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Charlotte Runcie Main Menu. When they became engaged, her parents were horrified. And the cat was very firmly out of the bag. ‘I knew they were only there for one thing,’ she said. Charlotte Runcie is the Daily Telegraph’s radio columnist and arts writer. The Runcies are long gone. She has a secret past as a poet, having been a Foyle Young Poet of the Year with a pamphlet published by tall-lighthouse. Robert Runcie (pictured right) with the former Dean of Canterbury Victor de Waal (left) in 1980, who is believed to have had a relationship with Runcie's wife. When speculation was at its height, Lindy held a press conference to publicise her appeal for funds in the garden and more than 50 journalists turned up. But as he became more successful — rocketing up the ranks, first as Bishop of St Albans and later Archbishop of Canterbury — Lindy felt sidelined. When he was offered the Archbishopric of York in 1978, and Lindy didn’t fancy the upheaval of a move north, Robert turned it down. The privately-taken photo of Lindy draped over the piano found itself in a magazine, along with a second in a swimsuit. Rosalind ‘Lindy’ Runcie, who was married to Robert, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, striking a vampish tone with her pose, For starters, despite her husband holding the most senior job in the Church of England, Lindy was startlingly open about being ‘not terribly religious’, declared that sermons ‘switched her off’, loathed the sound of church bells and once remarked that ‘too much religion makes me go pop!’. Good heavens! I felt, as she describes in relation to the lives of fishermen’s wives, like a woman standing on the shore, looking at the drama unfolding far out at sea. And all this the year before she sued for, and won, considerable damages from the Daily Star newspaper for alleging that her and Robert’s union was less than secure. Was it in trouble? It was as visceral and as heroic as any Homeric epic. ‘I thought “what a gorgeous man,”’ she once said. Suddenly, the attacks started becoming personal. @charlotteruncie |, “Sitting static, miles from the sea, reading Runcie’s account of childbirth during one of my son’s post-lunch naps had me in tears. I may not know Runcie, not live on a coast, have nothing fishy in my background, but hearing her story of pain and broken waters made me feel true affinity. It’s a nonfiction story about women, art and the sea, and the epic nature of childbirth, told through the myths and legends of salt water. Now the state of their marriage was put into sharp focus. Salt On Your Tongue is her first book. She organised restoration work at Lambeth Palace, and transformed the gardens. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. My first book, Salt on Your Tongue, is published by Canongate. Her husband’s approach was different. It was the 91-year old Reverend de Waal who outed their relationship this week in an interview with The Daily Telegraph. And, as it now turns out, with very good reason. Dr Runcie (right) watches his wife Lady Rosalind (left)working out as part of a Sport Aid event in 1986. ‘You know how it is in a marriage sometimes. Revealed - the lost shrine of Sir Thomas Becket: Digital... Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. ’. To cap it all, it has now emerged that, in 1986, she enjoyed an ‘inappropriate liaison’ with the former Dean of Canterbury, Victor de Waal (a married father-of-four), which was conveniently hushed up by her husband, and, rather more alarmingly, the Church of England. Robert, meanwhile, drew strength from her humour as he faced an ever–increasing workload and often bitter controversies caused by his outspoken liberal views. As Rev de Waal put it this week: ‘Someone had talked about it and it looked as if it might cause, you know, some upset so it seemed sensible to go quietly really at that point.’. His acceptance of the top job, in 1979, was apparently delayed because Lindy wasn’t keen on relocating to Lambeth Palace. Commentators embraced her outspokenness, considered her a breath of fresh air, sympathised with her determination to be her own woman and welcomed the vast sums — over £500,000 — she raised for the church through concerts and recitals. For clerical wives (and husbands), achieving marital harmony sounds even more challenging — what with God being here, there and everywhere, all those pesky parishioners to look after, cakes to bake and endless clerical dinners at which to behave dutifully and demurely. It was all every amicable,’ said de Waal. She was once photographed splayed across the shiny top of a grand piano — she was a talented concert pianist — in a flowery ball dress, gazing vampishly up at the camera. 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Published: 18:09 EST, 13 July 2020 | Updated: 20:20 EST, 13 July 2020. ‘I was treated very well. I thought: “What a waste of a lovely man”.’. Private Eye put her on the cover with the title, ‘Gorgeous panting Lindy Runcie’. About; Salt on Your Tongue; Contact; I’m an author and journalist. ‘I’d never heard the word, so I looked it up in the dictionary and I was rather depressed.


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