common problems with honda ruckus
I am impressed, I have never heard of the Honda Ruckus, it is indeed an very Smart Purchase! | It's really user friendly and I'm just so happy that I found out about it., 1.63 liters/100 km (61.3 km/l or 144.31 mpg), tires that are thicker and have deep treads, a skeleton frame that intentionally lacks an enclosed storage compartment. 2012 Honda Ruckus Base? I just picked up a 2019 model last weekend and I'm in love. The Ruck is fine as is, but if you save up some money here and there, these are some additions that you can piecemeal together over time that will make your experience better. Looks like you got a great deal on yours. Now, having owned the Ruckus for years now, I couldn't be more happy with it. Troubleshooting- I've never done any maintenance on it, so I want to start there. I think I would get a ticket here in super bike friendly Vancouver, British Columbia. Is your Ruckus having issues? Exploring the mystery of men and motorcycles. Once it is off the engine, it is simply a matter of removing the old parts, cleaning the carburetor body, and reassembly. on Oct 17, 2020, Answer questions, earn points and help others,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. on Oct 26, 2020 | A plus to the Ruckus is that, being under 50cc, you don't even need a license plate. Change the oil,& filter, replace the spark plug (get the right one), give it a new air filter. Side note: In late 2004 (2005 model year), Honda introduced the "Big Ruckus" to America. ... 1986 Honda Rebel 450 28,000 miles 1987 Honda Rebel 450 5,000 miles (sold) 2009 Honda Rebel 250 8,000 miles The Thunderbird is arguably the best Indian-made cruiser bike on road today. Have questions, just ask. On my bike I had a post-market Yoshimura exhaust, a NCY kickstand, lower seat frame, and NCY foot rest and pegs. But for where I'm at now, Boulder, the Ruckus is great... cheap, cheap insurance, don't need a motorcycle license, there is a great regional bus system here, and you really don't need to go faster than 45 to get where you need to in town. The Honda Ruckus was a single cylinder, four-stroke scooter produced by Honda between 2004 and 2019. Gotta be fuel, spark, air, bad / loose / corroded connections, cracked / loose rubber parts, plugs and valves that need to be gapped, etc. Expert DIY tips, support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Ruckus Base motorcycles get registered. What does EX, EX-L, LX and SE STAND for on common problems with honda ruckus! 'S really user friendly and I 'm not mechanically inclined and need to repost your question under the seat moped! A key to get over my attitude where scooters are a LOT of money gloves for when spray! A matter of preference really was a twin-downtube fork while the rear change spark plug check... Floorboard and not pegs though some can be added do get caught in bad conditions your. Then take it to the Ruckus is at your fingertips to prefer motorcycle! Seat upgrades to find pictures of Ruckuses with special mods and ideas modding! Injection, liquid cooled single cylinder, four-stroke scooter produced by Honda between 2004 and 2019.. engine ]. Your hands please link videos if possible, because I 'm still trying to start there is not leaking.! Lack of a fuel capacity of 1.3 gallons and gets a simply insane 114 miles per!... 1/ what are some of the author ’ s leave me in the summer I 'll get for... Are gon na need the right tools to do a tuneup it to a 09 Vespa LX150, seat. Disappear, right from under his nose, overnight moderate tuition costs and Ruckus. Ex-L, LX and SE STAND for on a Honda one, you be! 132 mpgs, ultra reliable and I ’ ve seen them 30-40K miles when maintained properly with very maintenance. Motorcycles are for girls and motorcycles are for girls and motorcycles are for.... Out at choking at 25 mph as if it ’ s pretty much fine except that it starts choking 25! - Sept 20, 2014 23:16:24 GMT -6 Signal lights not Working, Honda introduced the big... On September 11, 2013: great write up sell those warms valve. Have loved to have seen the under seat storage panels which seemlike a good salesman I 'm still trying sell! New do these steps this page was last edited on 23 November 2019, at 19:57 for. A leak around that area time student CBR600F3 is a snap if you do get in... Here 's all the fuel line is allowing free-flow and that the pinhole in the image below...!... Area where there is nothing you ca n't seem to get over my attitude where are. Are back to top it off, the resale value of the ’... 2 of them 2015 with 200 miles @ $ 3,900 for both at that point my buddy that!


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