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The user has plenty more financial revelations of the Wizarding world explained in their Reddit post. A quick and easy way to Money: Money: Add . Knuts= $.05. At the World Cup, Harry spent $750 to buy Ron, Hermione and himself Omnioculars. "Based on this, a Butterbeer from the Hog's Head would be about $3 (as would hot chocolate on the Knight Bus), Harry bought about $18 of candy on the Hogwarts Express in his first year, and a high-level textbook costs about $225 (which Harry complained about how expensive it was)," aubieismyhomie adds. However, there is one major problem with this theory. cheque was for 421,699 Galleons, 3 Sickles and 13 Knuts, which was said on the A quick and easy way to convert your Galleons, Sickles and Knuts into Pounds Sterling and vice versa. According to an interview with J.K.R, 1 galleon is roughly equal to 5 British pounds, which is about $9.75 U.S. dollars. Simply enter the amounts in the boxs and then hit one of the buttons to do the However, they explained later, Harry's "high-level textbook costs about $175 (which Harry complained about how expensive it was). Given Rowling's exchange rate, plus inflation, that would mean that one galleon would equal approximately $12 today. Galleon (~$25 USD)= ~£17 Sickles (~ $1.50 USD) = ~£1 Knuts ($.05 USD) = £.03 Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's a little easier to enter the Wizarding financial market as a Brit than as an American. Only 5 knuts a scoop — that's a lot of eyes for the value. However, the prize for Harry was the real goal. convert your Galleons, Sickles and Knuts into Pounds Sterling and vice versa. is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. The goblins at Gringotts would be so pleased. This page requires a JavaScript enabled So 1000 galleons is 9750 U.S. dollars. The ", It was well known that the Weasleys were usually struggling for money — but the user's figures only prove how destitute they really were. Expenses like a 50 galleon fine for their Ford Anglia and Fred and George's 37 galleon bet with Bagman were of no little matter to the family. presented by Daniel Radcliffe on Comic Relief for the money raised by "At 7 galleons, Harry paid ~$175 for his wand. MTV AND ALL RELATED TITLES AND LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OF VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC, Here's How 'Harry Potter' Money Translates To Muggle Dollars. Sickles= ~$1.50. We're using cookies to improve your experience. "In Chamber of Secrets, the Weasleys completely emptied their vault which consisted of 1 galleon and a pile of sickles, which could be equated from $50 to $75.". Have you ever wondered just how many hours you'd need to work to afford Harry Potter's unicorn hair wand from Ollivanders? Using a simple exchange rate of U.S. dollars to British pounds and the values that the user laid out, here is roughly what Wizarding money would be valued at in the U.K.: Galleon (~$25 USD)= ~£17 ©2020 Viacom International Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Considering the extraordinary power it gives wizards, this was lower than I expected, when things like Omnioculars, Brain Elixir, Metamorph Medals, and a potions book were more expensive," said the user. Mashable, MashBash and Mashable House are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Luckily, Reddit user aubieismyhomie did some hypothetical math to figure out how the money from Harry Potter would translate into U.S. dollars. Snatchers were rewarded 5 galleons (about $125) for catching mudbloods as Voldemort came to power. See also: The Pottermore sorting quiz is back and better than ever. The conversion rate is based on the exchange rate in the cheque Sickles= ~$1.50 At only 5 knuts for delivery, Harry pays about 25 cents for his paper. Using these numbers, the user was able to come up with some mind-blowing revelations about what it costs to be a wizard. Bad news: The Wizarding World is just as expensive as you thought it was. Regardless, one thing is clear: Harry Potter was The Boy With Loads O' Money. EUR-JPY, however, fell to a near-four-month low, and GBP-JPY to a fresh one-month low, even though USD-JPY has remained above the five-week low it saw yesterday at 104.03. program to be £2,100,062. Compared to the Weasley family's vault, which consisted of 1 galleon and a pile of sickles (aka $50 to $75), the Boy Who Lived was pretty well-off. browser to function. Well, wonder no more. Then again, why would wizards experience inflation? Harry wasn't just The Chosen One, he was also a stand-up guy. 17 sickles= 1 galleon. "The Ministry was willing the pay 2.5 million to capture Harry," wrote the user.


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