boom arm for quadcast
There's very little in it, but while the mighty Blue Yeti might convey more warmth, the Quadcast has a high-end clarity that makes voices cut through game audio with a really polished sound. A note for mechanical keyboard users though: The Quadcast does pick up the clicks in that cardioid setting, so it’s worth running your signal through a noise suppressor if possible. 4.7 out of 5 stars. The mic’s built around an electret condenser design, which is broadly the same as the mic on the end of most headset swingarms: A diaphragm translates changes in sound pressure levels into electrical current using a backplate, which holds static charge, and an amplifier. When the sound pressure level (SPL) gets quieter, the diaphragm (or three of them in this mic's case) can move back to their normal position and the electrical field widens again, lowering the signal sent to the amplifier. Most likely that comes down to the USB interface, which is certainly more convenient than trying to find somewhere on your PC to plug in an XLR jack. By touching it, it mutes the microphone and the visual cue is that the entire microphone’s red glow is turned off. In other words, in that time-honored PC-gaming tradition, opting for a dedicated mic like this is a great excuse to spend more money on better-sounding headphones. So I don’t think all of those design weirdness makes any difference either way. However, should you need to make quick adjustments it's a very easy task when the mic's fitted to its desk stand. Introverted, but noisy. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? There’s also ASMR, by the way. The Quadcast's controls are also intuitive for any gamer or game streamer. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, It’s easy to set up and comes with a bunch of useful accessories too. But that spec really highlights that the Quadcast isn’t pro audio equipment, and can’t be used as such. What that array of options means in terms of usability is that in addition to picking up just one source in front of it using the cardioid setting (you, generally) it’s capable of listening to the whole room at once, or two different sound sources at different sides of the mic. Having said all that, the mechanical keyboard noise is less noticeable than when using a lot of gaming headset mics, at least. Customer reviews . You might run into trouble if you’re trying to capture whale song, but really that’s on you for bringing a gaming mic to an aquatic mammal. There are two physical placement options on offer here, and they’re both great. The full EQ frequency range of your voice, however, is going to come across beautifully and that’s somewhat more pertinent. That is because this microphone has a total of 4 different pickup patterns – cardioid, bipolar, stereo, and omnidirectional. Regarding the sample and bit rate, 48KHz and 16-bit is CD quality audio is sufficient for most common gaming-related scenarios. It's become a fact of life that the mic mute button is placed somewhere obtuse on gaming headsets and that you have to break stride to find and operate it, so tapping the top of the Quadcast to mute feels liberating. The Quadcast's controls are also intuitive for any gamer or game streamer. Kingston's unusual design incorporating three diaphragms produces great sound at a low price. QuadCast includes a built-in anti-vibration shock mount, internal pop filter, and an adapter for most stands. What’s weird about this microphone is the position of that dial to select the pickup pattern. This is a big deal for streamers, since bumping into your desk or getting in the way of a clumsy hand is bound to happen while you’re recording at some point. I think that’s a nice touch. 10. The numbers on the HyperX Quadcast's spec sheet might not jump out at you. NY 10036. With smooth, quiet operation and sophisticated on-camera looks, Compass is the perfect boom arm for mics weighing up to 2.4 pounds, including Yeti and Blackout Spark SL. Ordinarily those bumps and bangs are picked up by the mic through its stand. The same’s true of other gaming microphones like Razer’s Seiren series, of course, but it’s important to mention that it’s this increase in real estate that really gives dedicated mics the ability to bump up the sound quality exponentially from what a smartphone or a headset is capable of. 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