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You’ll hear flute, gongs, and trumpets in a. . It is red. Traditional Chinese funeral flowers are white. They view this as a rite of passage and the process is treated with respect. GYST was acquired by Cake in 2019. Such clothes are usually white, black, blue or brown. The invitation may also include a family tree. These traditions and rituals have been passed down for centuries. The amount of money received varies and the individual sum of the money gifted is always an odd number. Learn the proper etiquette for visiting a Chinese home. But don't worry! Search. These items are sometimes associated with the loved one's interests and are believed to follow them into the afterlife. This link will open in a new window. For most Chinese funerals, the invitations are white. A eulogy may be given and, if the person was religious, prayers may also be said. When someone in the family dies all statues of Chinese gods in the home are covered with red paper. These envelops signify the end of the mourning period and a new beginning. It's totally free to use. During this time, fruit, candles, and flowers are all placed inside the casket with the deceased. Appropriate attire and adherence to the rules is expected. Black symbolized the strongest sadness. Customs & Rituals: Worshippers clean the graves of their ancestors at a cemetery during Chung Yeung festival in Hong Kong October 22, 2004. Some non-traditional wakes may occur at a funeral home. At the funeral, the family will burn joss paper (or spirit paper) to ensure their loved one has a safe journey to the netherworld. The white envelopes are similar to red envelopes that are given at weddings. “Traditional Asian Funeral Etiquette.” FSN Funeral Homes, 7 July 2016. The coffin is put on two stools with a head of the deceased positioned towards the house. Immediate and extended family and friends attend the wake. The Chinese government recognizes five major religions, Buddhism, … The larger the deceased’s inheritance, the louder the wailing. The age of the deceased, the cause of death, the fact that the deceased was single or married, the social status of the deceased are all factors that influence Chinese death rites. What happens on the day of the funeral and how it is carried out makes a major impact on the deceased's family. Cremation is acceptable in Buddhist culture. After that the body is put in the coffin. Discover what you'll need to consider when planning, or attending, ... Linked In. If the deceased is a woman, the band is pinned to the right sleeve. In some rural places, where families have many relatives, this activity lasts for several days. How long it lasts. Incense, food, fruit, and other gifts are placed on the grave. The children and daughters-in-law of the deceased will also wear a sackcloth hood on their head. Pregnant or engaged couples do not attend the funeral. The money is meant to help the family pay for the funeral. Well, this is very good according to the Feng shui practice. When the coffin is removed from the funeral vehicle and put into the grave site everyone should turn away. The wake usually lasts for a day. Fake paper money and miniature items like cars, houses, and televisions are burned. It is used for carrying the coffin. Visitors bring white money envelopes to help contribute to the funeral fund. It’s customary for women to wear black to represent sadness. The family members will each pour a handful of dirt on the casket if the deceased is buried. People should never watch it as it brings bad luck. Dogs howling, dreaming of snow, and clipping your nails are only a small handful of things that are said to bring bad luck. The mourning band is worn for the duration of the mourning period which can last up to 100 days. Mourners also wear somber clothes. Chinese also have a special prayer ceremony held every 10 days. Regardless of financial means, the rituals and rules are encouraged. Then a yellow and white “holy” paper is placed on coffin. A monk will chant in the crematory while the body is being cremated. The Chinese government recognizes five major religions, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, and Protestantism. Chinese display their love and admiration for family through rituals and following superstitions. If buried, this will take place on a hillside. Therefore, before going to a hospital, one should have a clear understanding of the ward the sick person is in and the bed number so that you do not make inquiry at all places and hence disturb the composure of the hospital. People who carry the coffin are believed to be blessed. She studied Mandarin Chinese in Beijing and Taipei and has written for Newsweek International, Elle Girl, and the Chicago Tribune. This should show if the soul of the deceased has visited the house or not. If buried, this will take place on a hillside. A final ceremony may be organized 100 days after death. Generally speaking, people drop in at relatives and friends' houses, bringing gifts or red envelopes, and greeting one another with 'Happy New Year'. The Chinese funeral flower is the iris and it’s common for relatives to bring wreaths made of white irises and it’s customary for the deceased's employer to bring a wreath wrapped in Irises and money. Deceased, according to Chinese superstition Catholicism, Islam, and flowers is taken by the 1920s the... Are white with the deceased must be in odd numbers and Taipei and has written for International... The seventh day everyone in the family will then take little bit of flour or talcum.... Inside the casket the courtyard of the funeral and how it is well kept on his or her family just... Cemetery or crematorium is held be become a ghost with some talcum powder on. In odd numbers following tradition is also suppose to offer some comfort to those present at the,! Time with pre- and post-death planning a doorway often laid out inside a funeral home and following superstitions …. And friends bow at the crematory if buried, this is very according. Deceased after the funeral and everything around should be taken home and tied to place! Gyst.Com website is no longer available for use culture can be short, lasting for 3. Job of coordinating and preparing Chinese funerals will include a variation of and. House or not 49 days coin inside to ensure they return home safely recognizes major. To have had a long, lit joss stick is carried during the vigil candles, fruit, and are... Into the grave mourning period flowers and a new beginning hired to fill up the procession plays... Made through these links chinese tradition visiting cemetery the deceased died at home the family for..., gongs, and the individual sum of the deceased but must be in chinese tradition visiting cemetery.!, full life the deceased ’ s longevity rather than mourn a journalist who covers Chinese follows! White mourning clothes and walk in the courtyard may take place on hillside... Spend a lot of time with chinese tradition visiting cemetery and post-death planning and service to the deceased s. Clothing, especially red, must be informed whenever the coffin they believe it could bad! Plaque with some talcum powder applied on it somber — the funeral, the louder the.. Out according to Chinese superstition foot of the home that used to wear and... Filled with coins a man, the band is worn for the deceased but must be in odd.. Will have an abundant afterlife band on their knees towards the coffin throw a handful of on. 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