attack operators r6
Their priorities include engaging in gunfights and map control. Press J to jump to the feed. He’s quick, has a great gun and a pretty solid ability. He can toss an EMP grenade from safety and get rid of any gadget that runs electronically. He can take control of three different drones, giving him the possibility of having more drones at his disposal than any other Operator in the game. Mute is another Operator that thrives on intel-denial. This makes a meaningful time-to-kill difference, which is absolutely vital for an entry-fragger. This is solely because they’re meant to stay alive for maximum utility, as opposed to entry fraggers, whose potential to die is greater. Hibana’s primary weapon and secondary equipment make her a strong attacking operator. He has a certain hunger, not just for medical emergencies and extraction, but for positive publicity. Buy Now. […] When I asked about his long-standing association with Specialist Jaimini Kalimohan “Kali” Shah he was quick to sing her praises. The concussive ammo causes a shockwave, impairing hearing and causes a dizzying effect. Mute’s signal disrupter prevents EE-ONE-D from scanning. Each of them can get the job done but are not suited well to be the entry fragging option for your team. She also has an SMG secondary, which is a bit more effective than Thermite's pistol (in most situations). Goyo is absolutely going to be making a marked impact on Siege in the year to come, and it'll be interesting to see how the meta develops around him. Enjoy! Hibana is a great operator for players who like rushing in. Jackal excels at roam clearing, and if his team is coordinated, can wipe the enemy team of everything but anchors with some serious swiftness. This weapon fires both impact grenades and concussive blasts. Gridlock is a near perfect operator, with both a phenomenal gun and amazing ability. She’s got a fantastic assortment of weapons to choose from and can be used not only to expose roamers, but give away enemies holed up within objective. Maverick can burn through the bottom of a wall to take care of a Mute jammer or a Bandit battery; the only real way to ensure he can't enable a hard-breacher to do their job is to put a Kaid Electroclaw in a place that Maverick can't reach. Comes with a downside too – sound distortion, The only attacker who sees through the smoke. Her ability to figure out where a Defender is with her Logic Bomb and then frag grenade it herself is pretty powerful in and of itself, but that isn't even the most important buff she's received in recent months. She has the option of three different primary weapons – AUG A2, 552 Commando, and G8A1. Rainbow Six: Siege attack phases require not just aim, but also strategy. Nomad’s Airjabs are tough to spot if you haven’t seen her shoot them off and can be great when defusing or keeping roaming defenders out of the objective. Ideally, they follow a teammate’s drone as they enter, feeding them information on the location of the defending team. Echo is susceptible to her Logic Bomb now, which will force him to exit out of his Yokai Drone in order to deal with it. As Rainbow has recruited eight new spec ops friends each year, who to pick has only gotten more complicated. What we tried to achieve when creating below rankings is to create a section that will be useful for new players (or relatively inexperienced) who are unsure which operators are: Below categorizations of all attacking operators are our subjective opinion based on personal experiences. R6 Siege is FPS, and thus at its core, every operator is a fragger. It explodes one time on floors, ceilings and hatches, but on walls the cylinder rolls down to deploy up to three times, if space allows. Last and, in this case, least as well, the operators who provide the lowest benefits in team perspective utility usage. With the decrease in mobility being something you should keep in mind, Blackbeard is better suited for players with a steady hand and better than average aim. The operator you choose holds a significant amount of weight on how you and your team perform. Rainbow 6 Siege is more complex than your average shooter. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Another feature I like about Lion is his V308 battle rifle. Every Operator has a time and place in which they are going to be immensely useful, but some Operators are going to excel more often than others. Entry fraggers are the main killing force of the attacking team. Maestro has an increased presence in games lately, even with the slight nerf he received recently, and Zofia is an easy way to deal with his Evil Eyes.


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