honda nr750 for sale
But what I think is most interesting is that the two actual NR750 owners who commented here didn’t seem to care at all that not everyone adores this bike. Hard to deny the ingenuity of the concept. Rare SportBikes For Sale. Featured Listing: 1996 Yamaha YZF600R for Sale. I had A deal locked down on one earlier this year but just couldn’t write the check. When you think of the mechanical and electronic innovation, it is all the more remarkable that it all works… It has ample power for everyday ( I have seen 264 km/h on the digital speedo which is way faster than I want to ride these days) and it very comfortable. Get all our new posts delivered to your email automatically. The zero-mile NR is up for £109,000 but if you can't quite stretch to that, a quick scan shows there are two others out there too; a 5,000-mile minter for £100,000 or one with just 2,650 miles on the clock for a bargain £89,999. In 1987 it did what is was supposed to do as a race bike and in 1992 it did what is was supposed to as a road bike. If the oval piston was such a bad idea, Ducati would never had got the FIM to ban the layout as quickly as they did once it proved to be so fast. Featured Listing – 2008 Ducati S4RS Tricolore. Yay? Personally, I just think the NR750 kind of dated-looking, but I’ve admitted on multiple occasions I have weird aesthetic taste, and maybe I’ll change my mind if and when I see one in person. Yes overall way cool bike. E-Commerce Content is independent of editorial content and we may receive compensation in connection with your purchase of products via links on this page. No claims, warranties, or guarantees are implied by for items displayed at this site or any site referred to from this site. A V8 in the guise of a V4. Wow, much proudly ignorant passions being flushed to the surface. Clearly this model is polarizing from the previous comments. I do think they are damn sexy bikes. After all, you have to be the only guy in the comments section who can actually speak from personal experience about this bike, and it’s very interesting to hear that the cliches about Honda’s engineering excellence hold true here. How dare anyone suggest things like racing success, horsepower, cornering clearance, weight and for sure cost should account for ANYTHING when having an opinion about a sport bike. Yes it was a engineering exercise along with for the era and time one hell of a styling exercise as well. I stand by my opinion that those who don’t get it, never will. Good suspension – yawn on a $50k machine Check. Loris Capirossi set the flying mile, kilometre and 10km record on a lightweight NR at the Nardo ring, but that's about the only record the NR can lay claim to. Thinning the collection. claims no accuracy to advertisements made herein. Billy when a manufacturer sets off to build only 200 of anything their intentions aren’t to build the best road racer or road going bike on the planet. Love them all for your own reasons. They’re on the list too! It is truly amazing. Pretty amazing when you realize Honda’s history in the 60’s developing 250 and 350 six cylinder four strokes (and others) revving to the stratosphere with Hailwood aboard and winning races. This road going NR750 uses elliptical piston with curved long sides. With everything Honda went throught a learned, i think it would have been more fitting, and a laugh riot, if they had instead released the following: As the sheet lifts off the production nr750 at the 1992 unveiling, the world casts eyes on the worlds first oval piston, 750cc “result of a decade’s perfection”. Honda wanted to build 1000 of these but the orders dried up after 322 were built. I also have a Harley Night Rod Special and a S1000RR so the NR isn’t for speed. Featured Listing – 1986 Honda NS400R in Rothmans Livery ! Funky, and finding replacement oval pistons will prove to be a biotch. Oh and Donn, not sure on the “Born Ready” title – the joke back in the day was that NR stood for “Never Ready”, due to the long development time and ultimately underwhelming final street product! They do shit like this just for fun. Its about which manufacturer has the most money to throw at engineering exercises. There was a brief description of the bike on a card attached. If you just like quirky engineering, great, buy what you like and be happy, but don’t insist that those of us who care more about performance than novelty are bellyachers and nit pickers. The seller not only states the incorrect year, but also the model name; the street version was simply called NR. Then you’ll just have to lump in the Ducati 916 right alongside this one too. Let’s not knock it, also, on the basis that NR750 really changed what the sports bikes would look in the future. Featured Listing: Air-cooled Ducati 749 hot rod superbike! So does a CBR1000F… And I agree the engineering that went into it is immense. Yours, if you're loaded. Please email me at, © 2020 All Rights Reserved. If you are looking at this motorycycle, you know what it is. I thought this site was supposedly about RARE Sport bikes for sale. Honda perfected mass reduction and coupled it with mass centralization, all rolling with a 16in front wheel. Come on! I’d love to have one. Really happy to read all the comments (good and bad) Honda had no choice but to stop development, the FIM did not want Ducati to lose. Ducati could be scolded for cribbing far more than what’s polite from the NR. Amazing bike Steve and the fact that you put miles on it, That’s even better! Hey Steve! I’d never heard that, and either the rules loophole got closed or Honda agreed that it was a dead-end because they went to a two-stroke after a couple unsuccessful seasons, at least in Grand Prix racing. The NR750 is unbelievably cool and drop dead gorgeous. Honda was the 600 LB gorilla in the room and the mere fact they would design and compete with something like this was impressive. So Necron99, I think they call that a “straw man argument,” since absolutely no one here actually suggested the NR750 wasn’t rare, or a sportbike, or… most of what you said. Featured Listing: 1974 Yamaha TZ750 Racer! It’s definitely a bike (I’m sure some fool will want to come along and argue differently- “just ‘cuz”), and you’d also have to say its intent is sporting. I just bought one here in Japan. No I’m not going to pay $70k for the novelty of oval pistons on an otherwise unremarkable machine, performance-wise, even compared to it’s contemporary counterparts. 1992 Honda NR750 – RC40 ( Ireland ) for sale on eBay The NR750’s engine was a brainstorm response to Moto GP’s limit of four cylinders. Featured Listing: 1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R for Sale, Featured Listing – 2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition, Featured Listing: 1959 Ducati Elite 200 for Sale. Nice to look at, but………. First I’ve seen for general sale in the US apart from a couple that changed hands privately. Mostly by journalists looking for a heated debate. The Honda NR750, an outgrowth of the NR500 GP bike, was a rare specimen back in the early 1990s when it was new and I just got a note from Tim, one of our regulars here, that he spotted one of these exotic machines for sale on eBay over in the UK. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A peculiar bespoke-priced showpiece from the leading volume manufacturer, the Honda RC40 met at the crossroads of rule-bending engine development, enterprise-level manufacturing skill, and large-team design and engineering. Honda are bringing Rube Goldberg back from the dead to lead up the project. As a technological tour de force, it works in typical Honda form. To me it represents a novel but failed engineering exercise in the oval pistons. Rarely seen on RSBFS or elsewhere, this example has evidently been enjoyed in Ireland. No extra space for it then in your rooms full of WSBK and GP trophies. To be considered a total success it must undeniably lay the following facts onto the ground: it must NOT be successful in making a bike go round a racetrack any faster than round wheels; it must NOT translate to better performance for lowly streetbikes; it must NOT exceed 70% of the power of or weigh less than 100lb more than a similar competitor’s machine (for if it did, people might compare this new technology with that of commonplace existing low tech and we certainly can’t have that); and finally and most importantly, it MUST NOT produce a profit!


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