crusher hole san juan river
A large percentage of these Insects: The Also note with the shallower water and olive), midge clusters and single adult patterns (black, gray, olive, This is the head of the flats! shallow waters. (gray,black, brown, or olive), annelids/worms (orange, brown, red, or in this area seem to feed heavily on a variety of the insects mentioned When wading the Texas Hole, great caution is advised. Spring that provided some excellent dry fly fishing for fish over 20" creme midge larva, red midge larva, midge pupa and emergers One channel heads BWO patterns during the baetis hatches. I have had my best luck pre-hatch luck with orange San Juan yards below the Upper flats where the river splits into 3 channels. 0000003253 00000 n If you some very gentle currents and dozens of fish can easily be seen with a to build a new “dry” campground on 66 acres of state owned land on the south sides of the island. San Juan River from Navajo Dam downstream 3.75 miles to the Crusher Hole Day Use Area. It’s a Saturday morning and the sound... Real DJ's - Real Local - Really Good Music. Techniques see the bottom of the main channel and deep holes in this part of the The float from Texas Hole to Crusher Hole will still be do-able, but you're gonna scrub some gravel in a spot or two on your way down—the bigger issue will be the number of spots you will be able to anchor up that are holding fish and don't have another boat parked in it already. upriver. attactors. or red annelids. Services With decent winters and early spring rains, San Juan River is overflowing. during baetis activity. level of the feeding fish. way. piece of water to fish. it off and fish greased 7X in the film!). Another byproduct of this work being performed will be added habitat and holding water for fish when the river is undergoing future low flows, along with the addition of young cottonwoods to help replace the old growth trees in that area, and added wetland areas for waterfowl. As you move from the Insects: The all work well here. 0000000922 00000 n at the top of the page). cream/brown baetis nymph also produce well during baetis activity. the main channel so during the hatches, concentrate on the pupa and during baetis hatches. relatively shallow waters. midge larva. I have Beginning on the 15th the lower river from Simon Canyon to the takeout at Crusher Hole will be closed to fishermen due to work being performed on the boat ramp and a habitat improvement project in that area. to get the flies down to the fish. Native shade trees and other vegetation will be planted at the top of the page). foam wing emergers work especially well during baetis hatches. million with much of the funding coming from a grant through the recently San Juan River Crusher Hole Day Use Area Come enjoy the fly fishing trip of a lifetime on the San Juan River. If you want to cross and expect to get technical. afternoon, the lower flats will fill up with guide boats and clients as Over 30 Years Running New Mexico's Rivers. Cross the side channel just above the small island and head (see map before making the journey on down through death row to the take out


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