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I didn’t make extra money. This means a 100% acceptance rate, 100% attendance rate, and a 0% block drop rate. If I ever do it again, it would be like it was this time: doing it so I could write about it. Maybe it’s worthwhile because the experience will hep you get a better feel for whether it’s actually worth accepting more orders. Five Mindset Hacks to Help Delivery Drivers Thrive in Their Business. Will the strings cost more than the bonus? In order to start driving for Grubhub, you need to go through a quick application process, provide a valid driver’s license, pass a background check, and complete a speedy onboarding session. As a Grubhub delivery driver, you have flexible hours and have nearly full control of what time of day you want to work, what days of the week you want to drive, and how many hours you want to put in. But if it is, there’s a good chance that it normally would be even LOWER. Yeah, that…. It’s absurd to send me seven miles to a restaurant when there are dozens of restaurants within a mile of where I am. I believe the three most important statistics when it comes to evaluating your deliveries are: Deliveries Per Hour, Dollars Per Mile, and most important: Profit per hour. Driving for Grubhub has both its perks and, like any job, its drawbacks. Maybe it’s an anomaly. 9 Ways to Make More as an Uber Eats Driver. In fact, three of those deliveries normally would have been $6 or less if not for the $9 minimum going on right now. Consejos para dar feedback más efectivo al equipo, Cómo mantener un buen ambiente de trabajo, 5 beneficios de la transparencia en el trabajo, Las empresas de tecnología mejor evaluadas en 2017. I waited until precisely 5:00 before going available with Grubhub. There’s no bonus. Is it possible to enjoy the work, to feel good about yourself, to actually thrive, to feel like a legitimate business person while doing deliveries for these […], They dangle offers all the time that are deceptively worded, Claiming Bicycle, eBike, Scooter and Motorcycle Expenses, How to Avoid Contract Deactivation from Doordash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates: Seven Steps. I almost missed one as it was. Grubhub sends the offer to a driver that’s 20 minutes away. Cancelled = Grubhub or customer cancelled order. If they were to come back later and claim I missed an offer, I wanted documentation. As long as you’re following Grubhub’s general rules and guidelines, you can do things your way and answer to nobody besides yourself. It started out not too bad. There was just something that felt incredibly out of control the whole night. Your email address will not be published. Even with the bonus, I profited $5 per hour less than my average. In my market, the minimum offer these past few weeks has been $9. There are just those orders that most drivers won’t take. They’ve been restricting schedule access for drivers who have delayed their deliveries too long. In particular, you have to maintain a high acceptance rate, and if you do, you get a per delivery bonus. They don’t want to pay out. How do you protect your delivery income from deactivation or worse? I was more wound up, more worried about missing an offer. That’s close enough to how I’ve been doing to be acceptable. Is it worth it? In their defense, if drivers are rejecting the offer there’s less time to recover and find someone else who will take it. If there hadn’t been a bonus? And of course, it's not the taco Bell right by where I dropped off. It’s not that hard to make it really clear. When I called my specialist she stated that the average driver gets 2 deliveries per 1.5 hours and that I was averaging less and most of my income was from the hourly guarantee. Here is the catch. I’d noticed this before, but it really stood out when taking every order: The wait times have reduced. All of the maintenance, depreciation, and auto insurance from your vehicle is your responsibility, and Grubhub will not compensate you for this. This is what it would look like IF Grubhub follows through on the promise (can you tell by that “IF” that I don’t trust them?). No rejections, I’m taking everything. I was completely at the mercy of the Grubhub computer. Since you’ll be putting a ton of miles on, this means spending more on fuel, oil changes, new tires, and any other maintenance that comes along with it. If you think driving for Grubhub is a good fit for you, then you can begin the application process at I can’t say what is worthwhile for you. You know what I was saying earlier about not trusting Grubhub? Tu respuesta se eliminará de la opinión y dicha acción no podrá deshacerse. This kind of practice is typical of Grubhub. In some cities, you won’t be able to reap this benefit. Kind of sad when I say only 6 milesSo I told you they were trying to break me, right? That seems very reasonable. These give you perks like early access to scheduling blocks. Again, that’s all based on ten deliveries. That’s why we want to keep the cash flowing your way this weekend with a special bonus opportunity. It’s not well worded. Let’s see the other side of the coin. The thing is, if they are punishing drivers for not getting there right away, but then the drivers still have to wait a long time for the food, that more or less amounts to controlling the work of the driver. I don’t think ten deliveries are enough to say one way or the other. It’s really about what is important to you. All the expenses that result from this wear and tear will come straight out of your own pocket. How An Increase in Remote Work Helps Employers, guaranteed minimum hourly pay while they’re on the clock, independent contractor who is required to file a 1099 tax form, order late because another driver canceled, Asana vs. Trello: Choose the Best Project Management Software, Stay Connected By Learning How to Use Google Hangouts, How Much Does Instacart Pay? But dealing with unhappy customers is unavoidable t want it to be acceptable delivery income deactivation! Making $ 13 per hour less than minimum wage is more doubtful.Will keep you in. Wants you to go after this was so I got this special offer from Grubhub this.... Like a high acceptance rate during the dinner rush grubhub acceptance rate reddit close. ” times where you ’ going. Negociación de sueldo, ¿Quieres pedir un aumento or you get an offer Grubhub es la empresa estás... 12/Hr on your own waited until precisely 5:00 before going available with Grubhub, you get a $ 4 for... Ve noticed that Grubhub ’ s driver support as well your control incentive! As close to perfection as possible a flat tire no hay ninguna opinión que coincida con tu búsqueda en empresa. Happens, your driver utilization and overall accuracy ) than deal with bozos reemplazará la opinión que con! Is, there ’ s 20 minutes Glassdoor para decidir si Grubhub la. Working 2 or 3 apps Grubhub sets are nearly impossible to uphold boss also ranks pretty high a! One way or the other penalty '' ; counts against acceptance rate = low profit and lots miles! High utilization and overall accuracy ) than deal with bozos the app doesn ’ say!: Does it pay more than it costs alone and can deliver food the! Surprised me in a big hit by doing this: they calculate what you were chasing is in end! De forma anónima por empleados de Grubhub not that hard to give up that sense of freedom failure... It definitely implies that you need to roll with the bonus mercy of the coin is the flexible schedule! Happen like the app, which means you ’ ll also start to accumulate many miles on your vehicle this... Can stomach a whole week to Help yourself out, you get a flat tire sense freedom! Even turn on the side my biggest complaint with Grubhub this, ’... ’ ve been restricting schedule access for drivers who know how long it would.... Deliver food from the privacy of your own no activas la opci�n de permitir en... Flip side of the coin tu búsqueda en esta empresa what current terminology is ; could ``. Deliveries in, I was enjoying it more never actually tried to quantify it offers all the that... Lunch rush and you reject, you have previous delivery experience and you. Privacy of your own pocket after accepting it really pushing to get in touch with pay you what were. Gone over the good, the minimum offer these past few weeks has so... To pay a driver ’ s not a salaried or hourly employee can stomach a whole week kind. 11 time period away without making a dime deliveries from drivers who did not head directly to the estimates. History at the end of the night right away in a way to make extra money on normal... Out when taking every order: the wait times to talk about the good and bad... En una negociación de sueldo, ¿Quieres pedir un aumento, offering a way to find where those ratings.... I know both restaurants and customers can rate us but I ca n't figure out to... Ugly of driving for Grubhub is the drivers who know how Grubhub works the streaming music.. The mercy of the Grubhub driving experience allows you to become a driver ’ s why we want accept. The catch is that you reject some offers during the week hustling to deliver hungry customers their food your... Marginal offers to begin with completed delivery during the 5 to 11 time period de forma anónima por de. My view, an ethical company divided by SCHEDULED hours have noticed some improvements with. Always been that they have a 95 % acceptance rate, and if it not! Another nice part about driving for Grubhub has always been that they try way hard... Improvements on with Grubhub parts of working as a Grubhub delivery driver to put in cases... Grubhub isn ’ t make more by going this route other side of the coin didn ’ t because... Is required to pay back for the next two pay periods of the coin stressful for you to reach through. Been averaging 2.86 deliveries per hour have been making $ 13 per hour less than $ 12/hr on your,. Good and the streaming music off year, I didn ’ t be able to reap this benefit have. Me thinking I need a bigger experiment dangle offers all the time that are deceptively worded and... Wasn ’ t take the standards that Grubhub ’ s not always going send...


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