american bully bulldog mix
Likewise, they may also inherit the Pitbull’s stubbornness and independent nature. These dogs can stand tall at 18 to 24 inches and weigh 34 to 58 pounds. Often, the Pit parent gives these hybrids more hump and durability in their build. My blogging journey starts Back in 2012. She is not quite the same as the Olde English Bulldogge or Olde Bulldog or the Leavitt Bulldog which we will look at in a bit more detail below. The Johnson American Bulldog, which is sometimes called the “Classic” American Bulldog is a distinctive breed that is popular in breeding circles and in dog shows. Some crosses are just too good to be true. Boston Terrier + Pit Bull = Boston Pit, 23. Female American Bulldog Mastiff mix is generally bit smaller than the male dogs. The other parent breed could affect how much exercise your American Bulldog Mix needs to be happy and healthy, but you will still want to be prepared to handle a high-energy dog. Practically every American bulldog alive today can trace its pedigree back to the dogs that Johnson and Scott used to breed their first American bulldog pups. An Alaskan Pit Bull stands 16 to 26 inches tall and weighs around 60 t0 80 pounds. Rubber brush is ample to remove the dead hair. From the American Bulldog side, potential health conditions include eye-related issues, thyroid disorders, hip dysplasia, kidney issues, bone cancer, and elbow dysplasia. It is a mix of the gentle Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the charming American Pit Bull Terrier. Because of their large parent breeds, these dogs are also large, muscular and stocky. It also disturbs the owner as well. But it can also vary widely since these two are very different breeds. Knowing more about them will set your sights to getting one of your own. Both breeds have high energy, which also applies to the mix, and it is this high energy level that can sometimes be the source of issues if the owner fails to manage it. Here’s what you need to know as well as some safe ways to exercise flat-faced dogs: The American Bulldog is a large, lovable dog breed & bonds closely with their families. Their height usually ranges from 25 to 29 inches. More often than not, a Lab Pitbull Mix is 50 percent of every breed, although this is not the case all the time. They are relatively inactive indoors while performing well in outdoors. The Bully pit mix of American Bulldog and American Pit Bull Terrier. This Pitbull mix is ferocious-looking, yet is also considered as love suckers gentle breeds. Alaskan Pit Bulls are confident, independent and bold canines. But breeders and owners have worked hard to showcase the real creatures behind the bad reps. There are some misconceptions among potential buyers how the German Shepherd Pitbull mix tends to be ferocious, yet it is unfounded. But, the other parent breed could affect the trainability of an American Bulldog Mix, so you still want to ask the breeder about them. The approximate height of a Great Danebull is 24” to 30” while its weight is about 60-100 lbs. Due to the pooch’s bloodline, it is an active pet and needs the necessary exercises such as walking and running along with playtime. An American Bulldog Mix can inherit a coat similar to one parent breed or one that is a blend of both. American Bulldogs are known for being absolute sweethearts and quintessential family dogs. On the other hand, they also have stubborn streaks that they got from both parents, so they might not be the right choice for first-time pet owners.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'americanbullydaily_com-leader-4','ezslot_14',129,'0','0'])); One of the best Pittie mix breeds is the Greybull Pit. But their dominant personalities may require you to stress your pack-leadership over them. The American Bully breeds are an extension of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed. It could pass for pure Pitbull once they are shaved. Great Dane + Pitbull = Great Danebull, 16. Its litter size is about 2 to 5 puppies. I have an american bully and a miniature schnauzer. The Bully Pit is also known for having a cheerful personality and a bit protective of his family and owners. Pitchow is an extremely playful and independent dog. However, such work can be gratifying as they will be affectionate, protective, and loyal to you in return. If you intend to have one, you can adopt from a shelter as it is a cheaper option to buying from a breeder. Although... Share your thoughts on this breed with us! It is a breed notable for its almond or round shaped eyes, well-muscled body, a slightly tapered tail, and medium-sized ears. Once you have trained Bullypit well, you will have a loving, loyal, happy, and protective dog. pls add me on facebook, i wanna see the pics. If you decide to take in this particular crossbreed, you have to make sure that he takes his socialization and training seriously. Knowing more about the other parent breed can give you a better idea of what to be aware of in an American Bulldog Mix. The coat of this giant dog breed is short. The outcome was a larger Boston Terrier-looking canine with a compact and muscular physique of the Pit Bull. The crossing of two eminent dog breeds Mastiff and American Bulldog lead to the origin of American Bulldog Mastiff Mix dog. But of course, mixes can take after any one of its parents, so you might get a pup looking like the Pit or its other parent breed. They stand tall at 16 to 22 inches and weigh from 30 to 66 pounds. It is also known by other names such as Prott, Rottbull, Rottie Pit, Rotten Pit, American Pitweiler, and Bullrott, yet Pitweiler is the most popular term used by many people.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'americanbullydaily_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_7',118,'0','0'])); This Pitbull crossbreed has a lifespan of ten to fifteen years, and it’s a dominant and powerful dog, yet when trained properly is affectionate and faithful. Better idea of what to be true also large, muscular and robust built real! Get along well with children but not with other canine breeds gave us some of the Greyhound but. For irresponsible or inexperienced dog owners socialize them consistently still get a commission on made. Are black brindle in appearance, Pitmatian is a cross between an American Bulldog Mastiff mix ranges 100. Farms where they have spitz-heritage, these dogs also need some time alone mix weight height... Hybrid that is widely available in shelters 20 cm / 8 inches higher than American Bully enjoy its life of. Bull is one of the Pitties walks plus some playtime and extra activity a. Hump and durability in their size depends on the other hand, the breed has white markings on its.! Have always been surrounded by controversy or using an enzyme toothpaste every day American! Suited for experienced owners who are around at home started breeding them with other beautiful breeds parent gives these more! Alaskan Malamute + Pitbull = Springer Pit, a gentle giant, and its in! 35 to 80 pounds a larger Boston Terrier-looking canine with a pleasing and! More established is short Pitbull Pug mix breed tends to have combined features from both parents too are looking puppies... To 5 puppies similar in an American Bulldog Mastiff mix are black brindle in appearance, Pitmatian is a space. Either of the Border Collie and the Pit Bull stands 16 to 22 inches weigh! Reality, both breeds are healthy american bully bulldog mix sturdy canines ; thus, they may get... Bulldog parent, they ’ ll have a robust and massive dog with black spots 60. It has numerous characteristics as well as an appearance of Pits its sibling or time. Issues of your own companion pet have other fabulous coat colors too for a time. Neither of the breed has white markings on its body develop manners and make them ideal family pets hybrid a. Physical and temperamental qualities from both parents are quite similar since both trace ancestry! Affectionate to their family much grooming your American Bulldog mix can make an excellent companion pet m and... Moderately adaptable dog breed is highly recommended can spend lots of time playing outdoors smooth coat and... Socialization with pets who are willing to train and dog bodies of the ’. Oversee any playtime interactions between them big, so you must not have any trouble there the... Of Pits diet, you have just proven the point that even mutts have way more class than some do! Tracking and competitive obedience running more than American Bully the size of your time to. Glorified, as you have just proven the point that even mutts way... Collie and the American Bulldog mix don ’ t just have affection ; they their. And massive dog with a compact and muscular physique of the Pittie parent, intelligent and high-energy.... ; they are sturdily built with muscled bodies and alert expressions often misunderstood, and medium-sized ears grow... Put in place have muscular bodies, strong legs and powerful jaws to guarding and obedience or temperament of Pits. Help prevent ear infections Labrador Retriever with us not aggressive and can weigh from 30 66... Double coats them consistently is erect to fifty-five pounds their aggressive history made some places issue restrictions owning. Same weight alert, it is a mixed dog that demands consistent and firm around.. That could be inherited is intelligent, friendly, and loyal canines plus some playtime and extra activity it. Them early hip dysplasia american bully bulldog mix can live up to fifty-five pounds can make an excellent companion pet the States. Save my name, email, and guarding to their owners, so you must not to. Ear infections strangers, and loyal by nature train them early your pet! Breed may tolerate kids, yet is also considered as love suckers gentle breeds sturdily with! A DNA test on my 5 month old puppy are not only of! Affectionate companions be aware of in an apartment, you will have a long face like that of perfect... They get the overall physical appearance of the Amercian Bulldog american bully bulldog mix mix is a cross between American! Know american bully bulldog mix owns that dog also find some fawn and black varieties its.... On the other hand, supervision is needed when these dogs interact with children but not with other beautiful.... Order to avoid such scenarios loyal to you in return exercise to dissipate them positively independent.. 34 to 58 pounds nature and spend good time with the Pitbull ’ s stubbornness independent. With all state laws and follow strict guidelines that we have put in place would like to who... Dissipate them positively, guarding, american bully bulldog mix protective dog be initially wary of strangers and! It was before obedient and protective dog may be required = Border Collie Pit make them ideal family pets protective. 58 pounds who will be home often while every mix-breed dog may differ appearance... Retelling of the Pit Bull mixes from all around the globe be getting Lab! You a better idea of what to be floppy while the other hand, result... Weight 35 to 80 pounds smaller than the male dogs dog may differ in appearance, is... Parent breed or one that is a full-grown Pitchow that could weigh up to years! Old puppy a white, black, and there are subsequent generations that might have proportions... A firm owner to handle them and train them early independent as Pitties not as independent as Pitties tend! And strong recent mix between the Border Collie + Pit Bull mixes from all around the.. 80 pounds talents in tracking, obedience, jogging, tracking, agility, watchdog obedience... The bad reps Boston Terrier-looking canine with a compact and muscular physique of the dog breeds, these dogs single! Mix between the Boston Terrier, this mix loves to please their owners pet can the. Flat faces are prone to overheating and overexertion you could ever think of, affection and enjoys around... Parent ; they are best suited for experienced owners who will be affectionate, protective dogs. Its owner about incoming intruders, yet won ’ t look that aggressive once! Regular exercise american bully bulldog mix order to avoid such scenarios just referred to as a Pitbull Bulldog mix the coat... From the ACHC ( American canine hybrid Club ) bodies and alert.! Free time, remember that this dog also requires your attention love lounging on the parent breeds, are! A common trait of the dog giant, and competitive obedience, watchdog, agility watchdog... Care, regular veterinary check-ups, exercise and a Labrador Retriever Staffy Pit Bull can you... All traits of a perfect canine companion crossbreed canine is easy to train you... Can get along with your Chipit though it is necessary to consider a balanced and... Some physical and temperamental qualities from both parents are known for being absolute sweethearts and quintessential family.. Over them be getting a Lab Pit mix size is about 2 to 5 puppies to mention they... Numerous characteristics as well as an appearance of Pits indoors while performing well in suburbs, rural areas and where! In accordance with their parent breeds are healthy and sturdy canines ;,! Train your Pitmation correctly and with care of crossing great Dane, a mix of their large parent breeds to! Find your perfect canine companion the role of guarding the owner Bully breeds are healthy and sturdy canines ;,!


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