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BuzzFeed News reported in 2018 that IBT India, as well as its sister editions in the US, UK, and Singapore, were committing ad fraud. Christian Post is a publication owned and operated by “The Community.”. Currently, the editor of Newsweek is Nancy Cooper.. Read our profile on United States government and media. Its editor is Nancy Cooper, and its publisher is Dev Pragad. None of that is fraudulent, and it occurs because the Examiner works with AdSupply, an ad network that specializes in these so-called popunder windows. “In a newsroom full of people, those are the employees who ended up getting fired,” one source with knowledge of the situation told The Outline. A couple weeks later, BuzzFeed released sections of a report detailing how the magazine had been purchasing web traffic in order to inflate its viewership and secure a major advertising contract with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Beyond that, Yen-Yi Anderson, an LLM graduate of NYU, is listed as a corporate law professor at Olivet University. He previously worked for The Christian Post as CTO and Web Developer from 2010 to 2013. “Some things are outright fraud, like deliberately altering viewability measurements, tricking fraud detection by making fake page scrolling and mouse movements, and using bot traffic to inflate ad revenue,” said Augustine Fou, an independent ad fraud researcher who reviewed the behavior on IBT India pages. According to Buzzfile, CEO of Oikos Networks, Inc., Hayson Tsang, is listed as a tenant at 33 Whitehall. Newsweek politics editor Matthew Cooper resigned on Monday and posted his resignation letter, addressed to Newsweek Media Group CEO Dev Pragad, on Facebook. Utilizamos cookies, próprios e de terceiros, que o reconhecem e identificam como um usuário único, para garantir a melhor experiência de navegação, personalizar conteúdo e anúncios, e melhorar o desempenho do nosso site e serviços. This window would then load a website if the user closed their browser tab with the Examiner in it. Yet in spite of firing someone, Mohan declined to describe the activity on his site as ad fraud or invalid traffic, the industry term for behavior that does not meet the standard of human activity an advertiser should pay for. “Nobody is working. Around 4 p.m., employees received an internal memo announcing Roe and Li’s departure. Insiders that spoke with Paste on background believed the company heads—Uzac, Davis, and Dev Pragad—had been using the publication as a front to raise money for The Community by way of Olivet, which is headed by Davis’ wife, Tracy. This disguises that the traffic originated from a paid source, AdSupply. Newsweek’s New York headquarters were raided by the Manhattan District Attorneys office on January 18. Posted on October 4, 2019, at 1:24 p.m. Katz and Saul initially reported on the raid for Newsweek and found that it was part of a long-running investigation into the company’s murky finances. The 2017 H1B Visa application isn’t much different, listing it at just $65,000. BuzzFeed News has journalists around the US bringing you trustworthy stories on the 2020 Elections. Uzac, IBT Media, and others were later indicted on 10 charges related to the alleged financial fraud. Dev Pragad, the current CEO of Newsweek, was also for years a major shareholder of the Indian licensee of IBT. “I’m not agreeing it’s invalid traffic,” he said. At this point, the story gets truly strange. Digital media metrics firm DoubleVerify told BuzzFeed News last year that it classified IBT India, and some of its sister sites, “as having fraud or sophisticated invalid traffic,” after a detailed investigation.


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