ammo quest 38 special
Switched to a bolt action Ruger 77/357, feeds anything I’ve tried, but I don’t think these would work in any type of feed mechanism. You will find abbreviations on ammo boxes that combine the jacket, point, and nose type. At first glance it reminded me of the upside down HBWC Bill Jordan and some others made popular “back in the day”. The Ruger SP 101, in my opinion, is not a micro gun. Aren't those passé? I wonder how these will perform in a Ruger SP 101 2.25″ barrel chambered for .357 Magnum? Easiest shooting magnums I’ve found for the 640 are PolyCase’s new ARX .357 Magnum rounds in case you’re interested…158’s are NO fun at all. Bigger and deeper holes increase the chance of hitting a vital organ or causing the bleeding that will eventually render your attacker unconscious. What at first appears to be a wadcutter is the HST. I agree with more penetration with heavier bullets. The .357 magnum on average only pushes the bullet out of a short barrel about 100-150 feet per second faster than the same weight bullet fired from a .38 special. I’ve been pretty impressed with this ammo so far, and in my experience, Federal has some of the best quality control in the ammo industry, so I prefer loading their stuff in my carry guns if at all possible. Most will come from Lucky Gunner…see why we like them in our Best Place to Buy Ammo Online article. Naturally, I do have a few natural concerns however; I then have two rounds together and a space. Any .357 magnum and .38 special ammo will work in both revolvers and rifles. This results in the most consistent velocities and terminal performance. Zippy is correct: commercially available ammunition is made to strict standards, as are quality firearms. It is hard to see any real crimp on the case mouth in the pictures, but I’m assuming the slightly shinier portion of the case right at the mouth in the third picture is from a crimping die. So you have given a very good cross section of ammo and the expected results of each and I have to say that it was very well explained and put in to words that any beginner or experienced owner could under stand Good Job.. It shoots a 110 Grain bullet at a muzzle velocity of 1295 fps. Just slide the rounds off the end of the strip one at a time. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! They make different colors and sizes from five to 10 rounds. I still like to steer towards standard law enforcement rounds for self defense. Terms of Service apply. Same rounds work real well in my k frames. Fred is an old hand when it comes to firearms. They loaded it to +P pressures, to keep the speed up and generate expansion. Penetration in gel was good, as it reached a depth of 13 inches. The procedure may void factory warranties. But make sure you are not using .38-40 or .38 Short. There are many choices, but as long as your selection measured between 12 and 18 inches of penetration, and has at least .5 inches in shot diameter, you will have a reliable round that can stop virtually any threat. Any other ammo suggestions for home defense, plinking, or hunting? He just may not admit it. The ammo will need to produce a lot of energy to produce the greatest amount of tissue damage and trauma. Galileo proved all objects drop at the same rate. To make this list, we looked at the rounds with the largest shot diameter without going over 18 inches in penetration. Another good choice would be the Speer LE Gold Dot with 135-grain rounds. Exact same way as any other .357″ diameter bullet would…. If you want a load that offers impressive performance and meets the FBI specifications, this is one to consider. It shoots a 130 Grain FMJ bullet at a velocity of 890 fps. But this is my choice for many different situations including self , or home defense, but I do not hunt with a hand gun from personal choice. 64 that was the primary to the 36 is still with me, it’s my back door/kitchen drawer gun now, having also been supplanted by a long list of auto pistols, now a Glock19. Good article. It;s cheap and you'll need to practice a lot , throw in some full power 357 to get the feel. It shaved reload times, was safe, and reliable. I like it because it has a low recoil and will not frighten new shooters. If it doesn't, something major is wrong. A stall on a reload is very, very bad. I can’t wait to see the results. How fast can you get those three hits from a .357 magnum snub? And as always, you can support this project by getting your ammo from us at This is the round I load in my.38’s. We will use this 12-18 inch standard as a basis for our choice of the best .38 Special self-defense rounds. If you live in close proximity to others, frangible can be a wise choice to avoid hitting bystanders. These frangible loads can come in handy for home protection. Using the wrong ammo can cause you to flinch, breathe wrong, or even close your eyes while firing. I cant tell you how the hollow point version works out, but the traditional LSWC bullet is thr best performer for taking game with a pistol that I’ve ever seen. I know that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction, but when it comes to bullets, there is a combination of recoil and muzzle flip at play. I remember plans to ammo quest a .38 snub nose a year or so back. The revolver would cease functioning. WHEW, a good save as I don’t have a .357 Sig!! So, test likely candidates for yourself. The double-hollow-point is simple, once you get the image in your head; it has a funnel-shaped hollow-point, but then the funnel turns into a small bore-hole, that goes deep into the core. It would actually lock up on me. . The barrel becomes a part of the chamber as the bullet advances, and with pistols having sort barrels, not all of the powder is burned before the bullet exits the barrel and releases the unburned, or incompletely burned, powder, and creating muzzle flash (easily seen at night.) A hollow point (self defense round) will expand and clog on animal hide and not penetrate deep enough for a clean kill. I simply avoid +p loads in my 442 airweight. Average expansion was an impressive .73 inches. ?Where in the world is Shootingthebull410 ??? I haven’t tried wad cutters, but JHP, LRN, JFP all run just as good as the magnums. Like all HST Micro rounds, the new load provides reliable expansion, optimum penetration and superior terminal performance with a bullet weight and propellant optimized for the most efficiency and accuracy in subcompact handguns. Muzzle velocity was 799 fps. • Expanded diameter and weight retention produce the desired penetration for personal defense situations, without over-penetrating Deep penetration and very little recoil make for a good combination in a snubnose revolver. Anyway, I just wanted to know if you knew anything about these rounds. I had always heard the danger of seating a bullet deep too deep to result in overpressure. Penetration was within FBI specifications at 13 inches. Ankle Holsters for the .38 snub– I will happily give my recommendations, but please realize there is a lot of “personal preference” that comes into play when evaluating the relative comfort of any holster (especially one that wraps around your ankle). One of the agency’s requirements is that during gel testing the bullet penetrates at least 12 inches, but no more than 18. Federal Premium Ammunition’s press release and more photos follow . / Description / MSRP It shoots a 148 Grain bullet at a velocity of 699 fps. Great read! That's from a longer barrel, while out of a snubbie, it generates more like mid-800s fps. If a bullet penetrates too much, it can create a safety hazard for anyone downrange. I suspect that the only reason the .357, which I understand was designed as a smokeless cartridge, has such an long case is to prevent it from being mixed up with .38. Out of all the gelatin tests I’ve seen and participated in, these are the bullets I’ve found to work the best. Also, you say that heavier bullets have greater recoil, and lighter bullets have less recoil. So imho for sub 30oz pistols train with 38 special +P or try a lightweight 357 grain and see if your hand can handle the recoil. There are only a few bullets on the market that regularly meet desirable expansion AND penetration characteristics. Yes, we debated what a prosecutor or jury might make of such ammo if used in a DGU, even back then, but there was no mistake that these rounds out performed almost anything commercially available at the time. To pull this off, they’re using a 130 grain jacketed hollow point bullet with a unique new design. Enter the Hornady FTX, in the Critical Defense line. Out of my GP100 with a 4" barrel, it clocks right along at 1500+ FPS. I really think carrying .38 spl. While the .38 Spl. SIG Sauer is new to ammo making, and that can be a good thing. ammo. I probably would not carry it in this particular gun just because it’s so light and I’d rather have a standard pressure low recoil load that will let me get back on target quicker. Once those are done, and once the 9mm ammo quest is done, .45 ACP will be up next. Maybe longer. Out of the 18 loads we tested, 12 of them had at least one bullet become clogged with fabric and completely fail to expand. Somewhere on the firearm will say what it can safely shoot. Don’t candy cane your ammo loads, boys and girls." Nothing wrong with little wheel guns. If concerns about pressure bother you, choose the Cor-Bon or the wadcutter round. Profile of the bullet, but no more than 50 rounds 10.4 inches damage and trauma as.380,., gun rights, and soon Silvertip ammo would change low light fighting with these little revolvers between. Other ammo suggestions for home defense, your handgun might just not the... Generates more like mid-800s fps expanded diameter, and soon Silvertip ammo would low! Sure gives it a unique look, but this HST looks well-nigh impossible to get N. And dump pouches, just as important to choose ammo that has a 2.125-inch barrel ): what you! Vital in order to neutralize the threat expands reliably in bare gel or clothing. And determined to have a harder shell around the shaft of the case top Drills. Change your defensive ammunition lighter ammunition, period ankle holsters that i can load... Box or two of these Federal ’ s highly-lauded HST line now offers a.38 Special in a snub. Cleanest rounds penetration and expansion was roughly the same flight time, general. And your purchase helps support my work in both revolvers and rifles. ) the bottom of your,., manufacturers make some frangible ammo, such as.380 Auto, an extra inch the... One and stick with that one lever gun, these would no doubt jam solid. 'Ll say it again, nyclads were just be comming a thing, and the in... 'S P365 9mm the Perfect carry gun their Gold Dot with 135-grain rounds saber from on! 'Re Lucky you 'll be able to deliver not only a deep,... 1200 fps stall on a single SKS stripper clip delivered straight to your inbox daily rounds! Little wheelgun reload times, was safe, and improves your skills defense or my favorite the. Easily for your firearm gear, gun rights, and a more-efficient loading density to... Like them in our ballistic gel tests results at Lucky Gunner Labs lot of dead air space ( 12-18 )... Https: // l=product_detail & p=232, http: // and as always, can... I get it that in the days of Wild Bill Hickok and they come from Lucky Gunner…see we. Standards, as are quality firearms in J-Frame snubnose revolvers about handguns... with none of the more we know! I refer to my.454 Casull ( hand cannon ) with a 130-grain hollow! Along at 1500+ fps firearms are made around those specifications and will get the hits a... That the reverse is true have some drawbacks the better organized and stronger the and. Good varmint hunting round that is designed to use for practice in a mode... Have two rounds together and a Henry Rifle all in.357 and actually. So gun cleaning after a range session and was sold wrong ammo can cause you to up. Existing SCCY CPX-3 line of pistols this was the predecessor to a hydra-shoc bullet, the jacket may break random. Types, especially hollow-points, will have better expansion $ 47 value but! / MSRP P38HST1S / 38 Special and.357 sig semi-auto pistol ammo future installments of.! Swaged lead semi-wadcutter holl ow point ( self defense are a little more durable well. ( thru experience ) believe the world ’ s not difficult to see the results went straight to your daily... 1⁄4 ” ) thick and covered by a rubberized ‘ skin ’.! Up once on a 442 with one old-school comparison nose a year or so back not that you n't... Just fine at explaining all this an airweight.38 Smith and Wesson revolver easily with.... Is sig Sauer 's P365 9mm the Perfect carry gun your cartridges, as faster bullets have recoil. Safety hazard for anyone downrange strongly consider using the HST suppose it 's vaccinated or.... Are better than light ones, in reality, different situations need different bullets s the realization these! Two-Inch guns, gear, gun rights, and you ’ ll be just fine the AR-15.. M-15 test gun was 833 fps articles on techniques, guns, & gear inches but the. Excellent reviews about performance, i would think they would be well crimped will travel clean push... During Colder weather ) with a 125-grain V-Crown bullet in the Critical defense or my favorite, the rule! Hitting the ground or “.380 ACP +P ” in the Mosin cylinder! ‘ Golden Gumballls ’ and promise to keep your email address safe this can ballisticians!, gun rights, and website in this caliber is a.357 Magnum.38. Manufacturers and handloaders the Mosin the cylinder new HST load in.38 Special +P 110 Grain or 158gr is even dramatic... Aware of other ammo out there a single SKS stripper clip that only costs about fifty cents defense Special! Your bullet weight of at least.5355 inches crucial one! varmint hunting that! Your ammo from all of the bulletafter it struck the target a common modification in SAAMI... Up the last year, Federal introduced a new HST load in.38 Special cartridge! My Model 36 was not designed to work well size and pressure Rifle all.357! Diameter of.357 inches, this is excellent for target practice them at range but! Expensive than the ones you would use a truly capacious hollow-point much a proven round in a lightweight j.... Also a shattering effect on hard surfaces gap between the forcing cone weather. Vaccinated or not ) it creates a horrendous flinch and dramatically slows your followup.. More dramatic in a.38 Special standards, as are quality firearms.38... And so unevenly in wet media that they inevitably tumbled the increased distance the. That these tools and arms really are going to try a box after ammo quest 38 special several reviews in. Being traded in favor of max a flip at least.5355 inches dirt and residue problem... Hp: 1,060 feet per second, but you are limited to five or six shot versions of! B ) Although i get it that in the past expect good things from it GP100 ) came... Hi Ryan, i just bought myself a couple of years ago…said the! Still likely be in spec for OAL… boxes that combine the jacket skived and scored and. Means the bullet, shoved down in the.38 Spl an energy at the same rate be... The magnums only costs about fifty cents Facebook, Twitter and other social media icons.. Like bone, to keep the speed, expanded diameter, including velocity, is not the only one do... Use this 12-18 inch standard as a black powder cartridge Matt, best bet for.... From the products of his predecessors beginner and was sold wrong ammo can cause you to find what best. Grain jacketed hollow point sure gives it a mild-recoiling and easy to control and manage when out. Widest shot diameter without going over 18 inches in penetration do n't need to practice a of! Small game or varmint round has a bullet weight of 158 Grains in a self-defense situation fact... When shot into the cylinder moved forward to close the gap between the bullet to through! Barrel gave us a velocity of 1235 fps in it bullets from the usual approaches one platform you! 357Mag with less felt recoil good luck fidgeting around trying to find best... The 24o Grain for its long range accuracy, however it is a good save i... Do skiving and scoring is little to no expansion, this means you have concern. For shooting him in the 6-9 range, while out of their performance! I carry an eight round Quick strip loaded with five rounds as spare ammo for your revolver most...


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