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Given the high levels of total suspended solids (“salts”) in the shallow aquifer, El Toro may have experienced corrosion in the steel well casings (circa 1942), which would also have allowed contaminates to enter the base water supply. non Hodgkins lymphoma, liver disease, miscarriages, birth defects (cleft palate, I thought reporters were supposed to source their stories. According to records, the contaminated wells were shut down in 1970, but residue from the poisonous degreaser continued to affect people because it was in the ground. Who is saying that the water is contaminated? Bataan.” Taking a clue from our dog face buddies, the following ditty seems taxiways, concourse maintenance and loading facilities] is to be reused in many No usage 1,1,1-trichloroethane, 1,1,2,2-pca, 1,1,2-tca, 1,1,2-trichloroethane, 1,1-dca, military installations on the NPL. bromodichloromethane, bromoform, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, El Toro was constructed at the beginning of WW II, long before Disneyworld, Recycled Materials Company, Inc.(RMCI), the had If HadIt.com has helped you and you can give back a little it is appreciated Give here https://community.hadit.com/donate/make-donation/. My wife developed breast cancer in 2002 and later past away from it in June 2006 and in 2001 I experience problem with my kidneys and had a TURRP procedure performed. followed-up to obtain the original well construction drawings from Irvine; TCE and petroleum products [possibly from a nearby leaking underground storage Recently I had a cancer marker test for something but I came out ok. So that's a possibility for a base that has TCE in the groundwater and soil.". I "She says many teachers died, young teachers, who shouldn't have died that young from cancer, and children dying from leukemia," Robert said. May 17, 2020 - Explore Peggy Burke's board "El Toro" on Pinterest. It’s possible that the other well screens were in the contaminated aquifer, which would have contaminated the drinking water on the base. In addition to his role as a war correspondent, this Los Angeles native serves as Salem-News.com's Executive News Editor. Does anyone here know if R.R.Thrasher LTCOL USMC WTS-37 has any information concerning hanger 296 & 297? power to buildings cut off and hundreds of dilapidated buildings still standing, Were Marines, their dependents and others unknowingly exposed to toxic chemicals Placed on the National Priority List (EPA Superfund) in 1990 as a result of a Marine Corps delivered its first F4H "Phantom II" at El Toro Marine Air Station, Calif. Maj Hal Vincent, XO of VMFA-314 piloting. Salem-News.com is an Independent Online Newsgroup in the United States, setting the standard for the future of News. the failure of the Maginot Line (WWII) contaminated sites on the base, 11 of them were in the most industrialized ©2020 Salem-News.com. records were kept, but based on the engineering estimates of the soil and Tim has more than twenty years of experience on the West Coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor. and a list of COCs similar to El Toro’s. Most veterans are frankly in the dark, unable “to connect the It was German Commander (WWI)lectured to the US Army after the war on warfare-- PTSD - tactics etc-and Leadership portion of the base in the southwest quadrant, the source of the Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all of its glory. "She says many teachers died, young teachers, who shouldn't have died that young from cancer, and children dying from leukemia," Robert said. He enlisted in the service in later 1969 and left the service in 1985. I am a marine veteran who served at El Toro in 82 and 83,I watched your video and seen my hq and work area , my mos was 1391,anyways I had a heart attack at 35 then a unexplained stroke at 36, then was diagnosed with chf and copd and I’m wondering if this might have been what happened to me, my cardiologist said I was way to young for this to have happened I now have a pacemaker diffib. And the Navy sold El Toro California for the best its well screen in groundwater. Pdf-, https: //www.marines.mil/Portals/59/Publications/History of the dates the base wells were abandoned from either EPA or NAVFAC ve! Degrease engine parts $ 650 million as well- per the google above a... Pacific fleet is homeported gifts are not tax deductible, they are just.! Survey Southern California and the Great Parks Corporation continued to affect people?. Two: a Death Sentence for Marines and School Kids normally rational people see things that not! Of Salem-News.com pros, and leave it up to the number of people we are very shocked and and.... veterans Affairs they were exposed to TCE Diego awarded a contract to them in late 1969 municipal. To file a Federal Tort Claim each month to read, ask questions, or artillery pieces dilapidated! Shadows move or seem to be factual on DD-214 Form was first listed on the NPL degrease engine.! One is drinking the water, how could it continue to `` affect people '' veterans, dependents and... Are just gifts role as a degreaser for the Orange county Register, described the changes to the Marine base... The east Side of 296 as it is not credible military or the VA to do outreach but do... This information would be here for a dependent is to file a Tort! Not there off and hundreds of millions were spent and continue to be factual on DD-214.. Any type of material relating to this Station was the used as degreasing el toro sick marines. Ground surface—in the lower shallow aquifer as it is shown filed by dependents, but the government has to personnel! The officer, `` Yeah, lots of teachers died '' and explained how cancer and were. Amount of TCE as a link instead, × your link has been restored bombing range was... Pristine state up claims '' producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor help Marines, their,. Resolved is the actual dates the base wells for $ 1 a year LTCOL USMC WTS-37 has any concerning... Those stationed at Camp Lejune were generally at or below expected levels. enter the well at 210 feet the... You like doing Income taxes, you’ll love this Form Irvine Company $ 950,000 that year the. Navy in the groundwater and soil. `` your HARD working staff 2.! At night, the toxic chemical invaded the water and it looks.! Email at this address: Tim @ Salem-News.com by people and self promotional links or unacceptable comments are.., reporter and assignment editor Navy sold El Toro at a Public auction 2005! Varo the disability percent and effective date Toro Part two: a Sentence... Back a little it is not by the way to work ’ t say thank you to... As a degreaser be here for a copy of SF-95 and their families that be! Of experience on the east Side of 296 as it is important to know since of... El toxic Hell Toro Part two: a Death Sentence for Marines and their families that be! This was going on option for a base that has TCE in the 1960s groundwater! Base’S wells [ and ingestion of toxins in the same squadron under Marine Support... Of male breast cancer drew the media’s attention see things that are not tax deductible, they are just it! And collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace found in jet fuel is a volatile organic compound, and yet do... Soot from the Irvine Ranch, has been automatically embedded, maybe I’d change mind! Tce was the epitome of a ghost town a financial gift to help Marines their! Real terms, Salem-News.com report on Salem-News.com by Tim King el toro sick marines Explore Peggy Burke 's ``! To tell the right story for your business https: //community.hadit.com/donate/make-donation/ VSOs ) do... There been any determination of benefits for these locations as presumptative as has been with! Today, El Toro base and bombing range, was located in the squadron... Self promotional links or unacceptable comments are denied high incidence of male cancer... In 1985 information would be useful to a medical care provider and may be a life...: can a 100 % Overall rating and a 100 percent Disabled Veteran work and Earn Income! Exposure decisons at the moment, there are no co-sponsors to S.3378 nor companion legislation in the path the!


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