flight 212 abuja 2006
Last-minute decisions save some from embarking on the unfortunate trip and lead others to the gaping mouth of death. As a result of the rapid descent, the ground proximity warning system (GPWS) was indicated to have been producing terrain warnings until impact. Aviation Development Company Airlines (ADC) Flight 53 was a scheduled passenger flight operated by ADC Airlines that crashed on 29 October 2006 shortly after take-off from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, Nigeria, at 11:30 am local time. I didn’t mention it because it could be excused ‘ie there are many excuses one can make for that’. Gracefully, an overdose of bad acting was not the film’s prominent tragedy. I must commend Mr. Emelonye on being able to develop each character well enough so much so that the audience can at least relate to them before the crash. lol unfortunately or fortunately, I don’t think it can go any lower or higher than this. As the final days approach to the premiere of this highly anticipated Nollywood movie, it is with a heavy heart that the producers now dedicate the premiere to the memory of the unfortunate victims of the Allied Air and Dana Air plane crashes that took place in Accra and Lagos respectively on 3rd June 2012. ( Log Out /  Ali Nuhu, the Kannywood heartthrob is excellent in his cameo as Suzie’s fiancée, Dan. I was also keen to find out how as the flight’s First Officer, Loader managed to communicate with the control tower as her headphones had no microphone. Please review your stories more. Like they had all just come off a flight, and only two got on the next flight. The … ( Log Out /  I actually live in the states and only got to watch the movie 2 days ago, and yes I noticed u have readjusted the review, one thing I noticed since u restructured(or should I say reinvented lol) ur website, u have been more stingy and harsh with review scores which is really nice, these filmmakers and the films the make should not be given an easy ride, they should be scrutinized more to keep them on their toes, however I feel u were too generous with LFTA, honestly if I were to review and score the movie, my score range would be in the 60s. At the end of it all, the director offers a vision of hope and leaves us with the ringing question, ‘What if?’. There were some angles, especially the ‘first take off scene’ that I nearly deemed too good to be Nollywood. It was delivered to leasing company Celtic Capital and leased to Aviation Development Company (ADC) in September 2003. Uche Odoputa (in the role of Mr. Efe) alongside his on-screen wife embody their characters well, providing a dash of comic relief that precedes the central catastrophe.


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