avatar kyoshi and rangi
Rangi could prove a harsh taskmaster in drilling Kyoshi in firebending one moment, and tender and comforting the next. Female RELATED: 'My Cabbages!' Nationality In 296 BG, Rangi witnessed Kyoshi being held up and harassed by local youngsters on the grounds of the mansion and promptly intervened. Rangi often wore a Fire Nation military armor and a classic top-knot. Rangi opened her eyes in the mansion's infirmary, Kyoshi having been working on Rangi since stabilizing her. Age Hei-Ran took them to a side before Kyoshi could make another diplomatic blunder, and Rangi began to chide her girlfriend. The Avatar told her that she would get a lot worse before she got better, but by then, Atuat and Hei-Ran would be there with her. The Gaang and Krew learn from Kyoshi's experinces. Dr. Stone Kicks Off The Stone Wars Early With a Surprise Bonus Episode. Rangi pushed her away, seemingly rejecting her, but she quickly clarified that it was not the kiss that bothered her but rather her wounded mouth and told Kyoshi to kiss her somewhere else, thus signifying the beginning of their romantic relationship. While testing her physical endurance by stepping on Kyoshi's bent knee, Rangi explained that she did not want her girlfriend to be trained in waterbending before completing her airbending training out of fear it would damage the Avatar Cycle. By the time a hesitant Kyoshi flinched, Rangi recoiled in horror at what she had done and left Yun's quarters in shame. Or: The Rangshi nation is newly blooming, but it’s sorely disappointing to me that there isn’t a single bodyguard AU, so...I dragged myself out of my writing block for this Rangshi bodyguard, fake dating AU. Mild annoyance-to-lovers. [13] Growing up, she attended the Royal Fire Academy for Girls, though hated the experience. Allies Yee kept Azula's image in mind in the process of writing, although meaningful differences were made, such as Rangi not worrying too much about loose hairs out of place. Kyoshi said she never agred, but Rangi angrily asked when Kyoshi was going to tell her. The relationship first developed in the novel The Rise of Kyoshi, and if the CBR-exclusive advance chapter from its sequel The Shadow of Kyoshi is anything to go by, the franchise's best romance is only getting better. Noting a commotion outside the tent, Rangi pointed out the presence of Lady Huazo, curious about why she had come to such a city. when the fire nation shows up on the doorstep of kyoshi's town, she has no choice but to go to war. [22] Following the duel, the Company was once again attacked, this time by Jianzhu himself, who did succeed where his shirshu had failed, and Rangi was kidnapped. Rangi's name is a truncated version of "horangi", meaning "tiger" in Korean. enjoy! Successor Kyoshi asked Rangi if she was right to kill her friend because she could not save him. Weapon of choice As she began to accuse her friend of potentially discrediting Yun and Jianzhu, she unintentionally began to burn Kyoshi's chest with her finger. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Rangi stepped forward, breathing forth a great blast of fire, Yun sliding off to the side riding a swell of earth. She was a particularly innovative bender, having invented the jet-stepping firebending technique that was used by the Flying Opera Company. Kyoshi hugged her friend and managed to calm her down; intertwined, the firebender eventually fell asleep. Hair color "You’re Kyoshi, sitting on the flying bison's back as you see your girlfriend dazing off into her thoughts while watching the beautiful sunset that you don’t pay any attention to since you got your own little sun sitting right in front of you.". On a whim, Kyoshi picked up Rangi by the waist and whirled her around, glad that no one was around to scold them for inappropriate touching. The queer relationship was one fans expected from the novel ever since the reveal that Kyoshi was bisexual in The Legend of Korra comics, but nobody could be quite so prepared for just how enjoyable the relationship would be. Yokoya, Earth Kingdom Rangi and Zoryu reminisced about Yun's talent for fixing the political situation at court, and the lieutenant accompanied the Avatar and Fire Lord back to the party. Please consider turning it on! [26], Shocked, Rangi asked Kyoshi what she had done after she attempted to dismiss Chaejin in the Fire Lord's presence. Yun hurled broken earth discs at Kyoshi and Rangi, now attempting to chastise them instead of truly wound them. This is a collection of quick one shots involving Kyoshi and Rangi, and their daughter Koko. The result was a close friendship that grew even closer, and blossomed into a beautiful romance. Her exact birth place was unknown even to her. Work Search: Rangi was headstrong, aggressive, and had a fierce reputation. Dragon Ball Multiverse Has a World Where HUMANS Became the Strongest, From Gundam to Cowboy Bebop, the Best Anime NOT Based on Manga, An Anime About a Trapped Princess Struggling to Sleep Is One Big Lockdown Mood, How to Watch Higurashi: Unraveling the Horror Series' Many Timelines, Boruto's New Rasengan Is Way More Powerful Than Expected, Hetalia Was the Ultimate 'Love It or Hate It' Anime, Dragon Ball Still Hasn't Reckoned With One of Its Most Problematic Characters, Bleach: The Unmatched Power of the Espadas, Aizen's Ultimate Minions. Kyoshi was born in the year 312 BG somewhere in the Earth Kingdom. [8], The battle had concluded to their advantage, but back at Yokoya Port, it gave rise to heavy discussions about Kyoshi's identity as the true Avatar. They made their way into the city, and Rangi disapproved that they had come to a carnival town, bemoaning that the city had cashed in on its spiritual reputation and had become a gambling den full of charlatans and cheap entertainment. The Jasmine Dragon is holding an all-day Pai Sho contest for the whole town. Koko & Izumi are being babysat by Ty Lee & Azula as they have a playdate, Anonymous said: How about a modern rangshi fic where Rangi plans on confessing her feelings to Kyoshi but then she saw Yun laying his head on Kyoshi’s lap and they were smiling and giggling. Rangi also came to adore Yun, and she grew close to him. Kyoshi told her that Jianzhu had sacrificed Yun to a monstrous spirit after it had identified her as the Avatar and had killed Kelsang when he had come to rescue them, which had caused her to enter the Avatar State. Rangi explained that Kyoshi should meet with the other guests, but did not have to talk to them directly if they did not introduce themselves. Dismayed, Rangi urged Kyoshi to use her own bending to catch the jar, but the latter replied that she could not do so. Soon after, Rangi refused Kyoshi's intent on performing actual firebending, observing that her body was too tensed up, but the Avatar ignored her anyway, only to produce a spout of black smoke. Thinking that she was too late she decided to avoid Kyoshi and when Kyoshi noticed that Rangi was avoiding her, decided to ask her what’s wrong . She raised that Yun was no trained killer, but was shocked to learn about Yun's secret assassination lessons from Sifu Amak at the mansion. Aoma, the bullies' ringleader, tried to convince her that they had good intentions, but Rangi would not hear of it. [1][31] She also had knowledge about the use of melee weapons as, when Yun told Kyoshi he had no idea how to fight with a sword, the letter said Rangi could teach him. [4], Upon landing Pengpeng in an abandoned quarry, Rangi assumed from their companions' private discussion that they were about to turn on them and urged Kyoshi to take Pengpeng and flee.


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