difference between male and female elephant tusks
Earlier it was hypothesized that, the musth is an indication of readiness for mating with a female, but there is no synchronization observed with oestrus in females. Its tusks are straight and point downward, different from the African bush elephant whose tusks are curved and point forward. The obvious differences between male and female morphology, anatomy, and physiology are not the only characters to separate elephants’ sexes, but also their distinctive behaviours are important. It has also been observed that the herd living captive female elephants are more successful in breeding aspects viz. John Donne, in 1601, referred elephants as a nature’s great masterpiece. Females live in herds and most of the social behaviours help them to be strong in the wild. When you see elephants and wonder what gender they might be, and you can't spot any clearly male or female organs, you can still make a good guess based on other visual clues. The African elephant’s trunk is visibly more heavily ringed and is not as hard as the Asian trunk. Check out these fun facts about African elephants that will help you learn why it is so important to save them! The African elephant is generally bigger. 6.6 to 6.8 feet in height and weigh up to 2.25 to 5.5 tons. Although hunting for ivory has been much more severe in Africa, there is no doubt that hunting and poaching has had an effect on the elephant numbers in Asia. David De Lossy/Digital Vision/Getty Images, San Dieo Zoo Behavior & Ecology: Asian Elephant, Elephas maximus, Naure India: A Tusk-less Future for the Asian Elephant. Asian elephants are much smaller than African elephants. TUSKS. The lower lips of the two species also differ, being long and tapered in Asian elephants and short and round in Africans. This part of the tusk is a pulp cavity made up of tissue, blood and nerves. He is an avid gardener and cook. Females have very small or no tusks at all. Weight: The well-grown adult African Elephant weighs between 4000 kg to 7500 kg /VCG Photo, The Asian elephant's tusks are generally smaller. Here's the difference between an Asian vs African elephant. As each of these species name indicate, they live in different locations. It’s the majestic males with huge tusks (hence the name ‘tusker’). Males are about 2.75 meters tall, weighing four tons. However, the tusks of male African elephants are larger than females’. Principally, they are formidable weapons against potential predators like the tiger (although tigers will only ever attack young or juvenile elephants) or in battle against other elephants. You can tell an African elephant apart from an Asian elephant by observing closely their body structures. All African elephants have tusks. Usually, a female reaches the puberty around 10 years but, recent studies on their reproductive biology have confirmed that normal oestrous cycling could start at five to six years of age, and additionally, recorded pregnancies at nine year old females.


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