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000184 Appendices: 11. It always feels like the end of the world, as though everything had tumbled back into original chaos. But it is of vital importance that he should experience them to the full and, in so far as intellectual understanding belongs to the totality of experience, also understand them ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 342, Yet I would not give priority to understanding. In Greece the ancient Eleusinian mysteries were preserved, it seems, right into the seventh century of our era. It may not be immediately apparent why greater consciousness followed by self-conceit should be a dangerous thing ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 243, Genesis represents the act of becoming conscious as a taboo infringement, as though knowledge meant that a sacrosanct barrier had been impiously overstepped. “She” is a mana-personality, a being full of some occult and bewitching quality (mana), endowed with magical knowledge and power. To experience a dream and its interpretation is very different from having a tepid rehash set before you on paper. The persona as a segment of the collective psyche. ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 252, There are of course innumerable obstacles that can be overcome with good advice and a little moral support, aided by goodwill and understanding on the part of the patient. 000176 The relations between the ego and the unconscious. 7 references. Different reactions to the process of assimilation are discussed, along with the role of the collective psyche in primitive and modern societies. ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 425, The old religions with their sublime and ridiculous, their friendly and fiendish symbols did not drop from the blue but were born of this human soul that dwells within us at this moment. Sigmund Freud is cited as the father of analytic psychology and credited with fashioning its most valuable tool — dream analysis. Even the man whom we think we know best and who assures us himself that we understand him through and through is at bottom a stranger to us. Analyses of those unconscious factors can be effected in part by examples from mental illness, creative inspiration and religious conversion. Yet if we make ourselves conscious of these projections, it may easily act as an impediment to our relations with others, for there is then no bridge of illusion across which love and hate can stream off so relievingly, and no way of disposing so simply and satisfactorily of all those alleged virtues that are intended to edify and improve others. But in reality the opinions are not thought out at all; they exist ready made, and they are held so positively and with so much conviction that the woman never has the shadow of a doubt about them ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 331, With regard to the plurality of the animus as distinguished from what we might call the “uni-personality” of the anima, this remarkable fact seems to me to be a correlate of the conscious attitude. The imago is built up of parental influences plus the specific reactions of the child; it is therefore an image that reflects the object with very considerable qualifications. She is no longer the guardian of treasures unknown; no longer Kundry, daemonic Messenger of the Grail, half divine and half animal; no longer is the soul to be called “Mistress,” but a psychological function of an intuitive nature, akin to what the primitives mean when they say, “He has gone into the forest to talk with the spirits” or “My snake spoke with me” or, in the mythological language of infancy, “A little bird told me” ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 374, Those of my readers who know Rider Haggard’s description of “She-who-must-be-obeyed” will surely recall the magical power of this personality. Perhaps who knows? Several examples from case histories are presented to illustrate the specific ways in which the unconscious performs its compensatory function. Concluding remarks concern tire differing views of practitioners in medical psychology, something which compounds the difficulty for the reader new to the subject. In most people the cause of the division is that the conscious mind wants to hang on to its moral ideal, while the unconscious strives after its in the contemporary sense unmoral ideal which the conscious mind [steadfastly] tries to deny ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 430, Hypnotism: an interrogation in a state of hypnotic concentration or else the spontaneous production of fantasies by the patient while in this state method, however, too primitive and therefore unsatisfactory ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 432, Word association method: a procedure primarily of theoretical and experimental value, its results giving a comprehensive though superficial grasp of the unconscious conflict or “complex” ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 432, Dream analysis: a third method to discover what is happening in the unconscious more penetrating and effective technique than hypnotism or the association method ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 432, We always find in the patient a conflict which at a certain point is connected with the great problems of society. An overview of the facts involved in the individuation process is provided. We have on the contrary good grounds for supposing that they are irrational, or rather that in the last resort they are grounded beyond human reason. ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Page 628. 4 references. It is therefore of no little practical importance to know that in the hierarchy of the unconscious the anima occupies the lowest rank, only one of many possible figures, and that her subjection constellates another collective figure which now takes over her mana ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 378, Actually it is the figure of the magician, as I will call it for short, who attracts the mana to himself, i.e., the autonomous valency of the anima. 3. He is hypnotized by it, and instantly believes he has solved the riddle of the universe ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 243, But that is equivalent to almighty self-conceit. If, however, portions of the collective unconscious are dredged up with the personal unconscious, the results can be catastrophic. In: Jung, C.. ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 183, Now, it is by no means the special prerogative of the Christian Church to try to make it possible for the individual to detach himself from his original, animal-like condition; the Church is simply the latest, and specifically Western, form of an instinctive striving that is probably as old as mankind itself. If we analyse these opinions, we immediately come upon unconscious assumptions whose existence must first be inferred; that is to say, the opinions are apparently conceived as though such assumptions existed. ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Pages 27. That might Beit might even be arranged by the anima as the most effective means to the desired end. As a rule these specious attempts at individual differentiation stiffen into a pose, and the imitator remains at the same level as he always was, only several degrees more sterile than before. Rather than face the conflict he will turn back and, as best he can, regressively restore his shattered persona, discounting all those hopes and expectations that had blossomed under the transference. In such a state a man fills a space which normally he cannot fill. The reason for this perversion is clearly the failure to give adequate recognition to an inner world which stands autonomously opposed to the outer world, and makes just as serious demands on our capacity for adaptation ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 337, We can try our hand at interpreting these fantasies, if we like. If that were all, he could just as well have been dead years ago. Freud’s theory of repression of sexuality as the foundation of neurosis is evaluated and it is concluded that, although it is grounded on a true and factual principle, it is, nevertheless, one-sided and exclusive. But once the unconscious contents break through into consciousness, filling it with their uncanny power of conviction, the question arises of how the individual will react? According to Freud, by means of analysis, the repressions would be lifted rendering conscious the contents of the unconscious; as a result Freud believed the unconscious would wither and disappear. Socially, this evil principle shows itself in the spectacular crimes—regicide and the like—perpetrated by certain prophetically-inclined individuals; but in the great mass of the community it remains in the background, and only manifests itself indirectly in the inexorable moral degeneration of society. This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. It is indeed a bit much to be a father and lover at once. ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Page 285. Certainly everything stops in time, but it may be an unconscionably long time, and the difficulties may be so unbearable for both sides that one might as well give up the idea of time as a healing factor at once ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 255, There are indeed patients with whom it is, or seems to be, unrewarding to go to greater lengths; but there are also cases where these procedures cause senseless psychic injury. The importance that modern psychology attaches to the “parental complex” is a direct continuation of primitive man’s experience of the dangerous power of the ancestral spirits ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 293, Even the error of judgment which leads him unthinkingly to assume that the spirits are realities of the external world is carried on in our assumption (which is only partially correct) that the real parents are responsible for the parental complex. Despite the seeming rewards and gratifications accompanying inflation, it is shown that the ability for effective self-criticism vanishes. ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 382, Now when the anima loses her mana, what becomes of it? 17 Development of Psychology_abbyy.gz, Vol. He called it enantiodromia, a running contrariwise, by which he meant that sooner or later everything runs into its opposite. But moral laws are only valid within a compact human group. The animus is rather like an assembly of fathers or dignitaries of some kind who lay down incontestable, “rational,” ex cathedra judgments ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 332, On closer examination these exacting judgments turn out to be largely sayings and opinions scraped together more or less unconsciously from childhood on, and compressed into a canon of average truth, justice, and reasonableness, a compendium of preconceptions which, whenever a conscious and competent judgment is lacking (as not infrequently happens) instantly obliges with an opinion.


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