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@nastiasurmava stepped up when the crew needed her most. As the crew travels around the island of Mallorca this season, Sandy attempts to keep the mood light, often joking with the crew. Anastasia Surmava is a professional TV actress and social media personality from America. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Who is Atz Lee Kilcher’s first wife Nantia Krisintu? Pete was the quintessential all-American boy growing up. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I mean, this woman is an absolute boss. It’s a journey!". Even though she started Season 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean as third stew, Anastasia Surmava morphed into a killer chef when necessity struck. What certificates does a Superyacht Chef need? Below Deck has done wonders for bringing the yachting industry to the forefront of peoples minds when it comes to superyachting. A certified dive master, Malia has backpacked the world, even teaching scuba and water sport lessons throughout the Bahamas and Hawaii. Comfortable in warm waters, she is blunt, outspoken, and quick to speak her mind. I love to be spontaneous and bold with flavour. The actress is best known for her work on the TV show ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’. "I’ll take your hate and use it to fuel my success. alum Julia d’Albert-Pusey’s company Girl Alliance. I am not currently on a yacht. Official Cast Member Below Deck Med S4 Cast member of Below Deck Med S4! I’ll take your hate and use it to fuel my success #belowdeckmed, Anastasia showed her appreciation for Captain Lee's kindness on Twitter. Anastasia Surmava is as badass as the women she admires. Did Anastasia Surmava Want to Make Travis Michalzik Out to Be a Villain? "Thanks to all the people out there calling me a failure," Anastasia tweeted during the episode. Updated 5 months ago. Jack Stirrup Reveals the Grossest Moment You Didn't See On-Air, Anastasia Surmava and Aesha Scott's Bartending Tips, Captain Sandy Yawn Spills All the Juicy Details on "Smoking Hot" Girlfriend Leah Shafer, Jack Stirrup and Travis Michalzik Were "Freezing Their F---ing Dicks Off" During That Slumber Party, Hannah Ferrier Responds to Captain Sandy Yawn's Comment About Lacking Passion, Captain Sandy Yawn Thinks João Franco Made One Major Mistake This Season, João Franco Dishes on the Hookup Fail You Didn't See On-Air, Captain Sandy Yawn Reveals the One Quality That's Holding Travis Michalzik Back. 61. Anastasia Surmava explains exactly why she adopted that new attitude after becoming chef. But *spoiler alert* that might not be the case, which we know because of one gaffe made by Below Deck alum, Chef Ben Robinson. Even though Anastasia was born in the Republic of Georgia, she moved to the US at two years of age. What has been the most challenging thing you have overcome in your yachting career? Admittedly stubborn and a shameless flirt, this life of the party works as hard as he plays. She approaches each charter with an open mind, but has no problem dealing with confrontation if necessary. Everyone has their opinion on this, good or bad. ‘Bad food’ was wrong for me to say but I never knew what was going on. When we first met Anastasia, and before we knew anything about Chef Mila, it was cute that they were able to bond over cooking and speaking Russian. Anastasia was hired to be the third stew on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4, but she was recently recruited to take over for Chef Mila for a dinner as the yacht continued to struggle with it kitchen staff.The move didn’t come out of nowhere. Her appearance table-side was met with much approval from the charter guests, and she did make quite the striking server. As much as she tries to avoid it, however, drama always seems to follow her. Learning and growing everyday. It’s easy to get caught up in the bubble of yachting. Before selling her belongings to work her first charter, she worked a multitude of jobs: slinging drinks at a Las Vegas strip club, working in the music industry in Los Angeles, and even dabbling into real estate. Is João Franco Secretly Attracted to Aesha Scott? “She is just the epitome of female empowerment to me. The adventure came right on time for Anastasia and proved to be her final work on a yacht. After he weighed in on her revolting Week 1 creations, Chef Ben took to Instagram to post a video further dragging Chef Mila and her terrible cooking. Did Travis Michalzik Ever Hear from That Guest He Gave a Note to After the Charter? What is Anastasia Surmava doing? A creative space for Superyacht Chefs to share and engage. It has helped my career a lot. Even though Anastasia never looked for a job on a yacht, she was talked into it by a young captain. Sign up to become a Bravo Insider and get exclusive extras. A Below Deck Mediterranean veteran, Malia is challenged with more responsibilities when she returns this season as Bosun. Anastasia Surmava has spent most of her childhood in America. Whether she is partying with her friends and fellow crew, diving, exploring various destinations, or flirting with the nearest deckhand, Aesha’s end goal is always the same: to have a good time. We just hope Anastasia wore an apron in the kitchen... we wouldn't want her to get burned by steam when she's dressed like this: Bravo’s Style & Living is your window to the fabulous lifestyles of Bravolebrities. Get yacht chef related discounts and insider help. The whole idea was pitched by a man she met on a blind date. That’s what this industry is all about! Her mother worked as a pastry chef, which is how Anastasia became involved in the culinary world. Her mother was a pastry chef. Her career in yachting started with yacht week before evolving into the interior and working as a stew. It's not even too far-fetched to think she might be tapped as chef if Mila gets fired. When he realized she could cook without getting seasick in a galley, she took on her first job as a yachting chef. With almost a decade of experience, she firmly manages her stews while still being the life of the party. Now, the pastry chef's daughter is whipping up spreads that delight charter guests. Anastasia always makes sure to cite her mother in just about any interview she gives. An Election Night Drinking Game That Also Leaves Room for Self Care. Captain Sandy Yawn's Story of Escaping Pirates Will Leave You Speechless, Anastasia Surmava Claps Back at Johnny Damon's Complaints About Her Food, João Franco Explains How the Yacht Was "Half a Meter" from Disaster During That Docking, Jack Stirrup Responds to His Insensitive Rape Comment, Captain Sandy Yawn Explains Why Jack Stirrup and Travis Michalzik Endangered the Crew. Instead of serving on a yacht, Anastasia took a flight to Srilanka. What are your favourite instagram accounts to follow for inspiration? With over 10 years of experience traveling the world, he has mastered the art of international cuisine. This licensed U.S Coast Guard is ready to bring the energy on deck this season. What restaurant chefs are you inspired by? The Below Deck Crew Dishes on Anastasia Surmava's Increasingly Commanding Attitude. I called back home and quit my job at the hospital, I was a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, and stayed in the Med for the summer working as a yacht chef! The Real Housewives of Potomac After Show. (Here's your refresher. Anastasia Surmava. "My suggestion for her would be take the ego, check it at the door, this is not about you, this is about the client, and give them what they want," she said during a recent interview with The Feast. The Yacht Chef cookbook of 2020 : The mymuybueno cookbook, 5 knives every chef needs in their knife roll this season, 5 Best Cookbooks for 2019 for yacht chefs, Worldwide Superyacht Provisioning Spreadsheet. After a few years as a yachtie, Anastasia was invited on the reality TV show, Below Deck Mediterranean. Despite her varied resume, she excelled at every job she tried. I wanted to try being a stew, but if I’m being honest I missed working in the galley and was always trying to help the chef! Still, she is not afraid to crack down on insubordination and be the tough boss she needs to be, in order to provide guests with the best charter experience. We're also getting to meet a few new faces, and no one has made more of a lasting impression than disastrous Chef Mila. "She was great. Having entered the yachting industry by accident but quickly falling in love, Italian native Lara has been steadily climbing the ranks for 10 years. It has also been a great door opener for yacht crew around the world, from stews to deckhands. It all came full circle again when she was asked to step up in the galley of Below Deck season 4. Having developed a thick skin growing up, she uses this to her advantage when tackling the needs of demanding guests on board. I went from 3rd stew to chef in a matter of days and it was super overwhelming, especially because that was the biggest yacht (50m)  I’ve ever worked on! Anastasia saved the day. It is not easy to keep up with friends/ family/ significant others when you are on charter and busy. Anastasia Surmava. We catch up with her to find out whats new since the show aired, and what her future plans are. This season, she joins the crew in the Second Stew position with fewer responsibilities to juggle. Knowing the difficulties that come with leading an entire team while providing 5-star service, she makes it her mission to know everything and every department on the boat. Here's everything you need to know about Anastasia. Although he initially employed a "fake it 'til you make it" mentality, Alex is a quick learner and worked his way up the ladder. What Did That Rowdy Guest Tell João Franco After Being Kicked Off the Yacht? She joined the series in 2019 and served as the yacht’s third stewardess and chef. Hit me up for a shoutout for you, a friend, or family member! He saw the way I worked my magic in the galley without getting sea sick and told me about the yachting industry. 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