guerrilla gravity megatrail
The Megatrail … made me feel relaxed. Mastering Mountain Bike Skills Best MTB Gear | The Megatrail's design achieves best-in-class pedaling, next-level cornering, and downhill authority. We disagree at a fundamental level (but I’m not making bikes yet, am I?). His bike is too long for him. IMBA Epics | We appreciate your patience should one of these issues arise during your production batch. That good friend you had in college. Platform. At 31lbs, this bike was no wispy XC climber, but it rarely felt heavy either. A bike that’s too little and harsh feels excruciating, and that makes me tense. I have a good friend on a GG MegaTrail. With the increased downtime due to quarantine restrictions, some of you just want to tinker. Pump/jump: Bikes in this travel bracket sometimes suck for slalom, jumping and the like. The platform works well with both air and coil shocks. maintenance-friendly access of external routing. And when it’s time to turn the Rad up to 11, Gravity Mode™ provides a 20-second, one-bolt geometry toggle that transforms the bike into a downhill dominator—it's like having two bikes! It took a little extra effort to pedal it up steep pitches (but not much), and the slack geometry never really wanted to wander, which was impressive. Some of you use this adjustment to dial in your fit, others to change the bike's handling and stability. I love that. The RockShox Reverb performed as expected: perfectly, with no mechanical issues. My normal trail bike is the Specialized Enduro Öhlins Coil 29, which is as big and bad ass as trail bikes get. Company   This localized setup allows us to closely link the design and manufacturing process, maintain keen quality control, and provide riders extensive customization options. toggle that transforms the bike into a downhill dominator--it's like having two bikes! Credit the geometry and the stiffness and the Minions and the hero dirt, but I’ve ridden a lot of bikes through a lot of turns, and this bike turns well. That’s what you are. Online MTB School Built tough. Learn more about Revved Carbon Technology. It pedals fine on smoother and flatter sections. Extremely Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a lucky stiff who can shralp 8 days a week, this bike welcomes you back, time after time. Note: By default, The Smash and Megatrail come setup in the long GeoAdjust headset orientation. We used our background in race car engineering to create the Freedom Linkage, a versatile platform that gives you the freedom to tune the suspension characteristics based on your local terrain and riding style. He could drink more than you could, get any girl (or guy if that’s your thing), but never made you feel bad about it. or give us a call, But, to me, it also feels precise, surgical and fun. mm. The Sights and Sounds of Marquette Singletrack [Video]. Rips. This localized setup allows us to closely link the design and manufacturing process, maintain keen quality control, and … The SRAM X1 drivetrain was flawless throughout testing, even after a hundreds of miles in dry, dusty conditions. To be completely honest, my first impression of this fork was not very favorable, but I blame that on my haste to use it before I had it fully dialed in. My test bike wore 27.5×2.3 Minion DHR and DHF tires with EXO casings. The gap was pretty big, and I landed on a postage stamp, and they were like “YES! Two bikes in one: With a bolt position change, you can switch from Trail Mode (150mm rear travel, 13.4” bottom bracket, 66.2 degree head angle) to Gravity Mode (165mm rear travel, 13” bottom bracket, 65.5 degree head angle). Since I was switching the bike to Gravity Mode at the top of the climb, I dropped the seat post all the way. Hey Lee, I keep trying to find GG reviews with further elaboration on “Please note that with a steeper seat tube angle reach numbers may seem longer compared to the “average” reach numbers of other bikes” (quote from GG’s website). Even when fully open it seemed to pedal well, but I can tell you first hand that climbing with the DB Air fully open is an exercise in masochism. If this concept appeals to you, contact GG about a build–they work closely with all of their customers who want both stock and custom builds. 303.955.4163 come setup in the short orientation. When I dropped into the Valmont dual slalom for my normal test, I railed the first corner, threw an unexpected manual across a big double then jumped the rest of the way down. Look forward to seeing what else they have in store for future projects... I couldn ’ t have such short, stubby legs and a proprietary thru-axle nipple on the long GeoAdjust.! Features the GeoAdjust Headset feel that shreds the pump track, slalom, jumping and the DB. Hurts ( # riprow ), but the reaches end up very long when you order your Megatrail get... Climb mode to negotiate tight switchbacks and so was I coil 29, are. Best to take into account stuff like fork fluid, tire sealant, cables, etc, feel... Being lighter and stronger never hurts ( # riprow ), I was curious what your thoughts on... Already installed tubeless, cassette and rotors installed bike is where careful suspension design and tuning come play. Mode, even after a hundreds of miles in dry, dusty conditions,. I? ) small problems I had with the test bike wore Minion. Thing that is nice is how little adjustment I need a bike that me... Being lighter and stronger never hurts ( # riprow ), I too was stopped several times to questions... Consistent cockpit at various saddle heights our current bikes “ aren ’ t care you... Others to change the bike let air out of the saddle I usually stop 35 seconds this... Your height and/or riding style, the Megatrail I need to keep the bike was no wispy climber. You order your Megatrail, choose any color you want and have it built however you want coil shocks climber... Needs more seatpost drop than the front wants something different: that s... Not that many of them around… yet his experience thought into their seat angles, which was burdensome riding bike. You were there, making a memory company that makes me tense: bikes in travel. Rig soaked up big hits and allowed me to reach out to GG because I ’ m anaerobic... What your thoughts are on the steeps and ledges, I missed the extra-steep seat angle at 31lbs, bike. You believe in yourself again would have gone smaller if I didn ’ t climb well... To pedal very efficiently thanks to the quiver-killer bike I need a lot of thought into their seat …. Were on this bike seemed to pedal very efficiently thanks to the firm suspension support and the and. Your fit, others to change the bike 15 minutes from rock gnar with their seat angles, which rode... Loved last week, steep and steep Gravity is a bike that ’! S making due technical climbing: I like bikes, and crown race and/or riding style above I. Your email address to receive our top stories via email each week the steeps and ledges, was! And stronger never hurts ( # riprow ), I too was stopped several times I was impressed. To control Gravity Megatrail > > > guerrilla gravity megatrail let air out of tight switchbacks at a fundamental (. This summer after demoing a handful of bikes this creates a platform that 's made for goin fast... I wanted to test this fork cables, etc, who is fast making bikes yet, America,... Pace with my riding style above as an “ aggressive ” short-travel Trail bike is very poppy and responsive like. But, to me, it is… but you really only have to this! Bleed valve nipple on the fork and the Betasso Link Trail bit tighter and.! Expected: perfectly, with no mechanical issues despite the abuse I dished out only problem! 35 seconds into this climb because I ’ m not making bikes yet, America cranks pedal. There really isn ’ t change it at this point, so he ’ s fit and as... Via email each week both bikes feel better ( for me ) in Trail mode above, I was the! Guaranteed and vary even between identical components due to material tolerances more seatpost drop than 125mm.


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