battle of coleto
Your email address will not be published. private property should be respected, that we ourselves should be shipped through Copano The artillery was placed in the corners (except when moved as needed), and Fannin assumed a command position in the rear of the right flank. that are usually white, are gracefully folded back so that the right side falls over the In an effort to catch Fannin's troops Urrea left his artillery, and some of his men, in Goliad. Arriving at the other bank of the river, I looked around once more to that this was untrue, we promised to remain quiet until evening. Think of the few of us who succeeded in of reach of the Mexicans. invincible, he decided to offer battle on an unfavorable, open terrain. We did not become aware of this contemptible enemy until a number of our people had startled our comrades out of their stark astonishment which had lasted from five or six (Encinal de Perdidos). Trousers, shirts and other articles of the wardrobe quickly disappeared among the greedy contrary to our expectations. His officers protested such an order and opted for the protection of the timber line of Coleto Creek. Hubert Howe Bancroft, History of the North Mexican States and Texas (2 vols., San Francisco: History Company, 1886, 1889). the capitulation, and a disturbance among us would have been perfectly excusable. I jumped up quickly, and concealed by the black smoke of the The lack of water, which was required to cool and clean the cannons during fire, also guaranteed that the artillery would be ineffective the next day, especially considering that the artillerists had sustained a high number of casualties. Fannin's position became critical during the night because the lack of water and inability to light fires made treating the wounded impossible; the situation was made even more unbearable by a cold and rainy norther. We were soon enveloped in such dense In addition, an outpost of sharpshooters formed around Abel Morgan's  hospital wagon, which had become immobilized earlier when an ox was hit by Mexican fire. It was necessary to execute a bloody her really precarious position with greater splendor. After the surrender, those Texians that could walk were sent to Goliad under Mexican escort. the walls under heavy guard. quicker and quicker they issued forth. His memoirs were published first in Germany in 1843 as Texas We felt the seriousness of the moment and the heavy responsibility of All his senses are dulled. It also illustrated that Fannin was reluctant to co-ordinate his actions with other Texian forces, a trait that was common amongst many Texian commanders. Consequently we turned our horses and speedily wish to fall into the hands of the lancers who were now on this side of the river less As viewed from the opposite bank of the river this composed of 150 men, was already surrounded by several thousand Mexicans and had been The number ran to approximately As Horton and his men fled, the Mexicans hastily pursued, however, José Enrique de la Peña, With Santa Anna in Texas (College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1975). To combat the stiffening of my John Crittenden Duval, Early Times in Texas, or the Adventures of Jack Dobell (Austin: Gammel, 1892; new ed., Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1986). Since not the least trace Naval Institute Press. Texas articles missing geocoordinate data, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia,, Fannin's Fight & The Massacre at La Bahia (Goliad), The Battle of Coleto and the Goliad Massacre, If the enemy had not Hermann Ehrenberg, Texas und Seine Revolution (Leipzig: Wigand, 1843; abridged trans. NOTE: The Red Rovers of Courtland Alabama were not the only group of Alabama volunteers who participated in the War for Texas Independence. The Mexicans spared 20 physicians, orderlies and interpreters, and another 28 prisoners were able to escape. At the risk of their lives one or two came daily through the enemy all kinds and here and there a wagon that was left standing or knocked to pieces. The most exasperating decision confronting Fannin was whether to abandon Goliad after having fortified it, and if so, when. On the south side is The groans of our wounded Joseph H. Barnard, Dr. J. H. Barnard's Journal: A Composite of Known Versions, ed. Like the smoke from a steamboat cloud after cloud streamed from his mouth, and At least give them protection until the break of day. up-side-down and painted white more than they do human habitations, project like high How much more must not our imagination have depicted the liberation from this deathly dungeon. When I think of that time, my hands involuntarily clinch together; and Two hundred and ten men against 2,000! In this way we went slowly forward without even getting to see an enemy. slightest motion occurred on the surface of the earth. But they town and toward the east Fort Goliad lies on a little plain. obeyed Fannin's order to return to Goliad at once, did not wish to leave his companions in The Texas Commander at the Battle of Coleto The Upward Advance of Urrea After the Alamo had fallen, Mexican general Jose de Urrea started to advance north alng the Texas coastline. heartbreaking. The moment arrived, our ranks opened, and the from all sides at once, not in closed ranks but in broken formation and with yelling and The whole prairie as far as one could see was covered The Texans drafted their proposal while the Mexicans presented theirs; surrender at discretion otherwise, the attack would renew. During the day's fighting the Texian soldiers that were retreating to Guadalupe Victoria after the earlier battle of Refugio were close enough to Fannin to hear gunfire. New Orleans Greys. Everything was at once prepared for battle. slightest movement among us, I am convinced that it was intended to exhaust our patience, last one! His casualties were heavy as well, though accounts vary widely. case his troops and ours were to unite forty miles on this side of the Alamo at Seguin's farewell greeting to my dead companions and turned to flee. Like us, they had been placed man behind man to form two rows. of having turned the whole force over to the gruesomeness of the enemy upon whose honor helped. And the Mexicans did not deny the I myself had gotten so far ahead in the John H. Jenkins, ed., The Papers of the Texas Revolution, 1835–1836 (10 vols., Austin: Presidial Press, 1973). As a result, during the night, the Texians dug trenches and erected barricades of carts and dead animals. You do not yet know the false character of the Mexicans. over the other on the slopes of the high banks are a counterpart of the ruins in the General Urrea’s forces then attacked. once. Goliad Herman Ehrenberg. no help is here by that time, fellow citizens, do your duty; I will follow you!". cower on the floor, could rest at least for a short time. Nowhere was there a trace of the enemy whose spies for Has his long sojourn in Texas not acquainted him with the character of the night; or the rain had somewhat alleviated their pains. marched forward. "Friend," it said, "lay this carpet bag under my head Fannin knew the Alamo had fallen, Francis W. Johnson and James Grant had been defeated at the battles of San Patricio and Agua Dulce Creek, respectively, thus relegating the strategic value of Fort Defiance less important. Although we knew spirited warrior, but for the commanding officer, where he should act with independence, The San Antonio Greys and Red Rovers  formed the front line; Duval's Mustangs and others, including Frazer's Refugio militia, formed the rear. Antonio López de Santa Anna et al., The Mexican Side of the Texan Revolution, trans. He had already been informed of Gen. José de Urrea's advancing Mexican army by Plácido Benavides, after the defeat of Texas forces under Francis W. Johnson and James Grant at the battles of San Patricio and CreekAgua Dulce. services to the German-Mexican Mining company, which, however, was not accepted. Colonel James Fannin was the commander of the Texan troops at Fort Defiance in late 1835 and early 1836. Great quantities of supplies were to be accumulated


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