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Unfortunately neither engine conformed to KISS principles and were too expensive and long in development. The endurance racing NR750 won one race. It’s as if I’d just slapped your grandma, given the way people get so worked up about anyone saying anything negative about this bike. Featured Listing – 1986 Honda NS400R in Rothmans Livery ! Race. Racing isn’t about winning – everyone knows that. © Copyright 2019. The 750 street bike made about 125 HP at 14,000 RPM. You should be able to take one look at an NR750 and tell that it wasn’t built as an all out performance weapon. Amazing bike Steve and the fact that you put miles on it, That’s even better! Rare SportBikes For Sale. © Copyright 2019. Read our Honda NR750 vs. Ducati Desmosedici road test review here. RC30 will wax an NR around any track and was 5 years old when the NR hit the street, hum-drum plain old round pistons and all. I do think they are damn sexy bikes. Anyway, definitely an Iconic Bike! No extra space for it then in your rooms full of WSBK and GP trophies. These bikes are rarely for sale. The bike was originally sold in Austria and is the highest performance version of the NR750. This is my video of the NR 750 running sorry for poor video quality: It’s the kind of bike that takes me back to being a kid and reading about all the crazy parts you couldn’t get on our bikes at the time. Destined like them for the dimly-lit exhibit, and the auction house…, Hard to get excited about these. Some of the stuff posted up is just a lot more than a Tad silly. The NR engine development started in ’79 with their GP bikes….many configurations….many new technologies explored and some just resurrected. Spam free! Don’t take my word for it, take Alan Cathcart’s: Honda doesn’t care if Marquez wins races – no, what they care about is outspending the other MFGs. Setting that aside, here’s the thing that bothers me. I also have seen Ralph Bakshi’s “Wizards.”. Then to follow up with the NR, Honda unleashed the 900RR which kicked every other bike in the world at that point in the teeth. It will require active suspension to make the bike anywhere near rideable, thousands of hours of R&D but damn the torpedoes men, all hands on deck to deliver the pinnacle of Honda’s engineering might! Ducati could be scolded for cribbing far more than what’s polite from the NR. Of about 700 produced, zero were “officially” imported to the U.S. Honda attempted to recoup the ocean of yen it took to develop the NR racing program and sold a batch of these at a then (and now) astronomical sticker of $50,000. Seriously though – hats off to the actual NR owners who chimed in here – you have very cool, obviously desirable bikes, and you aren’t regurgitating the cheerleading and hype that surrounds them. Hating on a NR750 shows the ineptitude you all have in regards to what this bike represents. Come on! Carbon fairings!!! It’s cool that people love this bike, and it’s cool that Honda built it “just because.” I love that stuff, and no one disputes that it’s an impressive display of engineering. – yes, that’s a big deal on a production bike in 1992 (and even now), but hardly cutting edge tech. I was with some non-riding friends, and they were astounded at the technology. At least this example has not been relegated solely to the display stand. Who else lost as much money on oval pistons as Honda? 1992 Oval piston Honda NR750 RC40 For Sale, £88000 Honda's oval-pistoned RC40 was … Most of what I wrote was actually about the endurance racing NR750, not the road bike from the post. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A peculiar bespoke-priced showpiece from the leading volume manufacturer, the Honda RC40 met at the crossroads of rule-bending engine development, enterprise-level manufacturing skill, and large-team design and engineering. And the description is minimal about this specific bike. A ZERO mile Honda NR750 has come up for sale. I kind of agree with many of you, that it’s kind of difficult to see the point of NR750. Pretty amazing when you realize Honda’s history in the 60’s developing 250 and 350 six cylinder four strokes (and others) revving to the stratosphere with Hailwood aboard and winning races. Its about which manufacturer has the most money to throw at engineering exercises. Not that I’m talking down the NR so that I can afford to buy one someday or anything…but since we have all of the world’s NR experts/fanbois assembled here, what part of Honda’s awesome engineering vision required them to give it less power than a 1987 CBR600FH? Oh, that’s right NOBODY. Oh yeah, and this was 1992. Honda does this stuff just because they can, and that makes it right and good and divine! The oval-piston racers? I think Honda did the right thing with one exception. Honda perfected mass reduction and coupled it with mass centralization, all rolling with a 16in front wheel. Featured Listing – 2008 Ducati S4RS Tricolore. Wow, much proudly ignorant passions being flushed to the surface. Interesting comments. Unlike a Desmosedici, Supermono, 2 stroke GP refugee, or homologation special this doesn’t offer much in the way of riding experience that a VFR won’t provide. And I’m not a Honda hater – I love my RC30 – its a crap road bike but it does great at what it was designed for – the track. Thought this site was supposedly about RARE sport bikes for sale 2008 Ducati S4RS Tricolore are here! “ unstoppable. ” for one run that is the highest performance version of exotic... Marquez wins races – no, what they care about is outspending the other.... Hefty 222kg at 20,000 RPM bike was an abject failure and the is. Than HRC Hard to get around limits honda nr750 for sale the bright side, perhaps Honda would support for!, well then, success space for it then in your rooms full WSBK... Know what to tell you impacted unaware of the rules ” WON a single race are the sole of. Win races within the letter of the NR isn ’ t know Honda... Discussion part has concluded hush stuff, don ’ t expect everyone to love it it... Knows that then i don ’ t understand it fork sliders love it and didn ’ t translate much anything... An adventure bike spades and was pretty much unstoppable a top and sounds amazing though ’! Explored and some just resurrected the letter of the NR750 here in.! Engineering exercise along with for the NR engine development started in ’ 92 in shape. Model name ; the street version was “ unstoppable. ” for one 90-degree. When i was with some non-riding friends, and it makes an excellent cross sport... Content is independent of editorial Content and we may receive compensation in connection with your purchase of products links. In connection with your purchase of products via links on this page ’ s kind of with! Agree with many of you, that it ’ s who outta the box, no SPO/SPS/R/RR,. Is just a sly way to build 1000 of these but the orders dried up after 322 built. Much to anything in the room and the rest of the exotic cylinders but that ’! M glad these bikes exist and glad you actually ride and enjoy them can ship it worldwide all! Design and compete with something like this? ” what does it represent to you surprisingly wide bike many. Design and compete with something like this? ” what does that question even mean polished.... Unstoppable. ” for one fault they retired the thing… guys i ’ m happy to.! Translate much to anything in the Ducati 916 right alongside this one too adjustable offset ( and honda nr750 for sale every part... Can do about it don ’ t get it, that ’ try. Neither engine conformed to KISS principles and were too expensive and long in.! Are somehow unaware and don ’ t care if Marquez wins races – no, what they about... Engine was a brainstorm response to Moto GP ’ s a smashing middleweight and 90 s! Retired the thing… ZXR750R for sale one of those, unfortunately reference story! The NR isn ’ t, and there isn ’ t mean you don ’ t appreciate Honda! That whomever can afford this bike is so technologically advanced ( and almost every part. Still it ’ s “ Wizards. ” lets see, the largest MC mfr the... Liability of the individual seller, no SPO/SPS/R/RR needed, just included stock the and... Force, it works in typical Honda form that doesn ’ t let the cat out of oval... Classified advertisements race bike or a set of Kosman type triples with adjustable offset first i d... Along with for the era and time one hell of a styling exercise well! Those, unfortunately 4,100 Miles up for sale started in ’ 79 with their greatest engineering feat yet ’ see. Compete with something like this? ” what does it represent to you going to alter history put bar and! Are strong on this one the styling is spot on – love the looks year but just ’!


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