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There are three types of alerts through CMAS: Q: Be assured, I will be following up with the CEO if I have to. He asked for a more specific location. Review #1910142 is a subjective opinion of poster. During the phone call, members will also have access to a Health Information Library with hundreds of pre-recorded messages on general health topics. What makes the Jitterbug Smart2 so easy to use? How much does 5Star Urgent Response cost? If I use Alexa does it cost additional money? 4.1 x 2.4 x .07 inches (105 x 61 x 17.1 mm). How can I do this? The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. Q: Unused minutes from your previous plan will continue to carry over and maintain their original expiration date. Fall Detection only works when your urgent response device is worn around the neck using the specially designed lanyard. Q: Helpful 1 Not helpful 0. The wristband is adjustable from 5 4/5” to 8 1/2” circumference. How do I know if my smartphone is compatible with the Lively Wearable? Speak to live, registered nurse for personalized advice. Today, 6/12/2020, I called for assistance - [protected] and I told them the contact numbers will not transfer to car phone and was told they can't help I have to go to car dealership - duh - I told them I did! You'll find it here. I am in the market for my mother. To manage the list of locations in the 5Star user’s Personal Profile, log in at and click the “Edit My Profile” button. Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)  length, magnetic break-away clasp lanyard. GreatCall’s 5Star Urgent Response™ is a unique and valuable service that provides reliable access to IAED-Certified Response Agents that are trained to provide help in any situation – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, the Jitterbug Touch 2 will display Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) messages. Absolutely a terrible company. I've been happy with the service, for the most part. Can I bypass 5Star Agents and call 9-1-1 directly with the Lively Mobile Plus? The Great Call agent wanted to know the age and sex of the victim before calling the ambulance. What are the Jitterbug Touch camera’s features? If you need more minutes beyond what your monthly plan provides, you have the option of purchasing Add on Minutes. Q: GPS-FALSE 3 years and counting...then GC did an 'upload' never worked again. If you selected "Choose From Menu" in your Alexa setup, first flip the phone open, then scroll down to "Amazon Alexa" on the menu screen, press "OK", then say "Alexa" followed by your question. The phone was 50 a month unlimited data I made one call played a few contest got bill almost 300 dollars first month mailed 200 phone back never got my credit on phone so out 500 for a month which should have been 50. two weeks later - nothing. GreatCall has additional options outside of the typical medical alert device. Q: In Internet Options dialog box select the Security tab. User's recommendation: Don't use this Company. I am being billed months after I closed account. Please open the Lively Wearable app to ensure it has properly reconnected. There are three types of alerts through CMAS: Q: Creating an account is easy. User's recommendation: check with another co. Q: I told her good luck getting the money from a deceased person. Where can I buy a Lively Wearable? 22.97. People love their GreatCall products. Last month was told that we need to update both of our phones at 100.00 dollars a pop. Yes, the Lively Flip offers a 3.5mm Headset Jack and Bluetooth capabilities. I called and complained and cancelled the contract but continued to get bills, then a collection threat! If I’m using my Jitterbug Touch 2 on a Wi-Fi connection, are there data charges? I often call 911 unfortunately when I meant to hit the Home icon next to it. When closed, its smooth edges define a comfortable 4" long by 2" wide by 1" thick uniquely simplified phone. How many ringtones are available on the Touch3? Every five times the app is launched, a pop up window will ask the user to rate the app in the store. Unlimited access to GreatCall First time logging in? The company offers smartphone and flip phone options that are made specifically with older adults in mind and also act as a medical alert device. The Jitterbug J uses a lithium ion rechargeable cell phone battery. Or maybe their customers find the issues they encounter easy to resolve themselves. I ordered the Jitterbug for my husband. Q: She said she was getting A LOT OF CALLS from other folks with the same situation. The customer's health and safety have always been the number one priority of GreatCall. If your Jitterbug J is already activated and you are an existing customer, your device and the services you receive will not be impacted. The Jitterbug Flip has a 2.0 megapixel camera and saves photos in JPG format. Q: Please clean your device after applying lotion, sunscreen or bug repellant using a mild soap and warm water. Can the customer or agent update the phone book from It will also grant you access to the Google Play Store, which allow you to download apps and update your existing apps. What makes the Jitterbug Flip so easy to use? Review #2175233 is a subjective opinion of poster. Does the Jitterbug Smart2 offer Enhanced 911 support? Yes, hearing aid compatibility (HAC) rating M4/T4. Yesterday (a full 2 months after my original GUARANTEE that I would receive a credit), I received a past-due bill for the full $51.69. Keeping your health information up to date also allows the nurses at GreatCall Urgent Care to address your specific needs whenever you call. Can I bypass 5Star Agents and call 9-1-1 directly with the Lively Mobile Plus? When I contact 5Star, are there privacy measures in place to ensure my data and call is secure? Will the device interfere with other medical devices such as a pacemaker? Why can I no longer activate my new GreatCall Splash? Please contact GreatCall’s Customer Service to address this issue. You will be billed 35¢ per minute used over your monthly allowance. What operating system does the Jitterbug Smart2 have? Which minutes expire first on my account? Once you have added the Handset Replacement Option to your phone, you may replace your GreatCall phone once per 12-month period. Q: If I switch my service to GreatCall will I be able to keep my existing cell phone number? Q: How do you communicate with 5Star Agents and/or 9-1-1 operators/emergency services with The 5Star device? Can I get Fall Detection for my original 5Star device? The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. The service was horrible. 70 – An internationally recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in 1992. Well, the minutes roll over, they say, so it’s not a problem. Lively Wearable for iPhone:  What is the maximum number of photos the Jitterbug5 can store, send or receive? I went to the salesperson that sold me many cars and he always gets the numbers to transfer! If your device detects a fall, a notification will appear on your smartphone and a voice prompt will play saying "Fall detected. Yes. For reimbursement of $102 for phone and case. Q: Once minutes are applied, any unused minutes will carry over. What makes the Jitterbug Smart so easy to use? Q: You will not be able to access, nor set up a Google account, which is necessary for many of the apps on your phone. If you are in the market, I hope you give them a try. Q: Q: Night period begins at 7pm and ends at 6am. The location can be updated manually at any time by clicking the Update Location link on the map. Why am I being asked to rate the app? They are either intentionally corrupt or incredibly incompetent. What if I don’t want to do any challenges? Access to a Health Information Library with hundreds of pre-recorded messages on general health topics. I don't know, I'm in the forest, there are a lot of trees and I'm the only car rolled over on the side of the road. When asked to delete all emails, most of the time I get that there was a problem with syncing the folder. Which Bluetooth headset is recommended for the Jitterbug Touch? Are tutorial videos available to help me use my Jitterbug Smart2? Anytime you feel anxious, threatened, in possible danger, or just not sure, you should feel free to call 5Star for assistance. Yes, the handset supports E-911 capabilities that determines caller identification and relative call location.


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