dnd library puzzle
The group must cross a room filled with a hazy blue/red/green mist. You could lay out three puzzle pieces that match, use 7 pieces, or go wild and use 25 pieces. The room contains a locked, impassable door that, when touched, beeps and says, "Password, please." Your party encounters a puzzle and tries to solve it. You simple place the puzzle pieces around a monster infested dungeon or you can even put puzzle pieces into the hands of factions within that dungeon. So setting the difficulty works very organic. 77. The dungeon contains an elaborate fake-out trap, like a room filled with obvious pressure plates (maybe marked, like a rune-word puzzle that has to be stepped on) or big bold lines—that sort of thing. This puzzle seems simple. This makes a great maze. The characters have to get into a building/dungeon/installation. It could just be mist or an illusion, or it could be vampiric, leaching blood (hp), stats, or even artifact/item powers. There's a thick wall of ice blocking the passage that shoots out 10-inch blades when touched (1d6 to resolve). The obvious way is of course to just have the golum speak a clue. First, it is a lot more exiting to have to solve a puzzle while the clock is running. 39. I hope this article has convinced you that you really don’t need a generic online tool to generate puzzles for your D&D games. Here are 101 traps, puzzles, encounters, and more to help DMs keep things dangerous. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. He can be persuaded to let his target go, but only at a steeper price. Show me your chest so that I might judge." The players enter a gallery of odd-looking paintings, and both doors close and lock. 49. 24. Here’s how that works: First, lay out a design for your dungeon. Again, this set up works best with a golem or colossus that cannot be destroyed, save by solving the puzzle. 58. 50. Easy D&D Puzzles for Toddlers (with free puzzles), Creating D&D Puzzle Adventures: A DM’s Guide, Elemental D&D Puzzles: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth Puzzles, D&D Halloween and Horror Puzzles: A Creepy Guide, D&D Forest and Jungle Puzzles: (with free puzzle), D&D Portal Puzzles: A Storyteller’s Guide, Printable D&D Puzzles: 180+ Illustrated Puzzles for D&D. It's filled with something sticky and viscous, like honey or molasses. When the group goes inside, the door locks behind them and becomes impassable (as the other door already is). And trying to create a puzzle encounter that runs smooth and works on all levels is even harder. Why would there be a pit trap in every other corridor? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. . And I’ve thrown in some other cool stuff as well, such as the deck of 101 riddles, a system for running politics in RPGs and so on. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. 62. The characters face an illusory wall of fire, ice, water, and/or lightning. A good example would be an L-shaped hallway that has doors at both ends and a floor covered with about three inches of gasoline. It makes characters temporarily deaf. 38. What's the trick to getting out? (If you don’t fully understand how that works right now, don’t worry. Inside the trap and in the room are a series of switches that do things like fill the opposite space (pit trap or room above it) with water or release sleeping gas or fill the room with arcing lightning—fun things that can be combined to create a really hairy situation (like a flood of gasoline and later a fireball). Finding it weighs more than a feather, he hucks the heart into the mouth of a nearby crocodile, and the adventurer dies on the spot. How does it work? No effort has been put into the look of the puzzle. Don’t give clues for things they’ve already solved. Runestone Puzzles has been specifically designed as a puzzle generator for D&D and other RPGs. 92. You take any combination of these 9 puzzle locks and scramble the puzzle pieces. The players walk into a room just in time to see a man with a jackal's head (Anubis) confront a man who looks like another adventurer. The first way to combine puzzles and combat is super easy. The extra tension and in game consequences add to the immersion. This is a very special set up where the monster itself IS the puzzle! A 200-foot steel wall blocks the way. Then, the party could climb into the colossus where they are safe and solve the puzzle there. He/she greets them and speaks with them. The room is full of bubbles that show the players' nightmares, bad memories, and fears to them. Will they rise up and attack? 1) Match the Mirror: The reflection shown in the mirror in this room isn't right. One of the insets opens the door (or maybe just floods the room, if the door turns out to be a dud in your scheme). And it works better with puzzles where it is obvious to the DM when players make a mistake. Wynn is an editor, author, and RPG enthusiast who enjoys devising quest ideas, new AD&D classes, and fiendish challenges for campaigns. A curving downward staircase dominates the room. Not all types of puzzles go well with the trial and error method. Also, puzzles can take players out of the game. The players enter a room with dirt/stone walls, like the inside of a cave. The players come upon a room full of bouncing basketballs that they have trouble wading through. An intelligent monster could offer to grand the players clues in exchange for gold, items or even life force (hitpoints). The characters run into a mimic that has taken the form of a door. 93. 68. 98. Two boats are tied up at the entrance: one that looks rickety and has a little water in the bottom, and one that looks new and really watertight, with gilded edges. Where to Start a D&D Campaign? Haunted Library puzzle. Forever after he would use the Beavis voice when casting 'Fireball!" Next, rotate all the tile pieces randomly in their place. There are literally an infinite amount of setups you can create in a variety of shapes. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. So let’s take a look at those. 3. At your table, use fantasy-themed puzzle pieces players can touch, manipulate, exchange, and discuss cooperatively. On the face of the monolith are glowing runes that are each a different color and shine their light across the face of the door. Rune Puzzles work really well with a monster that communicates an ancient or alien language. 87. I loved it! But I do have an alternative to a D&D puzzle generator that works just as well, but cooler. This collection doesn’t just include the three puzzle generators described in this article. An old man appears in a flash of light and offers to sell things to the characters. and had it mounted on his castle when the campaign finally came to an end, haha. 97. If anyone pauses to look at the paintings, they feel themselves drawn into them, like they could just step forward and be in that realm. 9. With dungeon puzzles, the dungeon itself becomes one huge puzzle. Unfortunately, the key that unlocks the door is fastened to a hook on the floor in such a way that it won't fall as long as the players are on the other side of the room—but if the floor tilts the other way, then the key comes loose and falls into the punji pit. It could be triggered by a pressure plate in the center of the room. Instead of puzzle pieces, you could do the same with clues. The puzzle pieces can be conveniently placed with the puzzle locks or scattered throughout a dungeon. This is an option that I haven’t used much, but just to give a complete overview, I’ll include it here. 16. Add punjis, zombies, monsters, etc. 45. In Dungeons & Dragons there are two types of encounters that are both great fun; Puzzles and Combat. Also in the room are a number of fruit trees, including oranges and grapes, and a number of clay pots. Remember your job as a gm isnt to kill the player or make a mean, unforgiving world. There's a really creepy room with really creepy things the players can explore, play with, or even take with them. One unlocks and opens the opposite door. Or if you want an easier challenge, just pick any combination of 4 puzzles and so on. (For insiration read Weiss and Hickman’s Death gate Cycle). The walls should be soundproof, too. A random word has been engraved on the wall. But what if you’re using a virtual tabletop? Players can only place runestones next to each other if their symbols match. Add incentives/scariness by putting dangerous-looking arcing electrical things at the end by the door, ominous nozzles, broken tiles that drop into magma, etc. Then, they must place the puzzle pieces correctly to solve a puzzle. The characters encounter a locked door that must be broken down to pass. The party enters a room full of about 30 gorillas that all look up when the door is opened. While that would be more realistic it also adds nothing to the story. If the party can’t figure out the puzzle, that is fine. Add splintered wood bits around the door to give the players a "hint" or just throw them off. I loved it! Alot of these aren't fair to player. 20. When players get stuck on a puzzle, they have a second option. A single mirror sits at the end of the room. One sided traps and puzzles/challenges kill the spirit of the game. 31. I've been passing it around to friends and we all love it :). Those are my seven play tested ideas for creating your own D&D Puzzle Encounters. The Vault Bundle contains every product in the DungeonVault webshop at a very low price. The dungeon features a room with an unusual light source (like a torch in a tube in the floor) with a lot of shadows. The party walks into a room with another, smaller room inside of it. Intrigued? These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The final set up is a bit of a weird one, but I have done a whole campaign around it and it worked really well. 36. Also, if you choose this type of puzzle encounter, make sure that you pick a puzzle where players can’t get stuck. 14. Killing the monster reveals the door and unlocks it. A classic computer game that uses a similar approach is ‘Shadow of the Colossus’. 12. The adventurer does so, and Anubis reaches out and removes his heart, then weighs it. 85. The trick to get through is to make four primitive batteries to power the door by filling pots with acidic fruit juice and putting the copper wires in them. The players enter an empty room with a slowly strobing light (spell-based or technology, whatever works in your campaign). There's a room with a doorway 100–200 feet up. This was a great list that I'll refer to in upcoming games. 101. If you found article useful, please share it, or the DungeonVault website, on social media. If a character overcomes their fear and screams back, they get grabbed and pulled through to the other side. You can put the key somewhere really obvious to unnerve them, like on a hook next to the door. One room is strung with what looks like (initially) a net of thin, ghostly filaments. Well, here are 101 awesome ideas you can grab, modify, reuse, or otherwise tweak as many ways or times as you'd like. A living door with a face greets the characters as they come into the room. The characters find a music box in some random part of the dungeon/facility. There's also one switch that opens the doors, but both have to be turned to "on" to work. If the characters tear down the barricades, they find whatever the door was barricaded against . In this giant puzzle encounter the characters exist in a sentient prison or in the mind of a God. Each coin is enchanted with a very bright continual light spell. The real key is still in the room, but it's hidden somewhere—under the pedestal, under a brick in the floor, etc. 74. Alternately, you can put full words on the backs of the paintings and require the characters to put together a sentence that could even be a hint to another puzzle further on (lots of people learn by doing). I like #70 in particular. By adding monsters you’re engaging everyone at the table. 71. Well, unfortunately, I don’t have such a generator.


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