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Willian's jammy goal in the 89th minute reminded me of all those Manchester United matches when they couldn't lose a game even if they wanted to, repeatedly snatching victories at the end of tight matches. Residential : Commercial: Our Reports : Our Beliefs . With Costa, Fabregas, and Hazard each earning an estimated £200,000 a week, somebody has to pay. I went back and looked at all Chelsea Premier League matches this season, noting when goals were conceded and who was on the pitch at the time. How does it work and what is its role in the 2020 US election? 6 – Chelsea are the only club to have been eliminated from the Champions League at the group stage the year after winning the competition. What do you think on facts about Chelsea? Let’s find out the domestic winning records of Chelsea. I've included minutes as well (via EPL index) so we can get a minutes per team goal scored for everyone, which should be fairly self explanatory. Full details on suspended fixtures for Southampton FC Women's team. 7. Without matches to cover, I was left with not a whole lot to do when I woke up, so I decided to play with Excel. I found myself cursing Chelsea in unprintable terms, and deeply enjoying the sensation of loathing them for their good fortune, their wealth, their talent and their undisputed status as winners. Chelsea were the first English team to qualify for the UEFA European Cup, winning the 1954/55 1st Division title (though Chelsea were not allowed to participate by the FA). the successful football club. I suppose mediocrity, being an also-ran and a perennial “almost” team make everyone like you. I’m looking forward to a good night in, with a few tins and a few choice swear words. On 10 March 1905, a few men met at The Rising Sun pub at the Fulham road and Chelsea Football Club was formed. 02:28 PM - 24 Oct 2015. Copyright © 2020 Southampton Football Club. For instance, in 1971, they played a club from Luxembourg, Jeunesse Hautcharage, in a Cup Winners’ Cup encounter and won the tie 21-0 on aggregate and to this day, that’s the highest margin on aggregate in any European competition. However, over 100,000 attended a friendly match against Soviet team Dynamo Moscow on 13 November 1945. In 1955, the club won the league championship. “We see the success of a rival as ill-gotten, or unfairly achieved. To the numbers! Each year changing in different ways. Yikes. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. No matter how you slice it, Chelsea play exceptionally poorly with those two on the pitch. But I’m not going to feel guilt or shame. Get more interesting facts about Chelsea by reading the following post below: If you are a fan of Chelsea, you must know the home ground. Chelsea were denied entry in the Southern League due to objections from Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur, so they instead applied for admission to the Football League, and the rest is history. Who will win the US election – and what does it mean for investors? Facts about Capoeira inform you with the famous Brazilian martial art. I mean seriously what the hell is wrong with Malouda? On its 110th birthday, we bring to you some known and some lesser known facts about The Blues. The club's 21–0 aggregate victory over Jeunesse Hautcharage in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup in 1971 is a European record. Lose ungraciously to low-ranking opposition. Handler is a Pisces, as she was born on February 25, 1975. Facts about Essex from 1st Associated independent chartered surveyors: who cover the whole of the UK including; Essex. Chelsea broke the British transfer record by signing Fernando Torres for £50m from rivals Liverpool in January 2011. 10 – Chelsea are the only British club to have won all three of UEFA’s major trophies – the Champions League, Europa League and Cup Winners’ Cup. Not really knowing what a Chelsea supporter was, but wanting to be like their teacher, hands explode into the air. In the beginning of 1950s, this crest was introduced. It was reported that it earned 41,546 spectators in its home gate in 2014/2015 season. It was considered as the first success. Be sponsored by a foreign company no one really knows – ideally Gazprom. Assorted surveys confirm that I am not alone in despising Chelsea – but I knew anyway, in my guts. Speaking of, Chelsea only score once every hour with. Chelsea's official highest home attendance is 82,905 for a First Division match, against Arsenal on 12 October 1935. 8 – Chelsea are the only club in history to appoint three player-managers in a row (Glenn Hoddle, Ruud Gullit and Gianluca Vialli). Chelsea football club was established in 1905. Chelsea became the first English club to name a completely foreign starting lineup in a Premier League match against Southampton in December 1999. 4. According to Dr Livingstone, “I think the rivalries reveal something positive and profound – that even in a supposedly individualised society, we can still develop a powerful sense of belonging, identity and meaning through groups, and that when we do, we look to better ourselves and our group. Ensure some matches feature no native or local or poorly paid players. Ten steps to becoming most hated club in England: 1. 'The Liquidator' by the Harry J Allstars is heard before kick-off in home games. introduced the concept of a sugar-daddy football club. Be connected to a wealthy, faceless, amoral area of a wealthy, faceless, amoral city – ideally London. Donald Trump's second term: Defeat coronavirus, finish the Wall, and then back to the Moon. Chelsea tops the Premier League table when it comes to the average cost of a day out at £57.50 – the price of the cheapest match-day ticket, a programme, a pie and a cup of tea. This club plays in the Premier League. The colour was definitely more important than the form, which was actually very patchy, and I even went as far as getting my mum to buy me a kit – just as Chelsea were relegated and went adrift from the mainstream of footballing ambition. Moreover chelsea give very few reasons for people to like them. It is very unique due to the combination, Let’s find out the professional football club in Burnley, Lancashire in facts about Burnley football club. My favourite other clubs right now are Bradford City (the 4-2 surely not so much “a disgrace” as an ungracious low point for the Mourinho trademark) and, tonight at least, Paris Saint-Germain. It had the worth at $1.37 billion or £898 million. 5 – Chelsea’s former owner Ken Bates purchased the club for £1 in 1982 before selling it for £140 million in 2003 to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. 8. Most players are clustered between 45-55 minutes per team goals scored, which is not a surprise. The club has spent 90 years in the top flight and have won the league on 4 occasions, the most recent being under Carlo Ancelotti. The most interesting thing about this chart is that the players on the bottom here - Malouda and Torres (and Cahill, but whatever) are also on the bottom of the goals scored table as well. 7 former Chelsea stars you won't believe are still playing, 5 former Chelsea stars currently playing in the Chinese Super League, Chelsea's history is filled with strange and unusual incidents and facts that will make your eyes pop. Barring Ancelotti’s brief stint it’s very difficult to remember a period in which Chelsea actually paid beautiful … Find facts about Brazil football here. 6. For most schools in the U.S., these grades are considered high school. The crest of Chelsea has been altered for time to time to modernize the image of the club. These days, no derby in the region balances Chelsea's hegemony. Chelsea's mascot is a lion taken from their club logos and named Stamford the Lion. They achieved it in the title winning 2009/10 season. But Chelsea has other special features. It also has a much-mythologised history as a hooligan team, widely viewed as a posh Millwall. I would say it is because Chelsea F.C. In July 2005, the costume was stolen from Stamford Bridge. But the new Russian-owned Chelsea, with Mourinho as its key player, was soon set on a course that would see it become the most hated team in England. Chelsea is considered as one of the most successful football clubs in … Since Chelsea is a popular club in United Kingdom, there is no need to wonder that it has great attendance. Diego Costa wonders why everyone appears to hate his team. 9 – In 1904, Gus Mears acquired Stamford Bridge athletics stadium with the aim of turning it into a football ground. His players become demi-gods, while fans can be criticised for being too loud or referees for pertetuating imagined conspiracies. A Chelsea fan is trapped on a remote desert island with a sheep and a dog. John Robertson was Chelsea’s First Manager in 1905. Canadian Rock star Bryan Adams, an ardent Blue’s supporter dedicated his song "We're Gonna Win" from the album. Chelsea's highest appearance maker is Ron Harris, who played in 795 first-class games for the club between 1961 and 1980. Some football-focused critics take Mourinho to task for his negative play, his defensive strategies, a certain dullness in his approach. Chelsea’s anthem “Blue is the colour” reached number five in the UK Singles Chart in 1972 when it was released. Chelsea became the first London based club to. Baby Girl Since the Blues didn’t have their away kit with them, they were given two options - wear the red and black checked away kit of Coventry or forfeit the match. Win lots of tournaments and silverware. The referee felt that the two home kits clashed and subsequently, the kick-off was delayed by 15 minutes to resolve the matter. Roman Abramovich has been the owner of Chelsea since July 2003. Maybe other clubs are missing a trick here? 4. The current crest of Chelsea shows you a ceremonial lion rampant. Some quick observations: Now let's look at goals conceded, with some more bullet points because I'm lazy like that. It was an away game. Chelsea was the enigma. John Robertson was Chelsea’s First Manager in 1905. #5 They once played a Premier League game wearing the oppositions away kit. Most people hate Chelsea because a lot of them feel that they’ve bought their way to success. What is the Electoral College? This sounds way less impressive now that I think about it, but I've been in a spreadsheet for the past four hours so my language centre appears to have shut down. Also read: 5 former Chelsea stars currently playing in the Chinese Super League. The ridiculous win over Jeunesse Hautcharage and the fact that Abramovich wanted to take over Spurs are some of many crazy facts in Chelsea’s history. 7 – Chelsea became the first ever club to hold both the Champions League and Europa League, albeit for ten days, following their successes in 2012 and 2013. Be a global brand. The today crest is only the modified version. cookie settings, SAINTS: Walcott stars in All Saints Day special. A goal every 95 minutes is good, but he's only had four and a bit games played, which makes his numbers kind of unfair to everyone else. Some Interesting Chelsea Facts And Figures. Chelsea tops the Premier League table when it comes to the average cost of a day out at £57.50 – the price of … The team is more defensively vulnerable when Jose Bosingwa and. The average is £37.44. Why, though, do a team’s achievements rankle so much? Answered December 23, 2016. The “Russian oligarch” has become a figure of almost comedic contempt. Here's what happened. Who's been on the pitch for Chelsea goals scored and conceded? The club earned seven FA Cups, five league titles, and 4 FA Community shields. It is located at Stamford Bridge Stadium. The football club, If you want to know the national football team, read Facts about Brazil Football Team. It's a title that surely will be cemented if the team is triumphant this season. 3 – The record number of points accumulated by a team is 95. Even before the takeover, the Blues won a handful of trophies and had numerous memorable moments etched in football history. The location of the club still matters, though in an entirely negative way.


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