dr axe is he legit
I bought Dr. Axe's Healing Leaky Gut Program on 3/29/16, less than a week later on 4/4/16 I requested my refund because I was dissatisfied with the program. If you have questions about a product, you can contact help@draxe.com or call 615-348-7530. What gives? On the message Chet stated that he could not cancel the order. There’s too much good science and well-established facts in nutrition to be wasting time on a company who the BBB warned consumers about and who has disappointed so many of their customers with seeming total regard for basic customer support. The website is owned by Joshua Lee Axe and is funded through advertising and a shop that sells or markets products. Dr. Axe's website, www.DrAxe.com, is one of the top 10 most visited natural health websites in the world with over 4,000,000 monthly visitors. You are wise and perceptive; Dr. Axe has nothing new to say; he is a marketer of product and happily lining his pockets coaxing customers to give him their hard earned money. Being as such, he naturally has an extensive online store and dvd videos for sale and is very much against mainstream medicine. You got to call between office hours to get someone but not before or after that time. On Dr Axe's site it says: "Please be aware that our customer support staff cannot answer health-related questions or give any type of medical advice." 2017 .After many e-mails between me and program, because I can't log in. Try 40 Days with out processed foods. Mark, would you please be so kind as to keep us posted on your progress in getting a refund? There are other well-known certified doctors in natural medicine including Dr. Weil, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. Fuhrman. Once again, I am researching Dr. Axe to respond to someone that asked me to and this was very helpful. My wife just bought something online from them last night…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this has changed my life for the better. I wish I could love it, but no, I do not love it. This also makes me wonder whether the products are viable. THERE IS A LOT OF OTHER SIDE EFFECTS ASSOCIATED WITH STEVIA LEAF EXTRACT I too will try to get a refund from my credit card company since "strict policy" forbids customer service to do the obviously right thing. I will give you an example. I'm convinced that the collagen replaced the cartilage in the joint and heal my hip joint. Customer service employees are sheep repeating what they're told, zero "policy" flexibility. I called on 9/18 to let them know I have received nothing and they said they would reship. most every thing Josh Axe said on the show was utter nonsense, He went so far as to claim that specific quotes of Axe were “bullshit.”. I returned the entire shipment `and asked for a full refund. The unflavored is fine. Something in the milk is not clean. Thank You for your suggestion! He reviews things like all the other artists online, with scant supporting references, expects us to take a lot for granted. One of our favorite meal planning apps is offering a free month of Paleo meal plans. Too late, too bad, so sad? There is no such thing as "leaky gut", if our gut leaked we'd all be in trouble, we'd all be subject to bacteria and very likely heading for sepsis!!! Not genuine in the least, Terri Wilson: Last year, I ordered "Eat Dirt," and it DID arrive in a timely manner, but I was supposed to get an additional book free, but I did not receive it. Learn recipes that are customized to help you meet your health goals for improving gut health, reducing inflammation, and boosting your metabolism. They have to reship to me so I can then send that shipment back to get my refund - MINUS SHIPPING COST. Check if Dr. Axe treats your condition or procedure, Likelihood of recommending Dr. Axe to family and friends is 2.7 out of 5. Its expensive and the container makes it seem you're buying fare more than you get. To further add to his James Bond persona, he wants you to know that in his spare time he competes (and probably wins) triathlons. I'm thinking about suing the company. Since then we have moved. Will I be able to get my money back? Dr. Axe, aka Axe Wellness, LLC in Franklin, Tennessee got so many BBB complaints that they warn consumers with the following: PATTERN OF COMPLAINTS: This company has a pattern of complaint alleging refund or exchange issues and delivery issues. I have been a nurse for twenty eight years, I am currently studying nutrition. Buyer beware! You clearly ARE on another planet! Signed: Very disappointed in this unprofessional company. Of course "Kim" orders direct through from Amazon. I switched over immediately thinking that this could be Chet and it was. What specifics about this products other than low income and can't afford it. You can buy a variety of health products ranging from $24.95 to $134.00. Can you share the info on the extracts your taking? Please give it back or I will contact the attorney general office. I’m really sad they changed the ingredients! I was truly hoping to find the perfect shake but this is a complete disappointment Dr. Axe's health products, such as Dr. Axe's Leaky Gut Support, have received very positive reviews overall from customers who say the products have had a positive benefit to their health. has anyone had this problem … I an afraid to take it now …. If you’re interested in Dr. Axe’s products or programs specifically for weight loss benefits, I think you should click the link above and delve deeper into that article and do the research for yourself. Really? I have yet to hear back from them. While on the phone with Brandon, an unidentified call came in, but I didn't switch over because this call with Brandon is important.The call ended with Brandon and I listened to a call that was, apparently, from Chet, the hard-to-get-ahold of manager. The product is sold by weight, not volume. Go elsewhere and experience respect for a paying customer. If you want to know how let me know. :). !This transaction has NOT POSTED and can be reversed. Mr. Axe practices chiropractic and naturopathic medicine. They close chat at 6:00 pm. but whether we are talking conventional fare or 'organic' products - there seems to be no way to check in and determine the actual contents of a purchase. Now I am on hold again with Brandon. I agree, that she may of had a allergic reaction to the treatment, also some foods to not mix well, with health food items. . One of our favorite meal planning apps is offering a free month of Paleo meal plans.


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