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As the QB comes to the LOS, he will look at the Trio set. The rushing attack posted 1447 yards, scoring 14 touchdowns. R: Snag Route, Slant & Sit. The play started when Air Raid Godfather Hal Mumme stole it from BYU in the early 80s via Lavelle Edwards. Since most coaches in youth football put their weaker players at CB, this means one of my best athletes has the ball in their hands against a less skilled player. We will show these plays against the two most common defenses we see, the 5-3 Cover 3 and 4-4 Cover 3. You can see where Carl Winston at running back draws him toward the sideline with his swing route, creating just enough space for Bret Bartolone to sit and Tuel to find him. Hal Mumme served as the offensive coordinator at UTEP in the early 80’s. He will sit in an open zone, or continue toward the sideline and angle upfield against man coverage. There is no, one Run Game of choice in the Air Raid Offense Series. It’s a quarterbacks dream offense that allows him to easily read defenses via deception and exploitation. If the play side DT is over the Guard, the Guard will down block, the TE will go up to the LB and the T will kick out the DE. The Run Game is interesting in the Air Raid. F: Running our Bubble Screen we call Roger. Once you are experts, you can easily tag players/positions at will. Y: Full speed crossing route, setting Mesh at 4 yards, not deeper than 5. F needs to catch the ball and not turn upfield until he reaches the hash mark. Youth athletes come in all shapes, sizes and skill sets. They are rarely thrown to unless the quarterback or coach is feeling frisky or is wide open. Sit in open grass if defense is in zone, keep running if they are in man. Note the option route by the left side slot; this is for dissecting zone. There may be no better play call to define the Air Raid than the mesh. If SAM fills the grass in the flats, then the QB hits the Y running the Dig/Hunt behind. If it’s man defense, the two crossers attempt to disrupt by essentially forcing the defenders to either collide or move out of each other’s way — a rub or a pick in football vocabulary. The second progression moves to the H on the shallow crossing route. We briefly covered how a defensive zone is vertically and horizontally stressed in the first post of this Air Raid series (LINK), and Chris Brown details much more about triangle stresses here. The read progression starts on the outside, with a peek at the corner route. The Quick Game, Drop Back Game, Screen Game and the Running Game from the Air Raid Offense Series. Slap left hand with L. Sit in open grass if defense is in zone, keep running if they are in man. The post route on the outside was changed to a corner route, and the depth of the mesh is a little more shallow. In 2019, expect to see a similar play to the one designed often and a heavy dosage of the concept by the Cardinals. L: If the defender is aligned 7+ yards off pre-snap, 3 step Hitch. By way of the hiring of Mike Leach protege Kliff Kingsbury — and the subsequent getting of his guy (Kyler Murray) — the Arizona Cardinals are the first pro team to delve deep into the exoticism of the Air Raid. From there it moves to the Y crossing route then X along the back sideline. However, to start it off, here are the bare-bones ideologies of the play: Now, below is a play design similar to what the Kingsbury mesh concept may look like in the NFL. The Drop Back Game (DBG) routes take a bit longer to develop so a five step drop from under center or a two-step drop from the Gun is necessary. Air Raid 1999 Oklahoma Offense - Mike Leach.pdf 2001 Hoover HS (AL) Offense (Rush Propst - HC).pdf Shallow - Hal Mumme - SE Louisiana Clinic.pdf Mesh Play - Monte Maxwell - … He wins the job over Cammon Cooper and Gunner Cruz, according to Theo Lawson of The Spokesman-Review. The receiver’s rules of finding open grass are all the same. Click here to see the 2 Drop Back Game plays your Middle Schoolers will love running (playbook & cut ups). It puts up points and Heisman winners alike at a rapid pace, but its fit within the lines of pro football is unknown (literally, as hash marks are smaller). Quick Game (QG) concepts are quick passing plays utilizing a three step drop from under center or a one step drop from the Pistol or Gun. However, Kingsbury will bring a new twist to the mesh; his playbook is filled with variations of the play for any circumstance or personnel. L: Tight alignment, full speed crossing route, slapping left hands with Y. Center, RG, RT: Down blocks one Gap down. The goal is to get your athletes the ball in space allowing them to make plays. If covered, block man on. Tune into a Chiefs, Patriots, Eagles, Rams, or Browns game, and you’ll see the mesh called upon often for easy first downs. In his breakdown, you can again see the outside linebacker being drawn to the flat and creating space for the mesh route to sit. If SAM doesn’t fill that flat with color, QB throws the Swing to T. If the SAM moves to the flats or runs with Y in man, that opens up the next read which is L, who is sitting in that hook/curl zone or running with a man defender trailing. What they do is force the defense to not sit in underneath coverage — such as cover-2 — as it pulls them out. Your job to adjust route to Y’s depth. T: Angle looking for open grass between widening MLBs. LT: Full speed pull, aiming to turn up the hole created by the down block and pulling Guard, looking inside for LB’s. We do run Fly Sweep but since that takes very little time to install, we rep Bubble way more. The concept of what a balanced offense is has been re-defined. Most only have 3 rushing concepts such as Iso, Power or Zone that cover the need to execute an inside run, outside run and a misdirection. Taught by Hal Mumme & the Air Raid Family What are the benefits of Air Raid Certification? LG: Full speed pull, aiming to kick out penetrating DE. When it’s zone, option routes come to play with either cross. QB takes his two-step drop and simply reads which of these targets is in open grass. If SAM fills the grass in the flats, then the QB hits the Y. We consider the Bubble Screen our outside run concept. R: 8-10 yard speed out. Every single Air Raid coach and playbook has it as a principal of their playbook, but the iterations of it vary. R: If the defender is aligned 7+ yards off pre-snap, 3 step Hitch. If we have a numbers advantage (3 on 2, safety doesn’t count), he will throw the Bubble Screen. Anytime you see a corner route diagrammed for an Air Raid play here, know that the receiver will run to open space, not follow any strictly defined path (i.e. Since the Drop Back Game (DGG) concepts take a bit longer to develop, we only use two at the Middle School level. Instead, it’s substituted for a slot receiver to create the shallow crossers. We'll be supplementing the rudimentary scheme guidelines with some in game examples, so you can see how these different concepts work in a game situation, not just on the chalk board. If the defender is aligned 6 yards or less pre-snap, outside release Go. If covered block man on. Join us for the next installment of this series when we show you the Drop Back Game concepts your kids will love scoring with! In the same way the triple option leveled the playing field for undersized and outmatched team in previous eras, Air Raid levels the playing field in today’s game. The hope is that you'll get a better understanding of how the offense works and why it's conceptually able to exploit defenses, and if you're able to apply that to enhance your enjoyment of watching the Cougs, all the better. But they all have a key aspect in common; the mesh. These passing concepts all play off one another and can be used strategically to dominate any defense seen at the Middle School level. Great play call anywhere on the field, especially in the red zone. While Hal Mumme the person who formalized the Air Raid, used Iso as his core running package, the rushing attacks from true Air Raid schools vary per the coach’s preferences. Air Raid offenses have churned out NFL talent, and Kingsbury is part of that. You do not need a QB with a cannon, just a player who loves the game and can throw 20 yards. When your offense comes to the line of scrimmage, every player is engaged, looking for simple defensive keys. The playbook is limited in the number of plays but each has several variations. The final Quick Game concept every Middle School Air Raid team needs is All Verticals. One hard step forward, selling the fact he is running a route, then he turns completely toward QB, backpedaling with hands up making a huge target. The goal is to practice a few core plays so much that the entire team is expert level at them. If the defender is pressing or playing close, the receiver options the route based on leverage. Your players will thrive in it and you can coach it up! Partner of iOne Digital / Cassius Network. The mesh concept works so well because of the stress it puts on both man, and zone defensive coverages. A quick-hit route outside to continue to keep defenses on their toes. It was great once we did. If the corner from the outside receiver isn’t open, one shallow crosser often is. There are bubble screens, tunnel screens and traditional RB screens. What should make this a unique X and O series for you, the WSU fan, is that I've included diagrams of plays we saw in games for each concept. The Spread Offense is not going anywhere. If the defender is aligned 6 yards or less pre-snap, outside release Go. If the Safety backpedals straight backward or to his left, QB throws to F. If the Safety backpedals toward the F, QB throws to Y. In the Air Raid Quick Game, no matter what concept is called, if the opponent wants to give you free yards (easy money as we call it), take it and don’t stop taking it until they adjust. The only difference being that if the defender covering them is 6 yards or less, that receiver is then running to the open grass behind them on a Go route. I have even heard of this offense referred to as the triple option of the passing game. QB takes his two-step drop and simply reads open grass. Those deep routes are essential as it adds a vertical threat to what is known as a horizontal-hitting play. The middle is where all the action is via the two shallow crossers. If SAM sits in the grass that the Y is attacking, then he hits the T who is on a full speed sprint downhill. When a cornerback is playing a little looser, the receiver will quickly run and cut outside for an easy catch and completion. The secret of the Air Raid is in the way practices are structured, the everyday drills that are preformed and the amount of reps that are taken. L: Mandatory outside release Go. The health of the game, the pipeline of the future lies directly on the youth programs of America. Up to LB if you are uncovered. As I will get into shortly, the magic behind the Air Raid offense is that on every single pass play, one of six players may get the ball. When the dust settled after our first year in the Air Raid offense series, the San Ramon Valley Thunderbirds Varsity (U14, 8th grade) team had brought home the Northern California Championship. That stack is used to flood zones and pull defenses out via a deep post and wheel route from the two outside receivers. UNIT3D 2020 raises more than $3,600 for Hilinski’s Hope.


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