bjora map gw2; var output = document.createElement('span'); margin-left: 20px; partial: [{r:3,d:25},{r:4,d:5}], // Check combined offset in hours is not beyond 23:59 var hour = now.getUTCHours(); position: absolute; Deliver to Bright Shore. The story will progress when the required number of idols have been destroyed, regardless of their location. Getting there See: Mystery of the Labyrinth (puzzle) Bjora Marches. } .event-limit-text.prev { } 8. ds: { sequences: { Complete the Boneskinner Strike Mission without letting any torches be extinguished by wisps. color: white; e: wf, // End minutes, e.g. 4. 1: { name: "Admiral Taidha Covington", link: "Kill Admiral Taidha Covington", chatlink: "[&BKgBAAA=]", bg: [ 66,200,215] }, 17. Next time it won't load that element until you press reset. The following map icons show your progress with towards map completion. pattern: [{r:0,d:45},{r:1,d:35},{r:0,d:5},{r:2,d:15},{r:3,d:5},{r:4,d:15}] background: rgba(205,205,205,0.8); drawRow(metaKey, customEventData[metaKey] ); } = 'hidden'; } These chests are a source of great confusion among many players. date.setUTCHours(hour, minute, 0, 0); Complete the light puzzle in the Aberrant Forest. '); #galleryplaceholder { timeshiftOnClick(); // Check if offset is back to zero } else { margin-top: 2px; Interactive map . ‚óŹ Pavel B. $('.event-pointer span').text((((hour + 11) % 12) + 1) + ':' + pad(minute) + ' ' + (hour >= 12 ? }); background-color: #EED; var response = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('event-timer-'+keyname)); $(document).on('keyup.gallerywidgetclose', function(e){ return $(document.createElement("a")).attr("href", "/wiki/" + pageName).attr("title", pageName.replace(/_/g, " ")).text(text); partial: [], Complete each unique Trial of Koda challenge. #event-wrapper.compact.hideheadings { width: unset; } right: 0; // Refine the data to restrict lengths to visible window ", chatlink: "[&BL4AAAA=]", bg: [ 66,200,215] } // Save checkbox settings Champion Sons of Svanir Bowman; Time to flee: 8:00; Trial primer objectives. case 'object': The map (M) is the full-screen user interface element used to orient players and to enable instant travel using waypoints. #event-timer-legend span { 2: { name: "Junundu Rising", chatlink: "[&BMEKAAA=]", bg: [234,175, 98] } }, var now = new Date(); function drawRow(metaKey, metaSingular ) { if (metaKey == 'ds' && r == 1) { $(document).off('keyup.gallerywidgetclose'); } .event-bar { even: { $(this).html(''); 1: { name: "Treasure Hunt", link: "Participate in the treasure hunt! // ** Heart of Thorns ** opacity: 0.7; // Use viewer preferences immediately where possible } } Earn gold participation in 20 kodan forestry events. name: "Hide chat links. // Utility function #14: Refit compact timer to window width on resize.


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