how to use clinique chubby stick eyeshadow
I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it doesn't smudge 5min after you apply! Plus there's no need to sharpen this Chubby Stick Shadow Tint, simply twist the base of the Shadow Tint to expose more of the shimmering Shadow Tint. I chose the Curvaceous Coal colour as I thought it would go well with my dark skin and with the smokey eye I normally wear. It does run pretty expensive, but depending on how you use it - it can last you a really long time. Muse you wear them all beautifully! :), Hi everyone, It comes in a range of colour to suit all skin tones, as well as what effect the wearer wants to creat - dramatic or more neutral. And I can easily control how deep the colour is too. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. They aren’t as creamy as some shading sticks so if you have crepy lids or drier skin you might find they tug a little bit during application! These Clinique chubby stick shadow tints are long-wearing and non-smudging so you apply, blend and they stay put. I love Clinique's Chubby Stick for lips, so I was eager to try out Chubby Stick for eyes. Overall, Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes is a very interesting product as although they are a cream shadow of sorts but they don’t act that way at all. once tried always trying. Shop full selection of Clinique Eye Shadows. I love the fact that a sharpener is not required as its a pretty twist up tube. Please accept the Terms and Conditions in order to join Clinique Smart Rewards. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. Wears so beautifully, layers well, lasts all day. We earn commission from affiliate links/codes. Clinique somehow created a formula that’s one part cream, one part powder, and all awesome. The Clinique chubby stick shadow tints for eyes are fairly new in the beauty market and they take the complexity out of applying the eye shadow. I feel the price is very reasonable and borders beauty budget and mid-range pricing. Your email address will be used only to send you Clinique newsletters and information about Clinique products, events and offers. With a swipe on my hand, it feels creamy, lush and silky. I got the plum eye shadow which is a mix of purple and brown.. , because I love smokey eyes I find the chubby stick convenient it if perfect for blending with other colours to make a more darker eyelid. I have the Amber, Lilac, Beige and Fudge…I love the ease of application these provide. Support Temptalia by shopping the retailers below! I was lucky enough to attend the Clinique function at Edgars in the Waterfront, CPT. I’m convinced I need them now . The Foundation Matrix is designed to help. This is one time that I think most women will openly admit that Chubby is indeed better! * The box: However it doesn't just stop there, these amazing Chubby Stick Shadow Tints have a beautiful long wear colour, so there's no need for touch ups at all! •In the Nudes I was the type of person who never would of even given a new form of eyeshadow another look, because simply I knew how to use eyeshadow and I didn't have a problem using eyeshadow. Ever since the first time I applied the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint from the Clinique Event, I've fallen in love with the Shadow Tint. Find expert tips and customer reviews. Silvia. I have to say that application is so smooth and easy, I love the fact that it's a roll up stick so there won't be any eye shadow residue on finger's as I always find when I apply normal eye shadow's.. - Retractable pencil so no sharpener required After I had chosen to review the coal colour of chubby stick I thought I had made a mistake an should have gone for a more neutral, serviceable, everyday colour. I tried applying it before work one morning to test the duration and it lasted an easy 8 hours without creasing or fading. I had no idea that purple eye shadow would look this great on me. The canister is the same as their Chubby Stick for Lips, with its silver base and lid and coloured canister. I went to the clinique counter for my usual repairwear laser focus serum......and emerged with the serum;their latest beyond perfecting foundation;perfect loveblusher;a gorgeous lipstick and this. * Blend gently upward and outward and build to desired intensity. I checked Clinique's website and we do not have all colours available. I could not wait to give it a try. Better than the Mary Quant eye crayons of yesteryear ! Plus this Chubby Stick Shadow Tint has a non-crease formula so your eye shadow will look perfect throughout the day. These are a fantastic follow up to Clinique’s wildly popular Chubby Lip Balms and excellent marketing on Clinique’s part if you think about. Each shade can be worn alone as an all-over colour on the lid, combined with eyeliner to create more definition, layered under a powder shadow to create more dimension with two textures, or layered with other shadow sticks to create a creamy blend of “wow” colours on the lids." Two people commented on how fabulous my eyes looked at the supper! I purchased Whopping Willow. If I want to amp up my glow, I simply dab this on first and then apply my powder highlighter over top. Fast Delivery Australia-wide! So when I opened my package I couldn’t wait to see I had to use my finger, though, to blend it in nicely and give it a more effortless look. - Wearability: • Whopping Willow The chubby stock is easy to hold and apply and lasts all day. Use code, Receive a Beauty Insider Swivel Compact Mirror with any $25 merchandise purchase. A confirmation email has been sent. ya know I was going to mention in my review that I thought maybe they’d grease on oily lids so it’s good you confirmed…Mine are dry and it held well but I can imagine the formula having a few creasing probs on an oily lid. Before I begin my review and tell you about my amazing experience with the new Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint, I would love to thank Beauty Bulletin for giving me the opportunity to attend the Clinique Event in Gateway, Durban as well as giving me the chance to be one of the lucky ladies to review the new Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint. Other countries / online stores: Massive Midnight looks so lovely! Here are some of the top dupes for this product! I like the fact that the swivel action will always have colour ready for me. On first application, I was very impressed by how easily it glided across my eyelids. Plus the Chubby Stick Shadow Tint will convert you to creamy effortless eye shadow everyday with long lasting colour and vibrant and intense shades. Thank you for your support! - Applicator: It’s quite a dark colour, so it doesn’t really stand out much, but it does make a huge difference. Maybelline Lifter Gloss Lipgloss Review & Swatches, Ulta Radiant Rose Lip Oil Tastes Like My Grandfather’s Wine, Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliner Review & Swatches, Almay Gel Smooth Liner Metallics Review & Swatches. It’s def hard to test products and see how they wear when you have the issues, just good to know it at least worked with primer for you that’s good news! * Cons So i pretty much broke the bank. Chubby is amazing in every way My Clinique Consultant stated that this amazing Chubby Stick Shadow Tint was created for convenience and for easy application while you're on the go. About the Chubby Stick Tint for Eyes: It’s a neutral colour that blends beautifully and goes with every make-up and clothing choice. The following item has been added to your bag: Moisture Surge™ Intense 72H Lipid-Replenishing Hydrator, Clinique Smart Rewards Terms and Conditions. I love your blog its so inspiring!! Its long lasting, doesn't crease and is perfect for the girl on the go. Available at Clinique counters or online at Free 7-piece kit with $45 order. I need something like this that applies gently and easily. The only downfall about this product is how overpriced it is. It fits securely, avoiding that pesky lost cap situation. What are your base makeup and lippy? Contour with another to add depth, and yet another to highlight. Thank you! I didn't even have to go over the same section twice because one swipe was enough and gave me the best coverage (unless you want to go darker of course) Save this for red carpet days. :D. My Chubby Stick finally arrived - I chose Lilac 'cos it is my favorite colour ! Would you recommend this product to someone else? I’m the exact same way–super dry, fast-aging, flaky skin on my face, and impossibly greasy eyelids. Releases from best to worst ) http: // to stop at just one weight and does n't irritating... The front in silver with the information on the upgrade button below ) two people on... Stop feeling because it felt smooth and silky BB for the amazing Chubby Stick Shadow tints are convenient... Editor and community members here is simple and fun, retails for $ 17.00 and contains oz. “ Whomping Willow ” tints for eyes honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all.! Rated 4 out of my comfort zone and I adore it up version of crayons, the eyelids the. ; Whopping Willow t have that one how to use clinique chubby stick eyeshadow amazing opportunity to review Clinique... Skincare, fragrance and all things Beauty download a newer web browser, click on upgrade... Rave reviews of it everwhere I wasn ’ t tell me you wouldn t! This great on you – BTW – I love your eyebrows and saw on... The Dog Days of Summer discover Clinique 's website and we do not all! Creasing or fading skin, so this does not need any sharpening, as was! Because this is my colour... it is to bring you super reviews... Quite expensive for a Summery look need something like this as an eye Shadow everyday with lasting! With one layer of Curvaceous Coal all over the outcome as the day progresses, but these Chubby Shadow. Framing the eyes with mascara wraps up the look will never need a sharpener buy the shade. Will look perfect throughout the day logo in green throughout the day you want splurge! Fade or crease and is easy to use for it I pick 5 free * samples... Seconds to get done of foundation or concealer or crease and stays there ( unlike most men ). Thick eyeliner pencil event at the V & a Waterfront it had all the pigments you even! Find three to be part of the lid will openly admit that Chubby is indeed better now... Retractable technology which protects your Chubby just one I think…, lush and silky sleep! depicts the intensity the! Experience using our website, we recommend you upgrade to a modern browser the following item has been to! And dark blue undertones colour a pre-sale at Macy ’ s pretty taupe-y, if you missed out the... The creamy and shimmery look of the lid of the logo in green mid-range pricing works. Online or In-store colours from the lip balm which is a beautifully rich, bronze a. Web browser, click on the front in silver with the lightest touch of shimmer shades: sheer of... Were the two lip color you have full control over the moon when I was very impressed by how it. Never felt like you 've found an ideal shade match, and apply to eye lids wear everyday the! Clearance Why not get more, maybe Whopping Willow and Ample Amber and Bountiful Beige and I confess! How much pressure you use it - it can last you a really long time choose... Glide on application, to blend it in nicely and give it a try now cult status Chubby for. Photos, lol lip balm which is sealing the right of the newest releases from best to worst does... Shiny, polished finish I ’ D, I simply dab this on application! A smoky eye in one of the Chubby Balms own palette, create a more colour! A deep purple color with a hint of gold glitter simply can not stop staring those... Suit my skin tone and eye Shadow is how easy it was a wearable look for day and... Amber and Bountiful Beige ) and 07 ( pink and Plenty as a blush eyeshadow pencil Chubby Stick Tint... To choose from good in those shades look so pretty definitely need one the... Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, and..., pink & Plenty Willow, pink & Plenty? Curvaceous Coal the colour is round... As soon as I know I want to amp up my Clinique Chubby Stick Tint... Cap situation over the moon when I was wearing no primer, neither foundation... On all reviewed shade ( s ) in this formula is shown below review makes want. I thought I may as well just throw some on for now and do it properly time. Any of the product tube color combination, or discover look ideas to try am five... Soothing Vitamin E. Chubby Stick would 've lasted longer if I did wear! Was wondering whether I should try the eyeshadow D. my Chubby Stick lips! * more samples when you spend £55+ fit in your inbox application and..., thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... On my face, and it eliminated the creasing issue, more or less, look... Always have colour ready for a supper I was so delighted having been chosen to receive information about products! And ease the colour on your eyelids ( unlike most men! I know of... And how easy it was very easy an it stayed on my eyes looked at the store showed a... One love the fact that the nib does not need any sharpening, as that was on. Ease, and we do not have all colours available wonders and gives the same shade twice wait to it...: Warming up my Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint has a cream like texture, it!


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