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Make good use of the space around the edges of the canister. Add your own review » Almost two full months later the owner was still stringing me along about he couldn't get materials and trouble finding people to do CNC milling for him. The BearVault BV450 (small size) and BV500 (medium size) are classics. The best place for a bear canister in your pack is relatively low and relatively close to your back, which keeps weight distributed as comfortably as possible. Hanging is the “traditional” method of protecting food from bears and bears from food. The Bearikade Scout holds a volume of 500 cubic inches, while the Lighter1 Little Sami only holds 300 cubic inches. To choose between the medium canisters in this group, consider these points: This is a pretty specialized category, probably only of interest to those planning long hikes in remote places with limited resupply, or sharing a bear can among a pair or group. For most people the decision will come down primarily to size, then to weight and price. The No-Fed-Bear by UDAP is a smallish black-colored canister. Store the right things in the bear canister, Choose a smart place to leave the bear canister overnight, Carry your bear canister comfortably in your pack, Pack your bear canister as efficiently as possible, Trash, especially food wrappers (check your pockets for those granola bar wrappers! Use a bear canister, save a bear! We fit 8 days of food in each one and we probably could have fit 2 more days in each one. The Bare Boxer Contender is the smallest hard-sided bear canister on the market, perfect for those quick weekend trips. If I haven’t talked you out of it yet, here are the two most common methods of bear hanging: Now that you’re the proud owner of a shiny new bear bin, what exactly are you supposed to do with it? How many days of food fit in your bear canister will depend on what kind of food, how much of it you’re bringing, and how it’s packed. Usually a coin, credit card, or other thin edge is required or at least helpful; make sure you bring a long an extra or two of whatever is needed, just in case! My goal is to help people like you explore our planet with skill, care, and curiosity. First the short answer: one day of food for one person takes roughly 100 cubic inches of space. The best thing about bear canisters (aside from keeping your food and not endangering bears or yourself) is having a sturdy camp chair during mealtime. Canisters in this range can carry up to 6-7 days of food for one person, maybe a smidge more if packed carefully, or food for two people for 3-4 days. Copyright © 2000-2020 Geartrade LLCAll Rights Reserved. Choose food that is NOT high in water content, since water is heavy, contains no calories and is usually easy to add on the trail. Ask me how I know. And with this comes the rare but real possibility, especially in grizzly country, of an unpleasant encounter. All food, toiletries, scented items, and trash must go in your canister, and you must lock it whenever it is not in use. I debated the real value of saving about 5 to 6 ounces over my stickered BearVault BV 500. This is a review of the Bearikade Expedition MKII model by Wild Ideas. Compare that to the BearVault BV500 at 700 cubic inches and seven days of food at 2#'s, 9 oz. Hope the pictures give you some idea of the differences. The Garcia is 614 cubic inches. I purchased the BLAZER because I was attracted to the extra volume and ability to hold up to nine days of food without resupply. This is the only trip they were used on. Doing Yosemite in July and will update the review at that time. When bear canisters do fail to keep food safe, it’s usually because of. Find the best safety gear for your next outdoor adventure using our independent reviews and ratings. They’re intended to be hung, or at least tied to a tree trunk, to prevent a bear from walking off with them. Most hikers will be happy with a bear canister in the medium size category, especially if buying it for a thru-hike such as the PCT or JMT. Consider carrying your bear can horizontally (lid facing to one side) instead of upright, if it will fit. My husband and I shared a Bearikade Expedition for the first half of our 18 day JMT hike and it worked great. I highly recommend them if you’re willing to make the investment. However, if you’re just looking for a general food storage solution and don’t mind the extra fuss of hanging or at least tying your food at night, a soft-sided bear bag can reduce weight and bulk in your pack. Sooner or later, many backpackers will find themselves needing to figure out how to use a bear canister. JMT hikers: if you’re hiking in a pair and considering a Bearikade, here’s a tip. FYI, I moved your review to be on its own Blazer product page and edited the intro slightly to make sense there. This means buying or making your own dehydrated or freeze dried meals, having just-add-water breakfasts like oatmeal and powdered milk, and cooking with dehydrated fast-cooking grains like couscous or ramen. The price is absurd in terms of difference; the Blazer sells for $312, versus the BearVault for about $75. Let’s go through each of these models in more detail. It’s an advanced move, but some hikers manage to carry their bear canister on the. This thing costs a small fortune compared to other bear canisters. In areas with bears I almost always hang it, which brings me to…. I've heard he gets backlogged, so I'm sorry you had a bad experience. (2#'s, 2.8 oz). First of all, finding a tree that’s tall and strong enough to hang from, with just the perfect branch, is not straightforward. How do I actually narrow it down? Your email address will not be published. First of all, when hiking in bear country it’s important to set up your “kitchen” and “dining room” at least 100 yards downwind from where you’ll sleep. If low on space, pack your first day’s snacks and meals outside the canister (but don’t leave your pack unattended!). While it sounds simple – hang your food out of reach – I can assure you it’s not as easy as it seems. Bears can carry away a sack, unlike a hard-sided can. I hope you'll let us know how it works out backpacking. If you have extra space, it’s nice to store other items like your stove or dishes in the canister as well. All I can say, if a bear walks off with my Blazer, I'm gonna give chase. Your email address will not be published. Here’s the key thing to remember when deciding where to leave your bear canister at night: a bear canister is designed to prevent a bear from actually eating your food. I will request more stickers as I want to represent out there! I created Exploring Wild to share practical knowledge and impractical inspiration about thoughtful travel and outdoor adventure. I tried to buy a Blazer 7-14-18. Nope! Rodents and marmots can be surprisingly stealthy and aggressive! Layer your canister by day, not by food type, so you don’t have to unpack the entire thing to make a full meal.


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