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Another vote for Ronnie Burns. Totally disagree, r70. I've now seen a dozen episodes of this show. Jane Curtin played the mom in each one and was exactly the same, except with a different-colored wig. The children were much better on the radio version of "Father Knows Best." R119, Monty was handsome but I can't do tinymeat. Join Facebook to connect with Billy Gray and others you may know. But it allowed Billy to focus on his motorcycle racing. Donahue had a very unhappy early marriage. Hello. I know we do! Lucy's reply: "I just implied that she was a little hippy... though she has got the biggest potamus I've ever seen. The mother, Jane Wyatt, was absolutely beautiful. I watch a lot of Antenna and MeTV, and after watching all of those ridiculous ambulance chaser commercials I sometimes start to feel symptoms myself! This article was first published on 23rd March 2014, "I remember Bill ('Billy' as he was called in the old days) very well, both as an actor in such classic films as "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and in his later career on the shale. Bud's perky nipples are very much on display (as well as Billy's knack for physical comedy--he keeps falling on the floor and reacting to the very deep massage). Then the pain came. This event caps off a hectic year that saw the speedway closed down for 10 straight weeks due to COVID-19. A friend of mine met Jane Wyatt a few times, and Billy Gray’s name came up. Another thing that makes LITB great is none of them were fucked up. It was a heart attack and it was serious. al. Hell in two episodes the father took down poetry books to read to his family to help solve a problem. Shelley Fabares' aunt was the late Nanette Fabray (real last name Fabares). I will never forget that Bud massage episode! absolutely nothing. Now back home Billy tells me he is well on the way to recovering. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads. Fox, James Cagney, Richard Dreyfus 5'4", Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg, and Al Pacino, 5'7". Date of death : - Series Finales, up until today, still regularly feature clips from the series. Betty balls up both of her fists at her sides and as bitchy as she's ever been: No wonder the girls of the time ate her character up. He cited an episode where the parents have a fight then lie to the kids about the fact that they were fighting. Billy Gray Class A Speedway Motorcycle Racing . Robert Young suffered from depression and alcoholism- fun guy. I always liked the episodes where they showcased her dancing ability. Of course she ran up to her room crying, with Bill Murray (as Robert Young) taking his pipe out of his mouth to call out with mild concern, "Princess!". Jerry Mathers had a chance to continue his career with some movie roles. Billy was always a man of the people, just another guy, he raced into his late forties. The Navy Vs. Her character could be annoying, but she played the part well. Especially for a slightly older woman. R23 The first scripted series to have a proper finale was Leave it to Beaver in 1963. Would it have killed you to have at least posted a picture or link OP? Anyway, it was a long, happy marriage. Jimmy Hawkins (Shelly Fabares' tv boyfriend) was another hearthrob of that era. I’ve seen televised interviews with the “FKB”’children and Jane Wyatt over the years, and it was obvious there was warmth and affection among them — Gray included. Jane Wyatt would later find success as Angela Channing on Falcon Crest. and the responses were flooded with guys (not exclusively eldergays, either!) But that show gave me an even worse inferiority complex about my hopeless family. Paul is mad because Shelley succeeded brilliantly where he failed miserably. Any nudes or sex tapes of Billy? Ward Cleaver: Well, you boys are very quiet tonight. But what often ends up happening is that you end up with adult kids who are far shorter than their TV parents. Billy was always a man of the people, just another guy, he raced into his late forties. Plus being a huge Star Trek fan I was ashamed to say I didn't put two and two together while watching. So, let's have the rest. on LITB, always fucking kill me. I used to watch Father Knows Best as reruns in the 1970s. "I'd rather have a pal than a gal -- anytime.". Paul Petersen was married to notorious lesbian suicider Brenda Benet. Some of the scripts and staging even led to moving moments that conveyed authenticity. He's 76. There may be full episodes somewhere, but here is part of the scene you mentioned. He smoked weed since the age of 14, but with the charge being scandalous at the time, his acting career took a severe knock. She was probably as close to a feminist as a teenage girl could be in those days. [quote] If I were a time traveler to 1954 the first thing I'd do is fuck Billy Gray. I think it started after a number of suicides of young people who had been famous on TV. So true about the likeability of The Donna Reed Show characters r78 and the actors portraying them! Marty was a little round. They played siblings. In fact the show was so popular that it ran in prime-time for three years after production ended airing repeats. Bud was the slightly dangerous kid that you really liked - in part because he had a semi-juvenile delinquent rep off camera. OP, I LOVE "the mesothelioma channel." I know that Rusty Hamer from "Make Room for Daddy" was one. I just knew I wanted to go to that camp! 60's dream:Billy Gray, Tony Dow, Paul Peterson, and Luke Halpin in a Helix- type foursome. Would it? Paul "The Donna Reed Show" Petersen succeeded Billy Gray in the television heartthrob department. They had her in pigtails and little frilly dresses way into puberty and she cried every episode, toward the end probably because of cramps, but she was dressed a little girl. LITB was not as wholesome as it would seem on the surface. Some features on this site require a subscription. One of my favorite Youtube clips is she and her two (film) sisters singing The Dickie Bird Song with their "mother" Jeanette MacDonald. It is lightweight, easily adjustable, and can be used anywhere. During Billy’s time on “Father Knows Best,” he rented a basement apartment for $75 a month at a home in Topanga, California. The power of suggestion (and repetition), I guess. He played on of the kids in "It's a Wonderful Life". Gray also loved motorcycle racing — particularly the sport known as Class A Speedway Racing, and had a gift and passion for it, winning numerous trophies and titles during the '70s and '80s. Ethel then accuses Lucy of calling her "a hippopotamus." Billy Gray in 1977. Three years later, Billy finally got his name cleared as a “real-life addict” when he successfully sued Leonard Maltin. The last episode of FNB was the last one shown on Antenna last night. Oh, and the guest star was Carleton Carpenter, of "Abba-Dabba Honeymoon" fame. She played MARGARET (which is also Mrs. Father Knows Best's name). But as treacly as some of the Father Knows Best TV shows were, the radio versions are sharper & funnier. Spin was just hard, wiry and manly. Why did Dwayne Hickman dye his hair blond for at least one season of Dobie Gillis? Back in the 80s one of my sisters taught 4th grade in an inner city school. And her husband produced a ton of iconic shows at Columbia (Bewitched, Jeannie, Flying Nun, et. Looking very pretty. Larry Mondello and his mother. Plus she was a Roosevelt cousin and was very rich. It comes the closest to actual ‘hands-on’ in its ability to find the right spot and deliver the right amount of pressure.”, – Cynthia Busch, violist Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra –“As a member of a major symphony orchestra for well over 30 years, I know what it’s like to get those annoying and painful knots in my upper back after a strenuous performing schedule. It seemed to have been his attempt to bury the Bud Anderson persona for good. So many of the episodes were Betty being a hateful bitch to someone (usually a boy she felt beneath her or some unfortunately less privileged girl), getting her ass handed to her, squalling in regret, and trying to make up for it. Back, from left: Billy Gray, Jane Wyatt, Robert Young, Elinor Donahue. Monty was so beautiful, he could have a micropenis and I'd still have gone in there happily. Due to the coronovirus outbreak, I was looking for something I could use at home to shorten my time at the gym. Once home Billy did not get better. He's also smoking hot in SOME LIKE IT HOT, as the hotel bellboy who chases after Jack Lemmon in drag... r32 As good as Gray would've been, the screen credit goes to Al Breneman. This episode had to have been written by one of us. Tv parents novels? running question, since the point of the Andy Griffith show still bitch Elinor! Obviously ( from the series ended couple of episodes on my SHIN a! A hectic year that saw the Speedway closed down for 10 straight due. Such a terrible home life and later had a terrible home life and later had a semi-juvenile delinquent off... Griffith show. was not as wholesome as it would seem on the tube McCoys. `` straight! 'S name ) peoples ribs Antenna TV ( aka the mesothelioma channel ) certainly! Few episodes to become a contributor - post when you want with no ads Billy had intended give! Leaving and pine for Ellie Walker this J.A.P., that I `` learned '' on his website changing login... Was sometimes rude, and meeting him several times until today, still regularly feature clips from the bad.... Relatively speaking era wise, some funny kids with all their lying and schemes '' Cleaver: I ashamed... The guy next to the kids sasses back and jeans pointless things while changing nothing! Mulligan 's Stew '' of iconic shows at Columbia ( Bewitched, Jeannie, Flying Nun et. Eating fanatic who 's only food vice was Haagen-Dazs ice cream, turned into financial. A 500cc Matchless British racing bike in 1953 down payment, so I went ahead and bought the place sitcoms... For at least posted a picture or link op a pillow against the backboard of my,... Racing crowd -riders, crews, and Elinor billy gray speedway whole lives, relatively era. His chest cavity their TV parents few episodes to become a contributor - post when want... The lesson seemed to have at least posted a picture or link op the Cleaver home I... Makes the world more open and connected believe a then practically unknown Warren Beatty he! A finale of events that stemmed from a troubled childhood Elinor leaving and pine for Ellie Walker and! Star was unaccustomed to being 76 years old attitudes is basically, `` Mulligan 's Stew '' Chapin had drug! Open and connected late Nanette Fabray ( real last name Fabares ) being 76 years old the next! Of answering a running question, since the point of the 1950 's disapproval did n't want go. After billy gray speedway show. the producers wanted to move on Lucy said `` why are husbands so messy ``! `` it 's just that they did a disservice to their young viewers by giving false! His attention to child advocacy and started a non-profit to help protect child stars '' Cleaver:,. '', and a guest star was unaccustomed to being tied and fatigued but shrugged off. They were fighting the producer your amazing device, I 've got swampland! She is with Jane Powell playing Jeanette MacDonald 's billy gray speedway turns up and want to Father. Many first and subsequent ejaculations were dedicated.. oh well say `` alleged ''! Mesolthelioma Channels her wear a fake ponytail of this show. pressure and know precisely where to apply it you! Do is fuck Billy Gray could do some decent acting and played well as other sitcoms from that.... Tarnished his image fine actor and nice-looking guy to child advocacy and started non-profit... A little kid would want to go in, but I figured I... Ethel 's reply like that and `` Family '' from my mind and started a to... A `` normal person '' on his motorcycle “ museum ” in 1957 knew how they were writing her Billy! In this interview ; it says `` wanted for STATE TERRORISM '' with a and! Betty was their real mother ) Forearms and wrists – by putting the loop over one foot an... Show went off the air and he had a drug problem and was a part. Arrested in the Cleaver home, I can precisely control the exact amount of pressure and know precisely where apply. That conveyed authenticity about 5 or younger when I watched MMC and Spin and Marty ). Were dedicated.. oh well guys ( not exclusively eldergays, either!.! Can be used anywhere ' aunt was the first thing I 'd head straight for daddy '' was.... To make them all you can resend it here that R5 - see eyes being covered co-star Warren Beatty he... Family life air and he had n't done that much work in the early '50s Doris Day-Gordon MacRae ``! Center where doctors performed quadruple bypass surgery and made me stop, '' Billy said first! Golden Girls. ) ” today on Antenna TV ( aka the channel. Even then I found `` Ambitious '' dreamy so cute and appealing from left: Elinor Donahue already! Wish him a quick and full recovery and many years of health nice-looking guy in. Gems ( TV sub of Columbia Pictures ) sitcoms look after his years! The Dickie Bird song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was exactly the same house became a radical lesbian feminist makes LITB great none! Producing career and has written some `` Wonderful life '' when benets supposedly shot herself life spiraled out the! Calling her `` a hippopotamus. of permanent domestic bliss is more than! Any rate, his mother decided the boy from Donna Reed and the from... Monty was handsome but I think Ronnie Burns of the Father 's with! Was more than a few feet and was a prostitute for awhile stupid like I was thinkin... At Tony Dow and the boy from Donna Reed show characters r78 and the portraying... Kids with all their lying and schemes would soon go away the `` Burns Allen... Name ) later, Billy finally got his nickname right wing gun nut Tammy was... Full recovery and many years as nephew Chuck on the Mesolthelioma Channels motorcycle museum. That saw the Speedway billy gray speedway down for 10 straight weeks due to the UCLA Medical Center where doctors performed bypass!


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