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Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. However, if you absolutely have to hang an air freshener or another small object, check with local and state laws. The law states: "No person shall drive a motor vehicle with any objects placed or suspended between the driver and the front windshield, rear window, side wings, or side windows." According to Wyoming's State Legislature, roadkill is fair game with either a letter of authorization stating that the driver will use it for " beneficial use," a scientific or educational collecting permit, or a donation certificate, which can require bringing the dead animal in for an inspection. While this includes anything you might have hung from your mirror, there are other ways the view from your windshield can be obstructed. New Jersey is the only state in the US where this law is still in effect. But officials say the campaign is one of several steps they're taking to reduce auto accidents and an ongoing rash of motorcycle fatalities in the valley. A 1993 study found no correlation between the use of fuzzy dice and the degree of a driver's reckless driving behavior. The last thing you want is for your mirror to suddenly fall down when you are driving. Anyone that lives in a colder climate has probably dealt with snow and ice on their windshield. If you're not a fan of seat-belts, just head on down to Hawaii, where you can 100% legally ride in the back of a pick-up truck with no pesky seat-belts holding you back, as long as all the seats in the cab are occupied. Scraping just enough off the windshield to have a small area to see out of is illegal. Looking twice when switching lanes can help clear blind spots, Buratczuk said. By Ric Anderson (contact), Ricardo Torres-Cortez (contact). As part of the campaign, officials sent a package of various objects to media outlets — including bandannas, air fresheners, sunglasses and, yes, fuzzy dice — along with a challenge to reporters to hang the objects on their mirrors and, while parked, see how much their view was blocked. Whether its fuzzy dice, a pine tree shaped air freshener or a colorful plastic lei. No only will you be cited for being at fault if there is a collision, your insurance company may bulk at paying for the damages. This reason should be rather obvious. All states have laws requiring drivers to have an unobstructed view. These are only a few of the common items seen hanging from mirrors, there are plenty more.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'carcareportal_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',109,'0','0'])); As silly as this question sounds, the answers may surprise you. Not only is it illegal to drive with a cracked rearview mirror, it is also dangerous. A city ordinance explicitly states that motor vehicles cannot drive through playgrounds, unless they obtain written permission. Defense attorney Tim Rensch told KOLA TV that he sees five to six cases of people charged for driving while intoxicated. It can also save you the cost of a ticket. You're safe in the privacy of your own vehicle in Milford. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Another problem with heavy or hard items is that they can crack the mirror when the item is swinging around. This includes a person on a "bicycle, motorcycle, coaster, sled, roller skates, or any other vehicle" hanging on to another vehicle. As long as they're registered and won't create a hazard or public nuisance, they can go as slow as they want. It shouldn’t surprise you that due to the vagueness of the statutes regarding objects hung from rearview mirrors some of the cases involving tickets ended up in court. This also applies to mobile homes on trailers. It's not just bricks — you need a permission slip to throw stones or shoot arrows as well. As it stands now, the fuzzy-dice (and dangling Tweety Bird) ban stands in Michigan...and Mr. Davis, is headed off to jail...and not the one where Aunt B. serves her famous fried chicken and apple pie! Fair game apparently. containing any person or object projecting or hanging outside or on the top thereof.". Why You Shouldn’t Hang Objects From the Mirror. All other animals are off-limits, but whales? School buses are allowed to have a white roof, though. It’s not fun scraping it off when it’s freezing outside. An animal that is killed on or along a public street is presumed to have been "running at large" and the owner is liable for all expenses of treatment, impoundment, and of disposal. If your windshield is cracked, it’s time to fix or replace it. Here the court ruled that the presence of a single, thin air freshener was not in violation of the statute. Doing so is a Class A misdemeanor. However, if you want to stay legal and safe it is something that you must do. The Nevada Highway Patrol has a description for that pair of fuzzy dice or air freshener hanging on your rearview mirror, and it isn't whimsical or decorative. After all, almost everyone has hung something from their car mirror. In the meantime, you won’t be allowed to legally drive your car. This law pops up in the "Little Book of Loony Driving Laws.". You might want to go through a car wash before driving through Minnetonka. The law specifies wires, but also forbids glass bottles, glass, nails, tacks, cans, or any other item that could cause injury. This would be a definite distraction. But it's not only decorations that might impede the view for motorists, Buratczuk said. This was the case in Com. Owning and operating one is illegal, but so is selling or buying from one, knowing that it is a chop chop. Offenders will be fined $150, or could be sentenced to at least 24 hours of community service. You might have to pay a fine of $500, or spend a month in jail. © Las Vegas Sun, 2020, All Rights Reserved. It doesn’t matter what state you live in, anything that obstructs your view makes it automatically illegal to operate your vehicle. The longer or wider the crack gets, the more your vision is affected. Check this out for a full explanation of our conversion to the LiveFyre commenting system and instructions on how to sign up for an account. However, in states like Nevada, New Jersey, and California - as well as countries that include Australia and England - a driver may get fined for having them. However, by the end of the 1980s, more than one state had outlawed hanging any items from rearview mirrors and the fad had, in general, become a cliche. Remember it is always better to be safe. According to Colorado’s statutes title 42, “No vehicle shall be operated upon any highway unless the driver’s vision through any required glass equipment is normal and unobstructed.”. Or those tree-shaped air fresheners? Thirty motorcyclists, including moped riders, have died on Nevada roadways this year, about a 36 percent increase compared to same time last year, Nevada Highway Patrol trooper Jason Buratczuk said.


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