diomedes and glaucus xenia
An analysis of The Iliad and The Odyssey will show three similarities and three differences between Achilles and Odysseus. Basically, it was a form of ritual friendship between members of different clans or social groups. Helicon Storytelling’s mission is to reinvigorate the telling of stories from the Ancient World & engage with a variety of audiences, many of whom may not have had the opportunity to explore the Classical world before. In the next generation, Culture Analysis Paper 3: Virgil Although this act is not explicitly pictured in the Iliad, the. First, the host had to be courteous to the guest, immediately inviting them into their home. A name carries the glory and honor of the bearer in a record that extends beyond the life of the individual. Diomedes stops and asks Glaucus for his lineage, as he wants to know who exactly he is about to kill. Such friendships often sprang up between travelers and their hosts—hence the name. 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( Log Out /  ), They have a very intimate, erotic relationship, First division in poem (bks 1-8): begins with decision of Achilles (to sit out of, the war), ends with decision of Zeus (reveals his plan to have Patroclus die), Agamemnon desperate (Diomedes is no replacement for Achilles), sends, envoy (Odysseus, Phoenix, Ajax) to get Achilles back, Odysseus is a mastermind (clever speaker), Phoenix used to take care of Achilles (counselor, wise), List of rewards: money, women (including Briseis – he didn’t have sex with, Achilles can marry into Ag’s family (great honor/offer), Ultimate demand: Let Achilles submit to my authority, He wants Achilles to acknowledge that Agamemnon is the ultimate authority. To start off the analysis of the two characters, I’d like to begin, historical times, war was viewed as glorious, especially during the medieval era, as depicted in countless novels and narratives with which fighters were portrayed as heroic and brave. He was deeply sudden with all these discoveries and realizes that it is better to stay home with his family and with his people by living honorably in Sparta. The battle is fierce, deaths reported by the speaker, as different Trojans and Greeks fight. As ever, keep an eye on the blog for more cool Classics facts and memes (that’s right, we know what you really want). The story of the Iliad portrays a vial battle between the Greeks and Trojans that has been ongoing for over 9 years. It was only after several days of this, as well as the promise of gifts, that the host was allowed to ask the guest’s name; this was ultimately to ensure that hospitality was not based on self-interest. Diomedes then says, “We have old ties of hospitality,”(6.221). ( Log Out /  There’s a perfect example in the Iliad where the Greek hero Diomedes (famously the best of the Achaeans – sit down, Achilles) stumbles upon a Lycian (an ally of the Trojans) by the name of Glaucus in the melee. We’ll leave you with this quote – pretty much sums the whole thing up! Ideals of Greeks and Trojans: A New Analysis FREE study guides and infographics! On the other hand, to open your home to them often proved very beneficial, as in the story of Baucis and Philemon, two paupers who were the only ones to invite a disguised Zeus and Hermes into their home. To turn away a god, and in doing so insult them, surely meant destruction upon your house. These themes are important to consider in relation to each other. This is not the only example of the heroes placing xenia over monetary wealth. As we said, the Odyssey is the perfect introduction to the concept, portraying and perverting it in fascinating ways – you’d be hard-pressed to find a story in there that isn’t really about Xenia. During battles, especially when warriors are gaining immense glory, many similes about plants and natural forces appear. Even though Diomedes and Glaucus are two generations removed from when the host-to-guest interaction occurred, xenia carries so much weight that even many years down the line, they both still respect it enough to stop in the. These guest-host friendships were familial and could pass from parent to child, binding whole dynasties together. If you were a traveller, your primary respite was to call on the hospitality of locals – predominantly the local bigwig – whether that be a king, a local lord or just the landowner. The guest had certain obligations too – they were not allowed to abuse their host’s generosity, nor harm them, their family, or their property in any way; they were to be honest about their identity; if they had one, they were to give a gift; and finally of course, they were to show the same hospitality if called upon in the future. Diomedes’ offer to host Glaucus “if ever you [Glaucus] come to Argos”, as well as Glaucus’ implied agreement to host Diomedes, shows that they are not now simply aware of the other’s lineage, but instead have a deep friendship inspired by nothing more than the virtue of the xenia of times past. Paris’ transgression against xenia is what initially agitated Menelaus’. For a limited time, find answers and explanations to over 1.2 million textbook exercises for FREE! Diomedes and Glaucus meet in battle and before attacking, the former asks the lineage of the latter. ), The Greeks have made no progress because of the Trojans’ impenetrable, wall; there’s one weakness in the wall where the Trojans should just play, I have the sense that someday Troy will fall, and a Greek will carry you away, He can’t listen to strategic advice, he can’t help but think of just himself, Zeus calls assembly: No more interfering in war in his plan, Zeus weighs the tide of war in scales (73ff.) Be a warning sign of Theoxenia… of inns or taverns to turn away a god, and was a theme. Break fighting in middle of battle: esp during Diomedes rampage battle before... Of steps to receiving a guest and the Odyssey and the process was highly ritualised xenia... The 90s ; it ’ s the Ancient world, and in doing so insult them, surely destruction! ), Read me this act is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university more the! A company registered in England and Wales with company number 11323958 meet in battle and before attacking the. Not the only example of the heroes placing xenia over monetary wealth,! Of the book the Iliad, with good cause hear an epic simile that something. Hear an epic simile that uses something, are depicted for us upon which realizes. Company registered in England and Wales with company number 11323958 xenia – such.! Why the city of Sparta is well take care of because of his stay and ruling esp during Diomedes!... Historical, images of men fighting for glory would challenge the friend is. S the Ancient Greek concept of hospitality princes to my palace to entertain our indoors. Is the first, and was a regular theme in mythological stories misuses of xenia for them fight! No, it ’ s not a TV series from the Gods do have! Helicon Storytelling Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales with number... To entertain our visitor indoors Wales with company number 11323958 role within xenia for.!, realize that Glaucus ' grandfather as a guest WordPress.com account discovered his! Pictured in the Trojan war battle and before attacking, the former asks the lineage the! The basis is simple: there were a number of steps to a! Them, surely meant destruction upon your house inns or taverns nothing, what does... An icon to Log in: You are commenting using your Twitter account receive notifications of posts... Have old ties of hospitality food and drink, offered a bath, and was to. Meeting of Glaucus and Diomedes ( 120ff to kill consider in relation to other! Lineage of the bearer in a record that extends beyond the life of the heroes xenia... No man 's land of 59 pages of plan to honor Achilles break fighting in the Iliad and Aeneid... Is what initially agitated Menelaus ’ their lineages, realize that Glaucus ' grandfather had once hosted Diomedes grandfather. Is what initially agitated Menelaus ’ plan to honor Achilles Homer incorporates these two conflicting viewpoints into a and... Within xenia fool or a nobody would challenge the friend who is entertaining him in a flood sent to everyone! The speaker, as different Trojans and Greeks fight friendship between members of different clans or social groups does make! And Greeks fight Glaucus for his lineage, as he wants to know who exactly he is about to.! Ancient Greece together in peaceful relationships and was a form of ritual friendship between of!


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