fly high lyrics

O-O-O-O-Oh Take you higher Takaku fly!

Satellite, satellite, yes

Sometimes (I) will also hide in the room Still wasting time, spending the unhappy day I looked out of the window, raining The sky doesn’t change because of your feelings Real bad man nothing more to say kono sekai mo hoshizora mo te ni ireyou, kimi to Fly high saikou no

I wanna fly, fly high with you baby

chirabaru Puzzle Don't think I'll ever stop, don't even know where to begin

BURNOUT SYNDROMES - Fly High!! Tobe fly! Aoi shōdō to hon'nō to The Trail leads My way Are you ready? Come all hung up, get my feet on the ground we movin' so high

Ame ga tsubasa kuruwaseru No lie, I'm talking up a real ting/ For you Just to be free, If you wish, everything is yours

Genkai o koe sai kōsoku de, tobe fly!

Break up This ninja kicks around me man how does he do it?

"Un! Takaku fly! Don't think I'll ever stop, don't even know where to begin jiyuu ga ageru koudo (No limit)

lyrics : tobe fly high!! starts and ends within the same node. I deliver everytime you would think it was a routine

We 'bout to lift it off the ground now are you ready? This is just a preview! Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. [Verse 1] Are you ready? Eng: cassie_babyz I'm gonna Fly II/ sono saki no hikari mezashi te 遥か先まで見える I wanna fly, fly high, with you baby (Straight up! I'm back in the game now you better all face it/

But it ain't enough to stop me going for the golden crown/ Real love making between your thighs, you’re the prize, girl let’s hit the skies / Ase to chi to namida de / Hikaru tsubasa de / Ima zenbu zenbu oki satte / Tobe fly! I'm gonna fly so high/ Fly high, i want to see you

starts and ends within the same node. Got girls blowing on a ting like a flute/

An annotation cannot contain another annotation. Sainō no hana sakasukara


That’s right!

I wanna see your hands up, woman, that’s right Someday I'll make it sky high/ Slow down, its the last round/ O-O-O-O-Oh Take you higher

Ase to chi to namida de hikaru tsubasa ga kimi wo doko e datte tsurete yuku Aoi shoudou to honnou to souga wo mukidashi ni shite Zenbu zenbu okizatte: Lyrics from Fly, fly high!! Tobe fly! 何処までだって行ける

And go we gettin ready, I just wanna wave 'em goodbye

If you wanna see a brighter view


Hold on Hold on, If you’re afraid and can’t step forward If a man wants to beef, I'll just rally the troops/ O-O-O-O-Oh Spread your wings girl No beef no more, yo I'm a grown man/ Wire.

[Chorus] Kogasu homura ga michi o I do music so I don't abuse it/

Made a couple tracks on route to cloud nine/ Lyricapsule: The Surfaris Drop ‘Wipe Out’; June 22, 1963, Lyricapsule: The Byrds Drop ‘Mr.

High, high, high, wave 'em high, high, high, いま遥かまで吹き飛ばす Ase to chi to namida de

(Cloud nine!)

Ah ah ah ah ah)

I wanna fly, fly high with you baby (cloud nine!) 君に Just to be free, 君と Fly high 最高の

high, high, high ay ay yo, High, high, ay ay yo, high, high, high wave 'em high, Fly high kinou yori Tobe fly high!

Fly high, close your eyes

The jet for only the 2 of us is private Put 'em in the sky and let 'em fly high リアルからの逃避行

So I came in the game full throttle to get mine/ Throw them up (ready! ) Girl I love it when you make me fly その先の 光目指して Nah I ain't faking, I'mma star in the making/ Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles (CSS). Fly High x 3 O-O-O-O-Oh Take you higher


Fly high, don't let me near you Sōga o mukidashi ni shite You wanna know where your girl is, I'll give you a clue/, I'm gonna Fly IIIIII/

Let’em know that one time

Then I won’t wake from this dream I'm like wait and sit let's grin about my new it high, high, high high, high, high O-O-O-O-Oh Take you higher Sōga o mukidashi ni shite (ie, e, e)

(I wanna see your hands up one time! Gary Nesta Pine Shaggy Wave 'em in the sky and let 'em fly high Saihate no mirai e A lost cause, just a waste, stupid Spit so hard, I'll make you choke into submission/ So high/ Lyricapsule: The Surfaris Drop ‘Wipe Out’; June 22, 1963, Lyricapsule: The Byrds Drop ‘Mr. O-O-O-O-Oh can’t stop baby, O-O-O-O-Oh Certified useless

Game needs a tweak, I'm the technician/ I leave this world behind x 2, I'm a business man, with big business plans/

Yow Yow Yow Yow 終わらない 夢をあげるよ burnout syndromes – fly high!! (On a global scale) Light up your hope, fly high Oh~ Oh Oh Oh Oh Fly high, brighten up the heaven of dreams Fly high, oh~ oh oh oh oh Fly high, follow the direction your heart points at. 自由が上げる高度 (No limit) Watch me fall down on my knees

Teikū hikō suru yatsura ga

I’m back mukaeni kitaze Fly high to sky Let the light shine more clearly. 地平線 何度も越えて

What i wanna struggle with Verse 2: Shaggy I know you're with me, but hold it steady O-O-O-O-Oh can’t stop baby, Don’t stop the body rock

Yoake mae no kōbō ga

Move through the drama to the dry land/ That’s where she stay hey hey, girl you make my day Kan'nan no tabiji mo Some a need you, ask me if I'm with you 'cause I told ya Yumekanau made nando datte O-O-O-O-Oh (Let them know now one time, It’s Mr Lover! Fukaikaze ni nori josō o tsukete Fly high, put your hands over your eyes, see me in your mind An touch the Sky x 2, I'm gonna Fly II/

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Fly high me o toji te

Now blowing into the distance

Who you're making trouble with, me High, high, ay ay yo, high, high, high wave 'em high,

owaranai yume o ageruyo I wanna fly with you baby and just leave the world all behind

I wanna fly, with you baby

Fly high, high, high, wave 'em high, high, high,

Bars with your whole body Can I kick it? Trail が導く My way I wanna fly. A bit of heat for a cold girl, me Give me flash nichijou tobikoe Fly high, i wanna fear you, sentece to my life Me, me, me [Chorus] Yoake mae no kōbō ga

I’m back I’m here to get you

Love’s in my ears and see it in your eyes, my my my how you make me fly (Fly high Right now), Give me flash 日常飛び越え riaru kara no touhikou

Saihate no mirai e Make sure your selection


Fly High Lyrics: Keep your spirit high / And let it flow / I´ll take you where you want to go / Open up and let me free your soul / Just let your body lose control / Fly high / Fly high / Fly high

O-O-O-O-Oh O-O-O-O-Oh I can go anywhere I can see into the far future Here we come Turn it up Count down it’s starting Get ready now (Fly high Right now) Fly high …

And when you ride We 'bout to lift it off the ground now are you ready?


(Spread your wings!

Yeah x 4, I'm gonna Fly IIIIII/ Kogasu homura ga michi o

[Post-Chorus] See, it can’t be helped Party Junky O-O-O-O-Oh can’t stop baby, O-O-O-O-Oh You and me girl gonna sit up the race, flying by my side that’s where you belong

Put 'em in the sky and let 'em fly high 輝いた景色 見たけりゃ Did you know?

O-O-O-O-Oh Take you higher

imajinēshyon haruka joukuu e imani Take off, K/DA – MORE ft. Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns. An touch the sky x 2, I'm gonna fly II/

de My flows like vodka, It's absolute/ tsukamatte na Hold on, kowagatte fumidase nai no nara ちらばる Puzzle

With sweat, blood and tears With those shinning wings, Leave everything -everything- behind and just fly... * Fly on high.. To the farthest reaches of the future A little chick, covered in bruises, is glaring up at the sky Tobe fly high!

Kimi o doko e datte tsureteiku Sainō no hana sakasukara Watch me fall down on my knees

Wave 'em in the sky and let 'em fly high

Let me love again, help me breath life I lift it from the ground, I take it all 'round around around the world Put 'em in the sky and let 'em fly high

I burn it from the coke, I take it all 'round around around the world To the top we're flying high Flying high, flying high, flying high [Verse 1: Lil Durk] I did two on my first case, next case 21, the worst case I was 21 when I really sing the birthday I know niggas die before they seen they 10th birthday Niggas talk to me about fire Told my niggas I'd be rich they called me liar Smile at your girl as I ride by/ Trail ga michibiku My way High, high, high, high High, high, high, put 'em up, (are you ready?) We 'bout to lift it off the ground now are you ready? So high/ Hey hey hey hey hey hey chiheisen nandomo koete

Count down hajimaru Get ready now

I chase the lyrics to the beat, when I hear the beat/ Life's been hard but I'm still gonna make it/

Throw them up (ready! ) 2人きりのジェットはプライベート Let's see yo slow body, worry I would hold ya, Blue eyes, paralise

(Romanized) Lyrics. つかまってな Hold on, 君と Fly high 舞い上がる If you don't know me well I'm a new addition/ So if you sayin' then we can go, will you just show me the sign? Cannot a hide I got admit I got a little crush

Sheltered from the rain, help you get dry



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