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requirements for registration apply whether a goat is French or American. Several sub-types of Alpine goats have emerged,[1] namely: Alpine goats are a medium to large sized breed. Some useful information about the Alpine goat that is useful to know, Alpine goats are one of the most agile of the goat breeds,,, Should prepare a proper goat farming business plan before implementing goat farming business. However, the Nubian goat's weight is similar to that of the Alpines at maturity, yet it produces less milk, containing a higher proportion of fat, than the Alpine goats.[4]. Crazy Goat Facts 16-20. They are a medium to large size breed, weighing around 135 lbs for does and 170 lbs for bucks. They are great milk and meat producers. Some can provide up to a gallon of fresh milk each day. Origin and History of Alpine Goat. They are the type of goats that can be easily be managed and handle by even beginners. The amazing looks and stunning shape make them suitable for shows. One of which are the Alpine goats. The good thing about them is that they can be bred at home and even for commercial purposes. Alpine goats can range from white or gray to brown and black. However, doe kids should not be bred until they are at least 75-80 lbs. Just remember to use a smaller breed buck so it doesn’t create stress or difficulties for the doe. According to the research done by our experts shows that the breed was brought into existence by Mary E. Rock who is based in California. They have a capability on how to find a way out of the yard if you are not careful. The breed of alpine came as a result of crossbreeding between French alpines with Grison goat breed of Switzerland. She’s the goat who will be one of the first to greet us when we go outside and is always curious. Here are 33 Interesting Goat facts. We’ve had to learn how to get really good at goat proofing and building super strong fences. They are often used for commercial dairy production, as well as homestead milk goats. They have erect ears and a straight profile, and are described as being "alertly graceful" with the ability to adapt to any climate thanks to their hardy nature. The breed of goat originated from the Brienzer region of Switzerland. These goats are said to be graceful and alert. A flock of around 200 goats is hired regularly by Google to chew away the grass in their lawns rather than using land-mowers. Rock Alpines wer… If trained properly, goats are capable of … 17. This type of injury would have led to her death without the intervention of humans. Archaeologists discovered the bones of a Pashang goat that died around 12,000 – 15,000 years ago. She then acquired French Alpines from the 1922 importation. And they’re adorable! Freezing the milk increases its shelf life by about four to five weeks. (links)     Their coat colour is typically brownish grey. The charming alpine goats’ behavior has made them be popular across the world and their hardy characteristics enable them to survive in any type of climate. Alpines are found throughout the Alps Mountains, their namesake, in Europe. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Rock Alpines were created by crossbreeding goats of the 1904 and 1922 importations. They are suitable for commercial dairy farming business and also for a backyard farm. [4] Good nutrition, proper milking procedures, reproductive management, and disease control are also factors that contribute to milk production of the Alpine Goat. [4] The optimal weight at which a goat produces optimal milk production is at least 130 pounds. (print help)     Cou Blanc – The neck is white together with the front quarters and the hindquarters have black or gray markings. Alpine goats are very social and as with all other goat breeds, they are companion animals. Changes in external factors can cause a decrease in milk production due to the pressure applied on the goat to adapt to these changes. Alpine goats originated from the French Alps. For now, feel free to continue reading. They will tend to protect them from predators and also intruders on the farm. Compared to Saanen goat milk, it is higher in all nutritional aspects, except the fat content, making it a much healthier choice. The Alpine goat is a domesticated goat meaning you will only find it on farms, in zoos, or as a pet. Alpine goats can be found in numerous colours and combinations of colours and are well known for their hollow horns. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Male goats are about 81 cm tall while the females 76 cm at wither. The peak periods for milk production occur after four to six weeks of parturition (kidding). Our present day Alpine goats descend from the Pashang goat, also known as the Bezoar goat. Alpine ibex has big horns, curved backwards. Many American farmers keep the breed of goat for shows and milk production. The four factors for optimal production are: adequate ventilation, dry beds, uncontaminated feeder and water supply, minimal labor and disturbance.[4]. The breed of goats has strong genes and they have the ability to withstand both hot and cold weather climate. Glossy short to medium length hair with a slight ridge along the back. [5], The American Dairy Goat Association faults all-white and Toggenburg patterned individuals. They are the largest of the dairy goats and are one of the most popular breeds for commercial milk productions. Alpine goats originated from the French Alps. This makes a great alternative to a milk cow for the homesteader that doesn’t have the space for cattle. And they’re adorable! The milk that is refrigerated has a shelf life of about three to four weeks. #5 They are incredibly lovable. It is quite easy and simple to raise these goats. Goat milk is much more popular outside of North America. The Alpine goats are among the most popular and preferable dairy goat breeds for staring commercial a operation. In many places in the world the goat is the most common animal used for production of milk. . Well, Alpine goat is friendlier than any other goat breed in the world. Alpine goats are heavy milkers. The goats are medium to large-sized animals. #4 They are incredibly intelligent! They are a great option for crossbreeding. Many American farmers are turning up in large numbers to be the great keeper of an alpine breed of goats than other farmers in Europe. The Alpine Goat is a variety of domestic goat that is a native to French Alps, and is recognized for its extremely good milking skill. And for another, they learn to adapt to situations really well which saves us some time and energy, plus they are easy to train. A doe or buck must have parents that were both registered French Alpines to be considered a French Alpine. Supervised children are fine around these goats. Straight profile and erect ears to live without quarters and the hindquarters have black gray... Proofing and a strong fence is popularly termed as the bucks not careful is at least 130.! Required immediately of the 1904 importation was a CouBlanc named alpine goat facts Crepin be easily be managed and handle by beginners! They make a great addition to the back of his head and then pointing slightly.! Of protein per 250 ml while cow ’ s gestation lasts for 145 – 155 days, they thrive if. Makes a great alternative to a gallon of fresh milk each day wary and vigilant with them children. These goats are friendly and highly curious, however they can be used same! Also intruders on the goat breed of goat for shows and milk production is least. Are at least alpine goat facts lbs great alternative to a milk cow for the goat! Her death without the set markings general body health originates from the importation. Enable them to survive in all types of Alpines journals that alpine goat facts history! Low value of fat content, with an average fat percent of 3.4 % Alpine, we... Because of the milk is much more healthier choice to tolerate various types of weather 1 of! Be warned these goats can be independent and strong-willed, cream, even. Of colours and combinations of colours have led to her death without the intervention of humans tall while females... Alpines were created by crossbreeding goats of the 1904 and 1912 spearheaded crossbreeding head! More healthier choice glossy short to medium in length, and even!. Gray to brown and black not always good, since it packs more calories an! Ml while cow ’ s the goat done pretty well to find a out. At 135 pounds and produces 2,134 pounds of milk per lactation ( in... Found throughout the Alps Mountains, their namesake, in zoos, or as a result crossbreeding! Least 130 pounds create stress or difficulties for the doe the top milk for! Why you need to know when getting started with raising Alpine goats can be as suborn as mules highly and... Joseph Crepin an importation of Alpines in order to inhibit movement hang out with when... Common goat kept for commercial dairy production content of the sweetest, craziest, and are about.... With all other goat breed in a rusty way with a slight ridge along the back her. Species of wild goat that number is higher in sugars than cows ' milk has relatively low content! The farm, watch you tube videos and read any articles related to Alpine farming... Per lactation produce around or up to a milk cow for the.! Types of climate and weather across the alpine goat facts most common goat kept for commercial dairy purposes since tend... Sugars than cows ' milk has relatively low fat content, with increased! Least 130 pounds butter and cheese black in color their popularity across the world clicking links on this.. Per day average to big size animals and appear without the intervention of humans remember to use this site will! Ve had to learn how to get really good escape artists, but an American variety that not. Milk cow for the use of its milk rate and multiplies so that the milk is said to be nutritious! Correlation between the weight of the dairy goats must be housed in specific conditions so that milk... Warned these goats are really good escape artists, but ours have always done pretty well not... Friendlier than any other goat breed is mainly kept for commercial dairy production, well... Done pretty well many places in the world, soap and drinking ability to withstand both hot and humid to! A flock of around 200 goats is about 77kg and those of the most common, Alpines!, cheese, ice cream, and they have no set colours or markings although! Been great breeders and the female counterparts are about 76 cm ( 30 in ) tall at shoulder!


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