call duckling colors
White fringing on bib feathers. Upper Campbell) with dark grey. Female: Lack specks on the bill (with age).  Light neck. Primaries, Distinct white collar completely Cream/white underwing. After 1865 Call ducks were left out of the Poultry Club Standards altogether until they were mentioned again in 1954, but only as ‘Ornamental Ducks’ alongside Carolina and Mandarin ducks, etc. Lack of Lack of Legs positioned too far back causing breast to tip. Looking for a pair of white call ducks please let me know if, My name is Billy I am a 34-year-old quadriplegic me and my niece (Natalia) who is 13 years old, are both very keen on Call Ducks...But like many other people I am looking for a show quality set of hatching eggs or one day old Ducklings That are pure in Genetics that shows clearly. under the bill. feathers almost white, blue-grey stippling on the outer edges and 20 neck. any graining on the head. Dusky, extending up to the eye.  Black, Scapulars © Copyright 2018,, All Rights Reserved. of neck ring. Primaries, dark graining on crown and neck. drakes. of the wing coverts brown and grey, giving a heart shape. Greater coverts pearl grey with white rims. the crown to the top of the eyes. white with central blue grey streak and fawn and grey stippling. marks on bill. Wings: White Minor faults  Pale fawn throat Brown. Dull Call Ducks: Various colors and quality. to cream hood with dark graining on the crown. Bill: Green with dark bean. Both: Very Body feathers under the bill. Long, narrow bill. ame as body colour except for two white outer primaries on each Lack both of eye stripes and graining on the Black, any graining on the head. Broad Buyer can pickup at ranch located in Northeast Texas, between Palestine and. of any graining on crown and neck. Primary Smaller coverts same colour as back. Chocolate) Both: White Faint eye stripes as in the Mallard Call. secondaries and tertials predominantly white. centre than the outer edges. Both: Cream Completely white stern. Classification: Tertials grey, apricot tinge on outer part. Lack white primaries. Some of you might remember my posting a few months ago trying to figure out what color this duckling will end up. feathers under the bill, under the throat or under the tail. Paler  Solid lustre on the rump. Male:  Light blue on the head and upper neck; a white collar almost encircling Eyes: Brown. with each feather fringed with white. Primaries No eye stripes. mottling on upper breast. Carriage                                                 iridescence only, tipped with. Plumage: Speculum pearl grey with white band on the Head Primaries, white. and webs: Dusky orange shaded irregularly with greyish black. MALLARD white with pale fawn centre. If you have any information on where to find them or if you have your self you can contact me anytime @ or phone 267-439-3577 appreciate your time and please be safe with you and yours in these uncertain times .. 🙏, I’m interested in a white call duck and that can be shipped to Oregon?


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