clayelle dalferes accent

The most iritating voice over artist is john hurt.

Isn't she a professor somewhere? I don't know if it's a regular part of Radiolab or if it was a one-time experiment. And I'm from Philly (suburbs), but I don't sound like that. One would think that a radio network would go out of their way to hire people with decent voices. That burbling, gurgling mess actually turns my stomach...I'm talking genuine nausea. Sylvia P a Catholic hater? I'm pretty sure that Peter Overby was the kid that voiced Linus on Charlie Brown back in the 60's. It's like making Hooters keep fat girls on staff. Pointless "If you're just joining us" instead of a simple "This is Fresh Air. Can't listen to Weekend Edition. She needs to retire. Makes me want to throw my radio against the wall. I personally like Silvia Poggioli's accent and voice. God, that accent is horrid! I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Deborah Amos. Earlier, there was a guy on "This American Life" who had a voice that brought tons of life and color to everything he said. There isn't a high-frequencey filter made that can cope with it. Sylvia tries to do it -- almost sounds like she goes out of her way to -- and it drives me up the fucking wall.

Jackie Lyden always sounds like she wants people to think she went to Miss Porter's. And I'm from Philly.

Since I didn't notice it in this thread, I assume it's minor by comparison. Many many more but I still love NPR & will one day contribute my fair share.

She began hosting at WQXR weekends in 1993 after working at New York’s ill-fated WNCN. Somehow Chana Joffe-Walt has been left out of this thread, or not mentioned enough.

And his interview questions just suck. You're on the radio for Pete's sake! I can't think of the name but the guy that hosts the Market Place show just sounds sexy and fun.%0D %0D And sorry, I love Lynne Rosetto Casper, she just sounds like she's enjoying everything so much. ポップな色使い・デザインのインテリアファブリックや雑貨を販売するメーカー。 新作の紹介、代官山直営店の入荷情報、オンラインショップなど。 「アクセントのあるライフスタイル」を。 わたしたちACCENTはインテリアファブリックや生活雑貨を企画・販売している会社です。 )to put his voice on your answering machine. ;>). ie. What other stories are there in Italy, besides Mafia busts, Catholic scandals and the trial of American college students? Click and Clack, wow. I'll echo R467 on the dedicated and diligent Sylvia Poggioli (who also has a fantastic radio voice).

The one I can't stand is Joanne Silburner...GRATES!!! Did he get hired at the university and NPR without them ever hearing him speak? Cindy Rodriguez just because she insists on pronouncing her last name like she's just got off the plane from San Juan. Is there any proof he is biologically male?

She makes me happy. for your pointless bitchery needs. Here it is again..." Most Rethuglicans avoid the Diane Rehm Show because she will call them on their lies and hypocrisy. NPR wants us to think they're are so concerned with diversty names must be pronounced in their original language, but only when the language is Spanish.

Holy crap...what a horrible voice! I thought he sounded very sexy, and the way he said his name sounded so cool to me. {Neda -- have you thought about a voice coach?}. SYL-vya poh-CZHO-li. I'm thinking of joining the anti-Zoe Facebook page.

Anyone else notice Dianne Rehm's voice has improved significantly in the last four or five months?

it's crazy.

She seems to be everywhere, reporting on everything. If I phoned someone and heard his voice, I wouldn't even recognize the voice. 's Amy Goodman with her creaky voice. Tracy Ullman does a character who makes fun of Hispanic broadcasters that affect an exaggerated Spanish accent whenever they pronounce their names or other Spanish words.

He needs a speech coach. She's a Baba Wawa Elmer Fudd mashup. His voice is quite literally repulsive...does anyone actually listen to his stories? Ira Glass. The director corrected her. Whereas Silvia Poggioli has a wonderfully confusing vocal range and timbre. It changes for awhile following treatments for the condition. Gawd! The last is a guy that's on morning Marketplace sometimes, he does financial and real estate market updates. If his father hadn't been a great composer and he hadn't met all those famous performers he'd be pushing a broom across the stage of the Greenspace. Why do they all sound hung over?

The gay obsession with aging is so tiresome.

That political junky guy needs to clear his throat! Pronouncing her name properly in Italian makes sense to me. You can't tell by listening if it's a man or a woman. And his voice sucks.

Leonard Lopate, hands down. I don't find hints of an Italian accent unusual in someone who was raised by Italian immigrant parents who fled the fascists in the 1930s and who has lived in Italy most of her life since college.

by Darlinda Just Darlinda, Lady Zombie's World of Pain, Pleasure and Sin, The nameless blog by Darlinda Just Darlinda, We Are Creatures of the Underworld by Apathy Angel, National Center for Transgender Equality's Blog, Nasty Canasta: The Girl With The 44DD Brain, Trixie Little's Burlesque Innovation Guild, Blood Nymph: The Tales of an Alien Vampire Dancer by Mme Rosebud, The Stripper Housewife by Peekaboo Pointe, The Daily Cardinal Alumni Association's blog, Soylent Mean's At all times keep breathing, Lefty Lucy's Burlesque Exposed: An Oral History of Burlesque in New York, MaryRae's Random Notes From The Ozark Foothills. She did go to college in Ohio, as I recall, so maybe she picked it up there?? I found this site by Googling; 'Anyone else think Diane Rheam's voice is too damaged for radio?'

It's pronounced MEE SHELL NORris.

The way his voice GOES. Lynn Rosetto-whatever, the Splendid Table host, is annoying. The announcements would have more impact if they rotated a male and female voice for the each underwriter's name. It's embarrassing when they play clips of her from a decade ago, so dewy, so fresh.

I always thought it was just me, but someone else mentioned once that there's something depressingly dramatic about her delivery. On the opposite end of the scale, does anyone else listen to Kojo Nnamdi in WDC? I hate how Melissa Block gives pronounces her last name. Hey you guys, like, y'know get my name right, ok? Sandra Tsing-Loh! Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. R77 flunked something too, unless he was being satirical... R65, agreed, Joanne Silburner owns this thread. christ, he's older than dirt and looks like it. Not really a problem I guess. It's a cross between vocal fry and uptalk. I no longer listen to the show because of her. Ofeibia Quist-Arcton, Dakar!" R229, have you ever seen a photo of her? Terri Gross and her constant inappropriate laugh. I imagine her with big dimples, perfect teeth and a beautiful smile.%0D %0D It's Lakshmi Singh and her lockjaw accent who I can't bear. I HATE BOB OAKES!!!! VOTN, your bf/husband is so on the mark, they own this thread.

"Echoes" with John Diliberto -- Could there be a duller host? She over-enunciates every word and has this sing-song chipperness even when it's completely inappropriate. Who's the reporter that was the basis for Ana Gasteyer's Cinder Calhoun on SNL? Excellent at sequeing into a commercial while talking about food. Some features on this site require registration. It's a tie: David Welna, Tamara Keith and Adam Goldberg. R93, what the fuck is wrong with you?%0D %0D.

NPR touts its "driveway moments," but it also has I want to irrationally-punch-my-radio-until-my-fist-is-bloody moments. Awful. Same for Zoe Chace.

(She needs to get in on the vocal fry thing.)

It was the best thing they've had in years. Ira Glass - the epitome of dull. But he has a speech impediment too. Ira Flato (sp?) OMG I love Lynne Rosetto Casper's voice! Shocking. Who the fuck talks like that!!??

My neighbor calls her Sanderson Low. Zoe Chace and Kelly McEvers. The car talk show will just go into perpetual reruns. Hello. 2. I never liked Rachel Ray, but her voice is sounding a little better now also. And Teri, if you are following these posts, the word 'water' is not pronounced 'warter'! A …

Zoe Chase. He sounds so confident and totally on top of everything.

I wrote an email complaint to NPR about Louisa Lim, the Beijing based Baba Wawa and got a form letter in return. Shounds like he'sh shuffered a shtroke. He does have a somewhat high-pitched voice; I'll grant that.

Apparently it's fine to indicate that you'd like to bash someone's face with a shovel but you can't describe a male as a bit feminine in his delivery patterns. And the way she says "dot com" irritates the hell out of me. I have a deep dark fear she is from Chicago (as am I). Fascinating, how we listeners each inject personalities and intentions into the disembodied radio voices. It was interesting and unique. But Zoey Chase is by FAR the worst. R269, I thought that exact same thing when I heard the interview.

ZOE CHASE. There you go haha!" This is her history with seven different cars. The Qween's Engwish is going to hell ovew thewe, I mean weally.

She sounds like she's so in love with her voice when in fact she's got this grating effect in her throat. Lenny Lopate on WNYC is an pompous ass who thinks he's erudite. [quote]Nora Raum and her wheezy asthmatic breathing.

He is simply awful and should be writing only. [quote]I agree about Terri Gross and that silly giggle of hers.%0D %0D It's not just the giggle that's annoying, it's the fact that she giggles when there's nothing funny. Sandra Tsing-Lo - oh my god, how is this intensely unclever woman allowed on air. One more thing I just noticed about Ryan Goddamn Warner.


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