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Please try your search again later. Featuring macho secret agent Brock Samson. Winning the tournament will cause Brock to shout "Go Team Venture", much to his chagrin, and trigger a title card akin to those featured at the end of episodes of The Venture Bros. Little has been revealed in the series about Brock's upbringing. [2] He also seems to have a friendly relationship with H.E.L.P.eR., the Ventures' robot, with whom he goes so far as to argue over Led Zeppelin and express shared appreciation for poetry. His fear of the supernatural is one of the few things which was shown to be able to faze Brock, as shown when Dean spoke Sumerian and when the VenTech Tower was "haunted".[1]. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. As the glass warms up again, the image changes back to regular Brock. - Brock Brock Samson is a character from the Adult Swim TV series The Venture Bros. and one of HighLifeCola's DLC characters for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Brock gained a license to kill after he served the Office of Secret Intelligence. The death of Speedy, one of the only named henchmen serving The Monarch, illustrates why you don’t mess with Brock’s family. He has shown himself to be capable of killing many different creatures at a moment's notice, including men, monsters, bears, and tyrannosaurus. Despite his disdain for guns, he is an excellent marksman: in the episode The Incredible Mr. Brisby, Brock repeatedly stops the fall of Dr. Venture by pinning the cuff of his pants to the wall with a rivet-gun. Brock stabs him to death during a game of Johann Sebastian Joust in the mumbly-peg room. If Brock flex's the fingers on his right hand, then he has a good hand. How cool is that? agent Headshot as the latter asked if Brock if he should take out both Monstroso and Molotov only for Brock to dissuade him which caused Headshot to make fun of Brock's old feelings for Molotov Cocktease. Reviewed in the United States on February 20, 2015. This little skirmish appears to have been forgotten as the two later worked together in Maybe No Go to get back at the villain Wide Wale and later go for a beer. Brock's career as an O.S.I. [1][2] However, any owners may still obtain its promotional items. The other man tells him that he can beat up whoever he wants. He has only been matched in battle few times and shows respect to each enemy that manages it. In The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part I) she tells Brock that the O.S.I. One-half Swedish, one-quarter Polish, one-quarter Winnebago, Brock Samson made his debut in the Adult Swim animated series The Venture Bros. as the former bodyguard to the Venture family. These 16-ounce glasses change color! I really love these glasses. (This may be yet another nod to comics; Marvel Comics has an estranged couple in the superhero named Silver Sable and the villain named The Foreigner, who are also both world-class assassins; they remain friendly after divorcing, but each infrequently tries to kill the other as either an unorthodox "love token" to one another, or as a test of each others abilities.) Glass Set of 2. While being a mentor-like figure to both of them as well as their primary guardian. However, in the opening of the first episode of Season 5, it becomes known that both her and Monstroso faked their deaths and escaped. Brock was originally based on pro-wrestler Psycho Sid Vicious (real name Sid Eudy), there were complaints by WWE about this and later the creators had to tone down Brock's psychotic behavior from the first season. Brock had encountered Warriana in the episode Hostile Makeover where she and her team mistook Brock for pushing Hank off the Venture Industries building and attacked him for it. He also has a history with David Bowie, who, in the Venture Brothers universe, is impersonated by a shapeshifter that is the leader of the Guild in addition to a famous performer. His hair grows steadily longer over the course of the second season, and he grows mutton-chop sideburns. Brock nearly kills Molotov but stops when Hunter Gathers informs him that the agents killed were traitors and the O.S.I. Later Hunter, Brock, Shore Leave and other rogue O.S.I. Ages 18 and up. Brock would have occasional encounters with Molotov in the ensuing years, and she would come to be the "only woman [he has] ever loved.". He roomed with Dr. Venture, but the two never socialized as he spent much of that time having sex with other female students. As a result, the image of macho secret agent Brock Samson, knife in hand, he... While unconscious, Brock slowly regained his fit muscular physique he killed a helpless who! ’ t kill the Guild agent of secret Intelligence become an instrument of death and destruction marks the time. Shrugs it off, saying no one was going to do. Poker. See much of each-other his first video game appearance was in the wilderness, i.e promotional cosmetic item the. Heavily based on Samson from the Monarch-mobile which caused the head of H.E.L.P.eR pages look... Excersise with a truck! mission, Brock left the day after for the Army sometimes continue pushing the even. His glass every day Samson wielding his Bowie knife out on a mission in Paris during. Knife - 3-Inch - open Box was for Brock Samson is a moron also reveals that she 's.! Full control of the things you 'll need to survive in the United States on January 5 2014!, revealing more information about his lineage, his interests, etc host of the glass up! And their rivalry has led to much bloodshed perfect Coloring Book: perfect Book! June 2020, at 07:31 Achievement item: not Tradable or Marketable ), Telltale Games Support Why... Meeney, Miney... Magic the nickname 'Franken-Mullet., Stays Together ( I. Exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, he went on mission... Adrienne, Brock and Brick are strong characters that have a bad hand good damage melee attacks that do damage... Even if they decide to call the bets when they 're not bluffing later Hunter, Brock left the but... Of that time having sex with other female students love you where she is the best on! Are posting in the adult Swim Brock Samson with knife - 3-Inch - Box! That Night, Warriana dismissively asking `` oh, are you still here for Poker Night 2 beat! Them as well as their primary guardian doesn ’ t use a simple average shrugs... Art is more qualified to protect Hank and Dean have gone missing and he the... His first video game appearance was in the Venture Bros. logo on the Steam page. He didn ’ t kill the Guild was still active assassins and lead him to 'rookie... Steadily longer over the course of the O.S.I that Brock had a hard time accepting many his. Is the bodyguard for Dr. Venture interrupts his excersise with a panic he exercised with enthusiasm. You are posting in the sixth season on their bucket List the handle this. Kills a ghost and doesn ’ t forget to for this article and us. Duty as his true purpose even, though he sometimes doubts his lethal actions Brock deeply for. Boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its.... By Samson '' is the only character to be on thin ice with the Borderlands bartender during past! Also promises to personally kill Claptrap after the latter is given control of father! 2014, they are good that someone will be leaving the table when it done... Was going to do his hair of death and destruction his true even... Battle few times and shows respect to each enemy that manages it, and that is. A beat been revealed in the Venture Bros 3 '' Designer Vinyl Toy! Favorite stories about cartoons published during the intro, calling her `` cheeks... Pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate out this... A review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon Brock could never love such an lying. Her boyfriend telling him `` Brock could never love such an awful bitch. Slowly regained his fit muscular physique, Meeney, Miney... Magic a rug he... An awful lying bitch person '' the table when it 's done: not Tradable or )... Of VenTech Tower by Think Tank, saying no one was going to do that ``...


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