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}, .event-bar-container h4 { Home. Quiet cl: '' This includes the text, format, graphics and audiovisual elements of the website. function chatLinkSelect(chatLinkCode) { partial: [{r:0,d:10}], It was the home of Jora and Svanir before Svanir became the Nornbear, and now serves as the location of the Vigil's northernmost base, Jora's Keep, which stands against the Elder Dragon Jormag's forces in northern Tyria. } if (otherHourOffset == 0) { switch (typeof { partial: [], }, // Time var output = document.createElement('span'); } #event-wrapper.compact h4 { left:-200px; width: 200px; position: absolute; z-index:2; line-height: 2.5em; display: inline-block; text-align: right; padding-right: 1em; box-sizing: border-box; margin-top:0; } // Check that the alt text is not blank, if so use the filename. partial: [], sequences: { ld: { partial: [{r:2,d:90}], RANGER PETS LOCATIONS Pet locations, skills and general attributes. Bjora Marches Treasure Hunter (3 AP, 1 MP). Defeat Drakkar within its lair in Bjora Marches. drawRow(metaKey, customEventData[metaKey] ); var nextThumb = $('.gallerybox').next('.gallerybox').find('.thumb'); cursor: help; - Kill the nightmares hiding the survivors. // GLOBAL VARIABLES defaultvalue: true $('#event-wrapper').addClass('compact'); // Minimum number of pattern repetitions required case 'string': Koda's Promise, Koda's Gift // Don't bother appending if cumulative start time is outside range of interest About Me. ab: { The lands have been altered by Jormag's freezing influence in the past 150 years since the Elder Ice Dragon made its way south. }); function getEventTimerPreferences(keyname, defaultvalue) { }); if (otherHourOffset + startHourUTC >= 24){ segments: { This name is also used for a Zaishen vanquish quest. d: v.d, (function() { }); The map (M) is the full-screen user interface element used to orient players and to enable instant travel using waypoints. usedHeadings = []; Expanded Bjora Marches achievements can be found here. name: "Hide categories. Grace of Dusk return; } createEventBars(useEvenHourStart, metaSequence); output.className = 'event-chatlink'; .append($(document.createElement("h4")).text(imagename)) s = ws; "PM" : "AM")); Begin on a pillar in the northern area of Fallen Ruins. console.log('localStorage not supported (HTML5 browser required)'); // Check if offset is back to zero if (startHourUTC != hour ) { t: { /* Zone parameter specified - prevent user hiding elements */ } // Collapse nested arrays and concatenate with the initial partial pattern The good news is, after you train Tier 2 mastery in all three tracks, you will be able to open every chest without a problem. if (twelveHourTimes == false) { Deliver to Bright Shore. // DEFER LOADING SCRIPT UNTIL JQUERY IS READY. name: "The Desolation", 'PM' : 'AM'); GW2 / Map Achievements / Expanded Bjora Marches. segments: { // Refine the data to restrict lengths to visible window // If the timer was reloaded via apply, or scrolled, reset event content and timers, otherwise its the first run and we need to create the preferences user interface. } $('#apply-button').click(function() { 1: { name: "Triple Trouble", link: "Triple Trouble", chatlink: "[&BKoBAAA=]", bg: [ 66,200,215] }, }); compact: { If you want to make a fight difficult for both kinds of player, you have to get creative. // ** Living World Season 4 ** Invocation of Midday The following is a playlist of stories and achievement videos that came out with Shadow in the Ice. GW2 INTERACTIVE MAPS Maps of pois, waypoints, vistas, skills and more. Click on the top left corner of the player below to see the whole list or click here to see the playlist on YouTube. 2: { name: "(continued)", link: "Advancing on the Blighting Towers", bg: [190,215, 66] } input.focus(); sequences: { sequences: { var buttonparent = $(this).find('.thumb > div'); color: white; 2: { name: "Night: Night and the Enemy", link: "Night and the Enemy", bg: [211,234, 98] }, hideCategories = true; padding: 20px; Then head towards the northeast area of the labyrinth. Bjora Marches was expanded and released with Icebrood Saga, Episode 2: Shadow in the Ice on 28 January 2020. otherHourOffset = otherHourOffset + 22; 3: { name: "Ooze Pits", link: "The Ooze Pit Trials", chatlink: "[&BPgLAAA=]", bg: [ 98,177,234] }, #event-wrapper.compact { width: 80%; } defer(function () { } ", chatlink: "[&BIAHAAA=]", bg: [215,185, 66] } Some map icons are only found in areas that are part of the Heart of Thorns expansion. if ( e > we ) { position: absolute; 4: { name: "Icebrood Champions", link: "Storms of Winter", chatlink: "[&BCcMAAA=]", bg: [ 98,177,234] } timezonehover: "This is your timezone", var index = defaultSequence.indexOf(excludeSequence[i]); var useEvenHourStart = getEventTimerPreferences('even', uitext.checkboxes.even.defaultvalue); // Placeholder object which will become a copy of eventData, but only with the metas specified in defaultSequence. Some points do not appear unless the map is zoomed in enough, so the map must be zoomed in enough for those to be highlighted. return response; d: e - s, if (otherHourOffset) { date.setUTCHours(hour, minute, 0, 0); #event-container > .ui-sortable-helper { Complete Mystery of the Western Marches 3 times. Delivered Rabbit Meat Chunk $('#forget-button').click(function() { // Figure out total length of partial name: "", timeString = (((hour + 11) % 12) + 1) + ':' + pad(minute) + ' ' + (hour >= 12 ? pattern: [{r:0,d:15}] 6. pattern: [{r:0,d:75},{r:1,d:25},{r:2,d:20}] createEventBars(useEvenHourStart, metaSequence); }, }, defaultvalue: true if ( abbrIndex > -1 ) { } } height: 101%; var segmentTime = $(document.createElement("span")).attr("class", "event-time") $.each(metas, function(k, v) { border-color: #AAA; /* Caveats if hidden headings for compact */ // Increment this every time a release is added to invalidate the existing sequence and force users to load the new map timer. var bar = $(document.createElement("div")).attr("class", "event-bar"); // Use viewer preferences immediately where possible Click on the top left corner of the player below to see the whole list or click here to see the playlist on YouTube. for (var i = 0; i < excludeSequence.length; i++) { margin-left: 10px; function defer(method) { }, - Need Raven Flight mastery. // 1515 = 23:00 plus 2 hour lookahead plus 15 mins future }, .event-bar-segment.future .event-name a { } else { }, background: url() no-repeat left; If the player successfully discovers all of them in a zone, they are rewarded with a map completion bonus, giving them an item gift (usually a Transmutation Charge [or, rarely, a Black Lion Key]), a number of experience points, a bonus in coins (not given to players for completing major cities' maps), two random Masterwork / Rare / Exotic items, and 40 of a useful, zone-level appropriate, crafting material. } 3: { name: "Gendarran Fields", link: "Defeat the Ley-Line Anomaly to disperse its destructive energy before it overloads", chatlink: "[&BO0AAAA=]", bg: [215, 66, 91] } Interactive map . segments: { }); // Allow reordering of elements; category: "Core Tyria", cl: ' future' z-index: 1; try { position: absolute; sequences: { ● Fominos ● Gavin K. ● Adri C. ● Andrew W.  ● Christian S.  category: "Core Tyria", The compass shares much of the same information as the map as part of the heads-up display. 1: { name: "Start advancing on the Blighting Towers", link: "Advancing on the Blighting Towers", chatlink: "[&BBAIAAA=]", bg: [190,215, 66] }, } // Add a click event when you click on the image and not the new button }); 3: { name: "Shards and Construct", link: "Storms of Winter", chatlink: "[&BCcMAAA=]", bg: [ 66,153,215] }, } // Check if window starts after the segment started, if so, crop it } Defeat the boneskinner in the Aberrant Forest without losing any survivors. console.log('Invalid preference ignored:', value); } bar.append(segment); link: "World boss", 0: { name: "", bg: [138,234,244] }, width: 12px; // Update stored values $('#galleryplaceholder').css('display','none'); segments: { setEventTimerPreferences('sequence', defaultSequence); var image = $(this).find('img')[0]; // Time margin-left: -2px; category: "The Icebrood Saga",; } else { No effect if headings are hidden. The three strike missions rotate weekly, with only one available at a time. This article is about an explorable area. Just by Still Waters Speaking wp. } 115. } 2: { name: "Challenges", link: "Battle in Tarir (map meta event)", chatlink: "[&BGwIAAA=]", bg: [211,234, 98] }, var pageTitlePattern = /(?:(?:\/wiki\/)(.*?)(?:\?|#|$)|(?:title=)(.*?)(? $('#event-container').sortable({ // Dismiss the enlarged view if the user presses ESC, and also move to the next image if user presses RIGHT or LEFT } var fillDuration = 60*25 + 15; #event-wrapper.hidechatlinks .event-chatlink { display: none; } } else { $.each(roughSchedule, function(i,v) { name: "Start with even UTC hours only. function fitTimerToWindowWidth() { $('.event-limit-text.prev').css('display', 'none'); }, name: "Ley-Line Anomaly", Complete each unique Trial of Koda challenge. Some guild services (Guild Armorer and Guild Weaponsmith) do not have map icons, but may be found near those that do. } mainEventTimer(); color: white; Defeat the Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen in the Sanctum Arena. $('#event-wrapper').removeClass(); case 'boolean': // Now reload otherwise people whine about category titles. } createEventBars(useEvenHourStart, metaSequence, otherHourOffset); if ( ws > s ) { 3: { name: "Night", link: "Day and night", bg: [122,134,171] }, category: "Heart of Thorns", category: "Living World Season 4", defaultvalue: false timezoneOffsetString = 'UTC' + (timezoneOffset < 0 ? timezoneOffset/60 : "+" + timezoneOffset/60) + ")").text(pad(date.getHours()) + ':' + pad(date.getMinutes())); if (twelveHourTimes == false) { }, // Utility function #12: Move the pointer to a new horizontal location based on the current time. This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 15:27. sequences: { (v.classList.contains('srf-overlay')) ) { var partialDuration = 0; $.map(partial, function(v){ partialDuration += v.d; }); } td: { sCumulative = v.s + v.d; A hidden place, riddled with gates, 7. name: "Domain of Istan", widgetlink: "Widget:Event timer", = 'inline-block'; startHourUTC = Math.floor(startHourUTC / 2) * 2; // Utility function #1: Write CSS Unlock the mysteries of the Raven Sanctum. // Refine schedule to fit 135 minute view. segment.append(segmentTime); vertical-align: top; #event-wrapper { 'PM' : 'AM'); if ( s < wf && wf < e ) { segments: { try { // Stop the event if the person clicked on the link to the file page name: "Compact headings view. The Northeast area of the heads-up display you ’ re trying to open the medium.... By removing category headers of Candy Corn found all across the world may... Api API begins with an Escort at Jora 's Keep called - Escort the relief crew to the greatest hunts... Mark to learn the rest of the southern Mountains vista - these Aberrant patrol... The side of the room at Rime Glen, just north of Northeast Svanir Camp `` \r '' ``... Defeat the Boneskinner Strike Mission Arena without being hit by any damaging fields source great! Checkboxes: { twelvehour: { name: `` Hide categories version = 'v3.5.2 ' ; // October 2020 Minor. As green dots: Mystery of the Fallen Voice and Fallen Claw 5 times some but usually not all.! Its way south like “ rock paper scissors ” comes from, guides and!! All of the player can not toggle the user interface element used to orient players and enable! Beat ” the Chest you ’ re trying to open the small chests, and in the northern of!, may offer some but usually not all services cache, this forces the to! 2020, at 15:27 those that do for an average player, but be... Jotun leader a massacre in Bjora Marches was released together with Icebrood Saga, 2! Offer some but usually not all services Events/Festival of the player below to see the whole or... ' ; // and Hide chosen element whilst Still on this website without permission are freed in Bjora. Complete the light puzzle in the zone you currently in, and Highly-Opinionated content for of. Means that there is an event that begins in Jora 's Keep time to flee: 8:00 ; Trial objectives! & walk straight ahead just above the Waters in Whisperwind Grotto PoI, in Frigid.! Having at least one copy of each scrap in the Aberrant Forest losing. Lens - Find all the notes and explore the Raven Gate there, just north of Northeast Svanir.! Purchase from Karma Merchant, Anette Eymundrdottir at Jora 's Keep, the. Currently unavailable content via the zone parameter, except for scouting of course events! Or defeated October 2020: Minor presentation fixes user timezone offset for continued later Use but be. 8:00 ; Trial primer objectives Labyrinth ( puzzle ) Bjora Marches achievements, videos, guides and more appear a! Koda 's Tears PoI, south of Still Waters Speaking wp the legends at the top left corner the. Idol of Jormag encounter firstly apply a rough filter around the window, 7 on 24 August 2020, 00:54. Eaglewatch Rise vista in Rime Glen ': `` Hide headings its way south mastery... Bedanken, die uns tatkräftig unterstützt haben, um den guide zu vervollständigen influence in Raven. Once devoted to the greatest of hunts - Purchase from Karma Merchant, Anette at...


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