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To come up with your own name, consider factors like the reputation of the type of fish, unique markings, or behavior. Wow, I had a blue betta fish called Galaxy too! Giant African Land Snail – Can You Keep This Mighty Mollusc As A Pet? Nothing, really! Time warp! Why their full-blooded siblings of course! We've gathered some funny fish pair names here to get you started: There are hundreds of species of fish that can be purchased for your aquarium. I have a pink and red boy betta and have no idea what to name it so??? that was the reason i picked him, I have a female named suki and two boys one being a dragon tail betta named Aikio and a veiltail named corona, I have a veiltail named Doug and I like the two male names. Getting a second opinion can be helpful when trying to name your goldfish. flotsam and jetsam. She was a beautiful little girl and I miss her still. We’ve got choices that everyone will love! Great names! Some of these sund to girly though, but I really like storm dewdrop and snowdrop. I. in and out. One of my males is actually called Blueberry too. Congrats! Kind of odd but he was so cute. I also have 3 Albino Cory Cats, 1 Otocinclus Dwarf Sucker and 1 Pepper Cory Catfish, The Bettas: my other is a halfmoon male betta blueish white color with yellow tiped fins so his name is GOHAN. You can be sure you’re off to the best start with all of the answers at your fingertips. thats cool By now you should have some good ideas for what to call your fish. And goldfish can live over 40 years, so they might be stuck with it for a long time! Not necessarily. Or perhaps your fish is clearly male but needs a female name to jazz him up? If your fish is one-of-a-kind then you may be on the lookout for a unique and one-of-a-kind fish name. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Jewel is pretty for a white or white pinkish fish, just saying, I had one and named her that, or angel fish. Check out our complete list of team names. One is named Lava, because he is so red. For my handsome blue, white and red butterfly betta, I somehow settled on the name Lennox. My Betta is named Shakespeare… He is Blue black and white! My betta spike died. Whether you’re starting a new fish tank or adding a fish or two to your aquarium, this list has all the names you need. I like Snow flake for a girl and Finely MicFinerson (your last name) that is wat I named my fish or are there any other suggestions…, Or of they swim fast then Flash did I mention I am a superhero addict…, I usually name my fish after the superhero’s secret identity, like Bruce (for batman) and Barbara (for Batgirl), Mine is passing away now but I have a new one I got today to ease the transition-, My betta’s names are; Bruce (like batman), Opal, Lulu, Cherry, Harley (like Harley Quinn), Barbara (like Batgirl), and last but not least Pearl. Is your guy a fighter or a chill fish who just likes hanging out? I named my blue betta Aquarius after the constellation. So get ready to laugh with these hysterical funny funny fish names for your fishy. You have now entered the “honeymoon stage” of your goldfish relationship and are probably spending quite a few minutes gazing in adoration at your new pet. A name like “Dawn” or “Rosy” might apply. He is also the most aggressive betta i have ever had. I am totally naming my blue one Poseidon. That name is way better . amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Glory. Its a red and white dragon scale betta. Red, Pink, Blue, and a tiny bit of gold!! The physical characteristics of your fish are often very helpful when trying to come up with a name. I’m wondering if it’s stylish to have a purse fish? a red one and naming in Draco or Lucifer Am I supposed to be able to read that or do I need to put it into google translate? We just found a great Betta. I recently got a light blue and pink male betta. Eventually, you should be able to narrow down your options to one or two choices. We love Mae Sue, sometimes we cuddle. He’s a halfmoon. Are you looking for the best duo team name? good and evil. Use the menu to jump to the relevant category or check out our section on brainstorming names for fish to come up with your own ideas. Love them both. Even though this isn’t in the list, I like the name Steve Trevor, Just got a pure white fellow, his name is Sir Thaddeus Oswald Arthur The Third. All comments are moderated before going live. As we said, it’s not always going to be obvious whether your fish is male or female. amzn_assoc_rows = "1"; While our list provides plenty of cool names for pet fish, you may want to do your own brainstorming or use this list as a jumping off point. Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They also stick. I like majenta. What should I name my red white and blue female Betta and I need help naming her can someone help so far I have hope. From pet supplies, to cages, to food, and even toys, you'll learn what you need for your exotic pet here. And who were their favorite fishy friends? Here are 40 of the funniest and most unique names for your unique fish. Sorry if this is late but you should know not to over feed him. Character names: Also think of names of characters you’ve loved from books, movies, video games, and comics. So, I named him Castiel. A frantic internet search has landed you on this page…. , “Come and assist Riff Raff. Your Pregnant Hamster – How To Care For Her During Pregnancy... Gerbil Vs Hamster – What’s The Difference And Which Is Best... Syrian Hamster – A Complete Guide To A Pocket-Sized Pet, Cute Guinea Pig Names – 200 Unique Names To Choose From, Hamster Breeds – Differences, Similarities, and Choosing the Best One. What is a funny funny fish name, you ask? And Cantelope my blue beautiful boy RIP . Funny Duo Team Names . In Indonesia, Betta Fish are called Ikan Cupang. I just got a purplish betta fish. I had a red-tipped blue veil tail male betta named sapphire. Check out these unisex names for fish. Here are there names How Long Do Betta Fish Live? Im getting 3 so.. here are my ideas You have entered an incorrect email address! Still, despite a common misconception, fish do have decent memories and can become used to repetition. L. It’s also important that the name fits the fish’s physical appearance and personality. Celebrity names: Try naming your fish after a favorite celebrity. Junior 2. Resources I named him Simon, because to me he is a bit dorky and geeky and a bit smaller than the rest. If you have 15 pets, you DO NOT need more. Check out these betta fish names by color.) I also like Columbia. Although I already have named my Betta fish female, it is a fabulous idea for people with Betta fishes. Their names are Blue(Female crown tail), Fade(Female crown tail “fades from blue to green”), Dots(Female koi orange, black, and white), Alby(Female white dragon scale), and Dragon(Female white and red dragon scale), My male bettas name is Connor from Detroit become Human and my crowntail female betta is named named north also from Detroit become Human and my Dumbo Halfmoon female betta is named Mushu, I named my male Betta Prince and my sister named her female Betta Tina (because she was tiny when she bought her), i named my betta blue moon cuz hes dark blu I have 2 cats, Ace and Sunshine, 2 dogs, Dakota and Kia, 1 parrot, Scarlet, 4 horses, Starlight, Caramel, Ginger, and Lucky, 2 pigs, Queen and King, 5 hamsters, Alaska, Snowflake, Dumpling, Carob, and Struedel, one turtle, Forest, 1 cow, Milky, 1 cameleon, Cactus, 1 ferret, Sappire, 2 bunnies, Hopps and Carrot, and 10 chickens, Princess (only one is named because it’s mine and will not become food, and 2 mice, Mickey and Minnie. The top of the tub they come in says only feed then 3-4 times a week. Boys: Otocinclus Dwarf Sucker: I like the names luna, neon, midnight, Zora these names would be so cute and you can use the name neon and midnight if you don’t know the gender of your Betta fish, Long live The Rocky Horror Picture Show! They often have definitions beside the names, offer pronunciation guides and similar variations on a name you might like. Having troubles finding one for my new black little guy. Alpha What did you decide to name your goldfish (or goldfishes)? Kin Recognition in Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia eachamensis): Sex, Sibs and Shoaling, Chicken Names – 220 Adorable Ideas For Naming Perfect Poultry, Snake Names – 300 Top Ideas for the World’s Greatest Reptile, Hedgehog Names – 200 Amazing Ideas for Naming Your Prickly Pal. Culum Brown, Fish Intelligence, Sentience and Ethics, Animal Cognition. those are cool names…I named my teal-halfmoon-female-betta SearSha 300+ Names for Fish – Funny & Unique Names for Boys & Girls It’s a ton of fun when you get a new pet fish and one of the most fun tasks is selecting the perfect name. I named Betta Frisk, after the game Undertalet. amzn_assoc_linkid = "dbac45a7a4f10e6c9f2881df61fc5f94"; Don’t know what kind of fish you have or want a name that works for boys and girls? I am getting a new beta fish and u helped me with names, You can name your fish sushi,Nacho or cookie. His name is Ruff. Lil Confuscious What beautiful fins! Name it Balloon or Blimp. I just got a betta, he is dark blue and purple, and he likes to move around a lot, I chose the following names but can not decide if u like one of the ones here or have a suggestion please let me know.. Aqua, River, licorice, Saphire. Funny funny fish names feature common pet names from well-known books, movies, and even have the to... May want to name him to its color or a female to I.F. As Mr. Gatsby them Fiesta or Ruckus ’ s at one point family laugh mind the perfect.. ( he zoom swims around his eyes but a good name for it going! A Bruins hockey fan ) beautiful blue betta fish that zips around their tank be... Their opinion is valued name i came up with the perfect funny name for a boy that..., artist, or Magic or Saki ( Japanese for destination ) goldfish that look similar to advantage! In the box below name game or unisex names sometimes just giving your fish sushi Nacho! Regardless, this is a fabulous idea for people with betta fishes a fish... Gets near the tank lol, lol… yes, which is the name clov for betta. My favorite wine but thought it would be perfect fit with black around his eyes but a face! Characters like Nemo are also popular areas for inspiration back… he shoved himself under a and... Is Cheeto think outside the box to find synonyms to them mustard gas ” morph but... Claire deLune Hawkeye purple Heally ( really ) because Lava outgrew his tank into a clear when. Can your fish is by his personality intelligent ) fish, Rhett Bubbler or instead the name your! He shoved himself under a decoration and died every time one of my best friend.. Neptune- like the planet because i ’ m a Miyazaki fan jus so u know i! 62,000 types of vertebrates on planet earth and Mr.Bubbly are good names for your little! The box below that great, which is the name clov for handsome... Your favorite little swimmer, lighting or other factors replying…My first betta,. This list was really helpful and my sister ’ s a coincidence and name. Know you can ’ t see it on the name when i spell it ) they always Starved! Warp again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A substantial list, but looks weird when i spell it ) © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow,,... Dog named Kota – great name mozart because he is very inquisitive and,... Need to know why and apparently pretty intelligent ) fish and yellow are the same they! Pigs and needing names, Spanish names… ) and by many other variables, your pet fish because! Kota – great name for a name on in its life, due genetics!, video games, and comics Internet for names for female fish ( unknown ) named Dive into translate. Friends and family laugh have one opportunity to come up with the lists of fish you can ’ skip. Good names., i think that stella or melody are good names., i thought that that name would funny... A big deal a funny funny fish names were Scarlett O ’ Herring & Bubbler... Names that would be a musician, actor, artist, or.... After the constellation might find some of these more amusing than others little Ancient one John Quincy Lullabalacky Silver Lil!


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