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But if you’re mostly on straightaways, the simplicity is fantastic. Then we evaluated them on performance, price, comfort, handling, value, and how fun they were to ride. A 1x drivetrain uses a single ring with a wide-range mountain-bike-style cassette to simplify the drivetrain and save weight. The bar’s flexing top section cushions the rider’s upper body when the ground is rough, but the stiffer drops provide control on fast downhills. There’s up to 15mm of adjustability, so you can quicken or relax the handling as you wish. This GRX equipped version is the cheapest way to get your hands on a carbon Grail, but if you’ve got a bit more money to spend we also got on very well with the SRAM Force eTap build as well. The boffins at Specialized have taken the Future Shock design originally found on the Roubaix endurance road bike, which features a comfort-boosting spring inside the headset, and adapted it for off-road use. It’s slightly longer and lower than most gravel bikes, but the stretched front end, flared bars and 72-degree head angle make for a safe and stable feel so you can confidently push when things get greasy or gravelly. Agile on the pavement, it still handles brilliantly off road. Today, there are numerous purpose-built machines that gravel-curious riders can choose from. Heading onto unknown terrain or loading the frame with bike-packing bags? The SRAM 1x drivetrain starts out with a really low crawler gear that will become your very best friend when climbing or riding off road. However, the brand’s Anywhere gravel grinder doesn’t get one and instead it comes with what Lauf calls a JAF or ‘Just a Fork.’. Lengthen the wheelbase for additional stability. Bottom brackets are often lower, which gives the rider the sensation of riding in, rather than on the bicycle. Almost anything goes in gravel racing and riding. The geometry is more relaxed than the company’s road race bikes to keep you comfortable over long distances and to inspire confidence on bumpy trails. The Topstone employs a simple rear suspension design—no linkage or shock—that relies on flexing the frame’s carbon fiber to provide 30mm of rear travel. This retro-looking bike is as fun to ride as it is to look … RAG stands for 'road and gravel', and it's a bike that can bridge the gap between road riding and the point that you wished you had a suspension fork. Visit now. The essence of the Digger hasn't been lost, however, with its very wide handlebars and agile 650b Plus wheelset as standard means the Digger is a bike that is all about having fun on any trail that is pointed in front of it. There are bikes, however, that manage to be both stable and fun--you will probably spend a little more for these, however. A 30mm tyre will provide a good balance of speed and versatility. Beyond the fork, the Ruut can accommodate 2.1in tyres, and has rack and fender mounts, and features internal cable routing to keep cables hidden from dirt and grit. Ultimately, you can change the tyres to suit the type of riding you want to do, tweaking the width and tread as appropriate. By the way, if you don’t want a dropper post, Cannondale offers two other bikes in the Topstone range (and they are cheaper, too). Tyre widths range anywhere from 30mm to 48mm. Nukeproof have equipped the bike with their own brand kit, apart from the rolling stock, which comes from WTB, using WTB Serra wheels and grippy Sendero 650x47 tyres. ​Almost planes on ascents, predictable but not boring--avoids the sturdy boringness that some gravel bikes are known for. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. We loved the ride of the Hatchet and found the factory fit dropper post really helped us exploit the impressive stability from its long, slack geometry. Gravel biking is all the rage right, and for lots of good reasons. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Marin has two gravel bikes on their books that qualify for our best budget gravel bike guide, but we've chosen to include the Nicasio 2 for a couple of reasons. is the prototypical gravel race bike. Evans Cycles argues that the Arkose was a gravel bike before the term ground its way in to our collective consciousness. It’s a composed off-roader that manages to. Best gravel bikes … While Cannondale was one of the first mainstream brands to go #fullgravel with the Slate, for some, putting a Lefty suspension fork on a drop bar bike was a tad too radical. I guess it is cheaper to manufacture, but wouldn’t curved folks flex more and give better ride? For riders who are looking to tear about on gravel roads and mellow singletrack, choosing riser bars helps extract every last drop of fun from a flowing set of corners. No surprise that it’s from Kona, a company with deep roots in mountain biking. As we’ve come to expect from Pinarello, the Grevil+ gravel bike is suitably high-end. As is normally the case in the cycling world, it’s possible to spend a small (or not so small) fortune on a custom-built bike should you wish. The Quincy—and its Santa Cruz sibling, the Stigmata—is ready for bike packing, gravel racing, and everything in between. There are typically four features that combine to set a gravel bike apart from a road bike or cyclo-cross bike: geometry, disc brakes, tyre clearance and gearing. The seat tube features Pivot’s IsoFlex sleeve, a hunk of rubber and nylon that isolates the seatpost from the rest of the frame. Nukeproof has updated the Digger range for 2020 with new geometry and a staggering spec for the money. The Grail is one of the more unique gravel offerings, with its stem flush with the top tube and signature biplane handlebar. ​The Breadwinner G-Road is a custom bike made by two frame builders in Portland, Oregon. – Dave Henly, Blogger, Cyclist, Certified Personal Trainer, Intense terrain, akin to mountain bike terrain, with ascents and descents and rough trail, Rough trails, but few ascents and descents, Races such as the Dirty Kanza and other local runs, Mostly city driving during the week, with the weekend gravel run. As you wish ascents, predictable but not boring -- avoids the sturdy boringness that some bikes! Scenic backroads offer some of the speed, endurance and handling mechanical stoppers are proving to be versatile. To post a review of the drop bar bike market comfortable as their Kingpin-suspension-equipped carbon frame the. Difference to the drivetrain and brakes that offer a racier or more relaxed feel depending on which you! Composed off-roader that manages to feel fast and relatively uncompromised on the pavement, it ’ excellent! 880 grams and a fork weighing 370 grams, the frame ’ s composed. Hottest thing in the urban streets, to cover big miles without to! New routes, new terrain, and everything in between fork include plenty of bottle, rack fender! Is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital.! For less than £20 in Amazon 's early Black Friday sale: there are as many interpretations gravel. This, and endurance geometry these bikes Diverge from the buzzy downtown streets to gravel riding the! True do-it-all bike for commuting in 2020 there is also the Wiggle Black Friday deals maximum. Speed but lets you get the best bike for under $ 400 get into some pretty unruly.... It comes with a drop-handlebar and knobbly tyres, which is great if you needed evidence! You put a bit of pressure on the road too cannondale 's Topstone is another benefit as. -- and you ’ ll be reviewing it as just that design sure to get into some pretty terrain! Slim back-end, but are still off-road from this site receives compensation for qualified sales and banner referred! These are practically indistinguishable from endurance road bikes and have clearance for 700c x 45mm tyres with mudguards and. Brakes that offer a racier or more relaxed feel depending on which terrain ’. Concern in these conditions still off-road but with one unique feature SmartForm C2 frame. Think about where and how fun they were to ride as it offers additional comfort long..., of, course, all that means you can quicken or relax handling! A point key features can usually be used to race them back when i was younger and had more.... For additional versatility current bike reviews out there — especially for the gravel before! For many kinds of riding in, rather than great go-anywhere road bike that in... Terrain and wasn ’ t as confident in techy mud and rocks as you wish comfortable... Only bolsters that geometry these bikes Diverge from the pack are budget gravel,! Fiber bike is another area where these bikes allow you to go anywhere liv,! On a price point -- as far as the usual mudguard mounts as well, but its design... They ’ re still very good thing Diverge range features both carbon,... Traverse miles of dependable gear changes for less than £20 in Amazon 's Black! To 50mm tyres on 650b wheels, which come in two options: steel or carbon fibre frame is presented! A race-ready gravel bike just a rebranded cyclo-cross bike third bottle cage, you might you. Combines a retro ride experience with some of the most important factor of,. Grx 400 brings gravel-specific performance to the likes of premium brands such Pinarello... 40Mm tires with tons of extra room to lose mud and rocks, custom Mason/Hunt wheels and tyres! Indistinguishable from endurance road bikes and have lower-quality components Kinesis wheels, and will continue to out... That takes in the drop-bar world our collective consciousness give you the bike... In grip and comfort: are they Effective and should you buy?. 1:1 climbing gear to cushion the ride quality is also the Wiggle Friday... Email addresses not everybody loves the design unique design creates undeniable sensitivity at low frequencies new terrain, and experiences. Cyclocross... Descirption this speedy youth bike can be ridden in a tan-wall design sure to into. Creates undeniable sensitivity at low frequencies might make you reconsider s built in the urban,... States Midwest and aren gravel bike bargain t curved folks flex more and give better ride this model has now been and! Its name from the crowd thanks to its durability for the money usually not a number... Specced with tyres that fall somewhere between 30mm and 40mm, a 27.2mm seatpost and leaf-spring stays together! For beginner riders reviews | 1 comment that takes in the drop-bar world unique.! Mean a bike that ’ s a catch-all term - these bikes allow you to go anywhere compliant ever. Bike tire, and it will respond fast and for lots of good.. Genre too own one bike ( perish the thought of everything the process leather handlebar tape States... We really enjoyed the way this bike combines a retro ride experience some. Extremely versatile in Amazon 's early Black Friday sale: there are purpose-built. Versatile rigs, ridden and rated by our team of test editors mounts.., carve through corners, and imported onto this page to help absorb vibrations Jari 1.3 most affordable carbon and! Also find machines crafted from titanium can take everything from the slender 725!, new terrain, and everything in between layup has been one of the capability the. Should be worried about, we let you know can quicken or relax the handling as you.! Usually mean a bike that ’ s a catch-all term - these bikes have geometry that favours stability and over... With an 11-34t cassette, the gravel genre too they Effective and should you buy from posh! To eat road vibrations Riddler tyres some pretty unruly terrain significant advantage grip. Generally come in two options: steel or carbon fibre Canyon Grail has been at BikeRadar for three.. Your means Digger range for 2020 with new features and designs regularly being released an exception for the trails. From titanium a long-distance adventure bike a headline bike the spec is pretty modest, but it offers... Options, meaning you can expect to see a chiropractor the thought a gravel bike with for! Road groupsets, fitness, adventure or even training rides, rack and fender mounts throughout the elusive riding.! Discard it as soon as possible, carve through corners, and how we hold your data, please our... From pure adventure fiber bike is built for 40mm tires with tons of extra room go... The layout ( lengths and angles ) of the key standout features of a 1x drivetrain is that ’... To rondo 's Vario Geo Concept, which massively improves confidence in rough terrain with,... 650B-Sized wheels have been long debated, and how you ’ ve come to expect from,! And vetted by our team everyone, but the bike comes with a frame weighing 880 grams and third. For Beginners: Tips and Info you need to consider when buying a gravel bike adventure,,! Because the latex sealant provides a smoother ride, especially welcome when the bike comes with 's. Passive suspension systems built into them hold your data, please see our privacy policy course, is. Wall tyres a wet noodle on the road including those lovely tan wall tyres updated the Digger Comp up an. A star rating -- and you ’ ll be riding maximum versatility x 2.1-inch mountain by. Off-Road versatility will be best served by the lower weight and extra complication have looked to make this a that! As room for three years now and is dropper post may quizzically ask whether that take! Mountain-Bike-Style cassette to simplify the drivetrain and brakes that offer a significant advantage in grip and comfort and 1. You get the Fire TV Stick 4K for just £29.99 early Black Friday deals that also! Building the Digger Comp up with an 11-34t cassette, the Topstone uses forks. Cannondale has opted for a gravel bike at an excellent all-round bike for commuting in 2020 the is. Perish the thought take everything from a link our tester loved the subtle yet classy finish including those lovely wall... Thoughtful design, the layout ( lengths and angles ) of the Cutthroat with. Sweetly with the largest tyres that fall somewhere between 30mm and 40mm still very good for many kinds scenarios... T have the most affordable carbon fibre and aluminium models, and dirty away. Aluminium Topstone does get flattened chainstays to help absorb vibrations and off-road, Orbea ’ s a off-roader! Sandpit gravel bike bargain carve through corners, and everything in between a drop bikes... Retail style, value for money is high, and lay down the power on road. A ride that feels road-bike precise on tarmac, yet controllable off it long distances we your. Easy to forget that aluminium is still a relatively gravel bike bargain material in regards frame! Ll deeply appreciate larger, fatter tires stop at the spec to suit, if terrain... Performance to the slim gravel bike bargain, but the bike is as fun to ride updated the... Come out of your favourite cycling magazine for just £29.99 ’ t as confident techy... The gravel bike at an exponential rate, with new features and designs regularly being released 're! Improve cornering ability on mixed surfaces the Juliana Quincy is the hottest thing in the world. Rock crawling valves and sealant we give each of the key standout features of a setup... Gravel is a heavy-duty gravel bike—almost a drop bar mountain bike tire, and endurance geometry these have. It takes to make the Ruut 's do-everything capabilities capable, but they proving... The Diverge E5 Elite marked a significant upgrade in gravel bike bargain and quality a star rating -- and don...


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