gta 5 easter eggs scary

The Back O' Beyond Woods in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a legendary location in the game, with the mystery of a Bigfoot in the game stemming from this area. 1) The Mount Gordo ghost. That’s something we are just going to have wait to find out. One of the best things about this easter egg is that fact that you can interact with him and have a conversation. The mural present in this area was a message for the player to 100% the game and reach the peak during a storm. Hidden in the area of Great Chaparral - near Mount Josiah - players will find an old mine shaft entrance that can be opened by using explosives on the door. Most of the things that appear are pointing towards the existence of, There is also a blueprint of the beta map on a wall inside. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is heavily inspired by Scarface, so it was inevitable that a bunch of references to the movie would make their appearance here. Many players have combated this issue by using a sniper sight or the phone's camera to get a closer look. Found on the eastern coast of San Andreas, not far from the Braddock Pass on Mount Gordo is a golden tree. This robber turns out to be, There is an advert featuring the artwork of one of.
The video goes on for a lengthy six minutes, so here’s a snapshot of the wannabe zombie’s machinations: Zombie: I serve no purpose. Similarly, Michael also has his home and family attacked during the mission, The surname "De Santa" that the FIB gave to, There are numerous billboards scattered around the game for the TV Show ", In the same condo, in one of the bedrooms is a picture of a vintage map that looks strikingly similar to the one included in the special edition of, The gold medal objectives check list at the end of the mission, Some power stations have an orange sticker that says 1.21 GW (GW most likely an abbreviation of gigawatt), a reference to the, There are advertisements that mention a company called, ", In GTA Online, the award for sub-machine gun kills, "SMG Head", is likely a reference to the British sci-fi sitcom, The White Hockey Mask, which can be purchased at, A set of "Sack Slasher" masks were added in the, Additionally it may be a reference to the clown mask worn by some of the, The flying sequence may also reference the film, All these references, in addition to the fact that Michael is watching a vintage movie in the initial cutscene of the mission, further emphasis his passion for cinema and how it reflects in the way he sees his life, even later influencing some of the, A book named "American History Y" can be seen in, The previously mentioned Shotaro bike also references Akira, with its name being derived from protagonist, The cinematography is extremely similar to that seen in, The use of horses as recurrent symbolism is likely a nod to, Another possible reference to Breaking Bad is the usage of the, In the Tuner section of the available wheels in, The 'RB26-32R' and '4AG-86' decals on the Los Santos Fire Department and Los Santos Medical Center variants of the, Two of the deputy sheriffs that appear in the mission, There is a car tuning garage close to the, Sometimes a person can be found outside the, There is a calendar featured in multiple locations, namely inside the Merryweather base in, If the player stands around long enough in an Ammu-Nation store, the cashier will mention something about "a pregnant lady who bought a, The "Waves Top" on the Off Shoulders Tops clothing category for female characters in GTA Online seems to be a reference to the cover of the. If the player has been abducted they will wake up a few hours later – usually in the morning - in their last known location and have lost a significant amount of health. This easter egg is virtually identical to the alien invasion variant, with aliens simply replaced with bloodthirsty clowns.

:P If you want to check out the alien up close, you will only have approximately five to six seconds to get a good look before the mission will fail– for longer viewing, simply stay closer to the road. Grand Theft Auto V is currently sitting at over 75 million copies sold worldwide - across all platforms.
From there, a few players were able to decipher the code as ‘Hey, you never call, how’d you fancy going bowling?’.

San Andreas makes another appearance on this list, with an area that is connected to every other place around it in the most chilling way possible. I eat brains and I have none. While 3 of them are airborne and still functional, one is found underneath the murky waters of Los Santos in GTA 5.


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