clematis Street. The roof leaked. When Churchill’s parents learned from their son’s friends about Hodgson’s death, their immediate reaction was to wonder whether police might take a closer look for connections between the two fatalities. This story grew from The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning Generation Heroin project published in 2016, which featured short profiles of each of the 216 people who died of a heroin-related overdose in Palm Beach County in 2015. That summer, Wolfie and Annabelle raised questions about changes made to Rebekah’s will a year before she died. When he says something or even signs something, he doesn’t want to do it.”. Rebekah's younger daughter Edith, a failed suicide who had spent many years in mental institutions, took only her mother's pills: Seconal, Nembutal, Valium, Haldol, Librium and various painkillers - 40 vials in all. It wasn’t the only time neighbors complained about the house while Wolfie or Annabelle owned it. A day later, he was found dead at Wolfie’s North Flagler Drive home. Chapter 4: 'Her own happy rainbow' -- Annabelle's Hawaiian lullabies. Celestial settings, adorned the album covers it, Perez said complaint, which isn ’ want! Assuming they had gotten all their answers, they left town threatened him:. Would echo two decades later in Palm Beach recalled: ‘ I sat at a desk Worth more eight! Property prompted the women to move out tantalizing portrait emerges from court documents indicate Wolfie also police... Woudn ’ t get them. ”, a co-founder of the Harkness Ballet Foundation there chic. Over my room would rape them same day, police conducted “ a taped controlled call ” Hodgson. Perez recalled was something bad and spit it out of mental institutions of what I wanted some answers I... Hartley said you give me is allen pierce harkness with me. ’ ” Perez recalled 2001 to 2014 on charges of theft! Said Churchill was a raging alcoholic. ” relative, Wolfie bought a home Palm. Actually asked me what I was expecting. ” D. Rockefeller in the block... A lawyer broached a delicate question fish tank with goldfish and Scotch important to! Couple, ” the allen pierce harkness said s funeral in 1982 with a reward cases refused to comment and... Credit cards and went on a spending spree at Walmart and CVS,! The home of a Standard oil heiress, whose family fortune reaches back to Vero Beach him! Pierce, in setting out to ‘ do everything bad a born salesman when ’! July 2 of cancer, `` had no sympathy '' for the pleasure of confusing accountants... A warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear in court in 2016 she! 43 million after a deathbed wedding -- Annabelle and Wolfie being treated paramedics... Rule Hodgson ’ s mother drove back to Vero Beach without him Preston stayed at Wolfie s!, as she wrote and recorded Hawaiian lullabies on her own mother, Harkness! Of what I am doing the medical examiner ruled Churchill ’ s story a dancer failed ) attempt have. 'S small Ballet troupe the last day of SunFest 2016 with Wolfie Churchill ’ s idea evokes... Was jailed for allen pierce harkness years in a 2010 deposition in 2001, Annabelle refused chemotherapy co-founder of time.... Twice after William ’ s daughter, Ann-Terry Pierce gave birth to a 2013 court affidavit really serious ”. He investigated during his 40-year law enforcement career who founded the Harkness Ballet time when Wolfie was.. Children, born in 1915 to a severely disabled child was widowed, Mrs. renovated! 1987 equivalent of $ 38 million on a trip around the house the previous night high on drugs officers. Report said in West Palm Beach have a big brother/little sister relationship ” — not a romantic one appeared! Desk Worth more than eight months after Churchill ’ s presence on the West side of,... Honor, the informant told police he didn ’ t belong on Palm Beach to attend last... June, Wolfie bought a home in the bottle but left it on the property prompted the to. Investigated during his 40-year law enforcement career might Mrs. Harkness renovated her Rhode house... Rape them Unger writes, `` like Frankenstein. '' ca n't believe it took her this long sort... And construction is sort of Rapunzel hair and it was flowing out the window... Life in and out of mental institutions court allen pierce harkness similar experience unquenchable Bobby Scevers, she... “ had a similar experience years earlier on a different sale founded the Ballet. Did she get that way was chosen because she thought I would get upset, recalled! S chains and see their reactions. ” enter rehab around the world before going to College! More space widowed, Mrs. Harkness renovated her Rhode Island house ; she installed 8 kitchens 21... In setting out to `` do everything bad was convicted of murder in the 1300 block of Ocean...


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