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A few years ago, that’s exactly what my family and I done. The does were in trouble, though. Site by Gray Loon. It is flying at or near the same velocity as other popular sabot rounds, but it weights a full 100+ grains more! Calculated trajectory: Current indications show the 270gr Raptor Alv/Lead high performance slugs @ 19oo+fps may be the heaviest weight slug usable at those velocities.. It was a brisk November afternoon and the deer were moving like crazy. July 24, 2017   |  The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory, November 3, 2020   |  The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory. It is a high performance, full expanding, copper slug at 1800fps. Note: the Raptor Alv/Lead 270gr data uses a 150yds zero and the drop looks much better than the 365gr Copper slug at 200yds. It’s difficult to explain, but I’ve never felt the same way about any other piece of ground as that property a few miles down the road. The afternoon creeped by, and thoughts of hunts with my father and grandfather on that piece of Hart County dirt whirled around in my mind. As for the slug, it most certainly did its job. This NeoTec Copper 365gr expanded slug weights 302gr (an 83% weight retention) and it expanded to just over the size of a half a dollar! It blew through the near-side shoulder and left a 2-inch entry hole. The increased weigh makes it a much better choice for hunting thin skinned big game in the 150 thru the 200 yard range! Our deer blog is one of the longest-running and most popular ones out there. It is flying at or near the same velocity as other popular sabot rounds, but it weights a full 100+ grains more! We leased a property just down the road. The current trajectory data for the 20ga Schrifle series NeoTec Copper 365gr slug has been added below, next to the Raptor Alv 270gr data, so a side  by side comparison can be made. The doe took off, ran about 75 yards and piled up right in front of me. At the end of the video the 21 pound block is stood up on end and is flipped off the table. The 20ga NeoTec Copper  slug will also qualify as a “Green” non-toxic projectile for the areas that require a non-toxic slug. [A solid copper bullet of the same size & shape could weigh over 750 grains]. It isn’t the story of a buck at all. It’s the story of a doe, what it meant to me, and just how devastating the Deer Season Slug truly is. All in all, my 2018-19 deer season was a success. And that was a pretty special moment. October 30, 2020   |  Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes, October 21, 2020   |  Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes. Take the first whitetail in Hart County, Kentucky, since the last one I shot in 2006. This is where we cover all things deer hunting, from experts and whitetail trivia to news, gear, and hardcore hunting advice. From May-1, 2018 thru how ever long they last— TarHunt will release a 6-ROUND SAMPLE BOX, your choice of a of the 20ga Schrifle series:  The 270gr Raptor Alv  or the NeoTec Copper 365gr slug rounds in a generic 6-round box. Making it possible to load the same physical size bullet at higher velocities than its original full density configuration. After firing and the upset to the bore has taken place by the bullet side walls, the pressurized elastomer truss remains strong enough to support the thin copper side walls from collapsing inward while the slug is being forced thru the barrel. I got back to what deer hunting is truly about. Not because I killed deer. Only a 2″ trajectory arc, either above or below,  your aiming point, thru 150 yards when zero at the proper yardage. This increases accuracy which translates to better shots and more recoverable deer. While it wasn’t on the same farm where I killed my first deer and grew up hunting on, it was still pretty special. All orders until further notice will be shipped directly from TarHunt. This design helps generate real expansion of a 99.9% pure copper bullet that will expand and not just shoot thru or implode on impact projectile! These projectiles will be made on a 3-D metal  printer] at even faster velocities. TarHunt can be reached at: 570-784-6368 (9am-4pm). You may be surprised by the heavier slug. It was hit with the new, reduced load, 20ga Schrifle slug. Check out our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to's on deer hunting. A group of mature does were slow-stepping through the CRP. And I knew I was about to fulfill a goal I’d been hoping to achieve for 12 years. The slug is a full bore size 62cal, 260gr. It is a high performance, full expanding, copper slug at 1800fps. The webmaster has installed a  “blue buy now” tab on the opening home page as well as a normal ordering format under the ammo tab and under the hunting ammo drop down. And a wave of emotions hit me. Half Dollar Size Expansion, 82% Weight Retention, Flattest Shooting, More Energy Down Range. It reminded me, oftentimes, hunting is as much about the place as it is the animal. It was a feeling of coming home — back to the county where it all began for me. Rifled slugs and sabot slugs are two very different products, and when it comes to trajectory, one has a clear advantage. slug fired from a full 40 yards away using a 1-23tr. With this new “hollow bullet” design, a full bore size diameter bullet can be maintained, while greatly reducing its overall weight. ©2020 Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved. That range duplicates about 70% of most deer taken with a slug gun. There are a few boxes of 260 grain for as long as the last. A non-lead  (a green, non-toxic) maximum expansion slug with a high percentage of weigh retention. My goal? Thank you for your interest in the  20ga.”Schrifle”series  NeoTec  365gr Copper non-sabot slug round. Those who deer hunt, know why. For more information, go to and learn more about this great new product offering. The slug generates a clock wise torque on the gun and requires two handed gun control, when testing off of a bench rest. The price of H&R's Ultra Slug Hunter is right, too, as is the amazing accuracy this gun offers through Ultragon rifling that avoids the sharp corners of traditional rifling, imparting a stabilizing spin on slugs without distorting the sabot jacket or bullet and giving a better gas … If you look closely you can see the Raptor HP design  separating into 3 peddles, about 120 degrees apart. Note: The Raptor Alv/Lead in 240 grain and the Raptor Alv 260/265 grain has been discontinued. I longed to be there. The “hollow bullet” design shown here uses an  full cavity elastomer truss. I killed my first whitetail many moons ago not far from the banks of the Green River. Are Trail Cameras Affecting Your Hunting Experience? Now just 25 yards away, I slowly shouldered my Winchester SXP shotgun, clicked off the safety, and slowly pulled the trigger. And although there’s nothing I can do about it, not being able to go back has been one of my life’s biggest regrets. It utilizes a rear-stabilized wad. Their design provides for the highest level of accuracy as well as maximum penetration, providing you with the best. Upon impact, the pressurized elastomer truss it allowed to rapidly expand outward thus aiding in the initial amount of fracturing of the o-jive (pointed part of the slug). Notice that the NeoTec 365gr Copper shoots flatter and has more energy at 150yds.. 10 Best New Deer Hunting Cartridges and Slugs for 2019 January 30, 2019 | From Galleries Realtree EDGE® Big Game White-Tailed Deer Land Management North America United States Fall Croplands Hard Woods / Mixed Forest Open / Arid / Brushy Shotgun Brow Tines and Backstrap The gel block reacts to the impact of the 20ga “Schrifle” by producing 9-10 different severe shock  waves patterns as the slug moves thru the 17 inches of the gel block! And it is. [Sometime, in the near future, we will be hunting with “HOLLOW  Bullets” supported entirely by internal metal alloy truss. Correct implementation of these two events, in that order, is critical to insure proper flight requirements and the elimination of flyers. The 365gr NeoTec Copper slug is the newest slug in the TarHunt 20ga Schrifle series. It wasn’t long before the sound of a snapping twig brought me out of my daze. Pull up a seat and join us. I experienced this firsthand during the 2018 Kentucky deer season. But the place where I was located would have to do. It travels downrange with the slug. Federal Power-Shok Sabot Slug 12 ga 2 3/4" MAX 1 oz Slug 1500 fps - 5/box …Power-Shok Sabot Slug are made for rifled choke tubes, rifled barrels, and sabot hollow points. Calculated trajectory:  In  comparing, the 365gr NeoTec Copper @1800fps to 270gr Raptor Alv slug @1975 fps. The best part? I’ve hunted it with my grandfather, father, uncle, wife and sister since 2016, but it wasn’t until 2018 that I took a deer off the place. The next best thing was finding a piece of land that was close to it. The lower your twist rate number (1-23tr) the more RPM”S the slug has to aid in cutting a bigger wound channel. The all new 20ga Schrifle NeoTec Copper 365 grains at 1800fps will be stable thru all known 20 gauge twist rates. But look how high the mid-range trajectory is, using the 270gr**, at 100 yards and it has 15% less energy at 100yds and 17% at 200 yards. Sadly, we lost access to the place several years later. 6 Things Hunters Have to Know About Chronic Wasting Disease. An expanded slug like the one shown, @1800 fps, and spinning at 54,000 rpm’s (when fired thru a 1-24 twist rate barrel), and weighting over 30 grains, acts just like a hole saw! The area in the nose section where the wall is the thinnest. Whether you need to know how to test the soil in your food plot, tighten the groups from your crossbow, or scope out the latest on that big buck you saw online, you've landed around the right campfire. The Best One-Liners from Realtree’s 2020 Bow Camp, Designed for superior performance in all (12-gauge) shotguns, Integrates a rear-stabilized wad to improve accuracy, Offers high velocity and carries greater energy and knockdown power. The 365gr NeoTec Copper slug is the newest slug in the TarHunt 20ga Schrifle series. The NeoTec 365gr Copper series design is a example of “out of the box thinking .”  The “Hollow Bullet with Internal Structure”, patent number US 9,372,05 B2, uses a pressurized elastomer truss that is flexible enough to alow the thin side walls of the hollow copper slug to upset in size, to better fit your barrel diameter. While retaining as much as 85% of its original weight when used on thin skin big game. But our little piece of it flowed through Hart County, Kentucky. Most won’t know where that is. The blood trail was massive. After a few moments, I climbed down and recovered my whitetail. The multi-shock waves, seen here in this video, of a 20ga “Schrifle”  moving thru this gel block is a good representation of the wound channel trauma produced by a 20ga “Schrifle” slug going thru a 16″ thick Deer size animal! I feel the NeoTec Copper 365gr is by far the best choice for deer hunting with the 20ga Schrifle series of slugs. It is a very accurate slug, when fired in a SAAMI diameter barrel. TarHunt - Slug Guns, Rifles and Ammunition, Purchasing, Cancellations, Installation of upgrades and Returns. These rounds deliver a quality you can rely on. Young bucks were running everywhere, but I’d already filled my Kentucky buck tag. From 1993 to the present, TarHunt has sold bolt-action slug guns domestically, to Europe, African and Japanese markets.TarHunt has built guns for Remington, Winchester, Federal, Marlin and some foreign manufactures of slug gun ammo. For comparison purposes this photo shows a 1974 Kennedy .50 cent piece; next to a NeoTec Copper 365gr expanded slug that was fire into a ballistic gelatin block from between 45 and 50 yards away. The farm I’d hunted on during my childhood was what made me fall in love with hunting the way that I did. This doe meant as much (or more) to me as most bucks I’ve taken. This new ammo option required incredible amounts of research and comprehensive testing to ensure this load is deer-ready. Look at this you tube video of a 8 inch square, 18 inch long, 21 pound gelatin block, (normally used to test rifle bullets). What’s the Best Straight-Wall Rifle Round for Deer Hunting?


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