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Garbage in, garbage out. If the company is digital, a software one, does this help at anything? Goddamn. Ah so CaRMS needs to update their shit. Thank you guys for your comments in advance. Yes, I submitted and dont have access anymore. Were you paid for the work? Have good LOR's from rotations in the states and a few publications as a co author in terms of research. What I've come down to think is either giving up this career and do something else, or killing step 2 and keep fighting. Before I continue, I would please ask everyone to reply as honestly and as sincerely as possible. Good luck. And I need to marry a Canadian. I could apply to do a fellowship fairly easily once I've finished training in Australia (your college recognises pretty much all the colleges here), but realistically the earliest that could be would be in maybe 5 years, and also would be GP/Family Med which doesn't interest me. As you've probably read, as an Australian IMG, you would be competing in the few IMG spots in first iteration, but likely matching in second iteration for the leftover spots form first iteration (rumour goes that some programs don't fill all IMG spots first iteration so they can be offered to unmatched CMGs in second round). So e-residency is useful only for either freelancers/nomad digital, companies with HQ physically in estonia? I'm looking for material about the e-residency, does anyone knows some good books topic? Last Bit of Summer at LaFarm. It's a fun experiment that will enable Estonia e-residents to: Hold and manage digital currencies on behalf of all Estonia e-residents, Create and participate in on-chain votes (including how funds should be allocated), Allow individuals to donate digital assets to ALL Estonia e-residents, Act as a Basic Income distribution system. How does the UÖ companies solve that? Someone open a software company using e-residency(Private Limited Company(OÜ)), to sell that software's license globally. Alaska, by contrast, awarded only a single residency position to an IMG. Very very difficult. I found the results somewhat surprising since I'd heard that research was a way to stand out from other candidates. If the company owners rent a place in the country A, put a team and work there for a while, say, one year or more, until move to another country B. can that government claim this software company to pay taxes in the country A and not Estonia? That’s sounds really a bad scenario. Where most IMGs work. I put it as work experience, but for position, I wrote “trainee”. that the majority of the internal medicine programs that consider IMGs are not generating much research. Apologies in advance if this is completely the wrong place to post this, but I was looking for some advice. Thanks. Did you receive credit for it? Thank you. You need to be a citizen. I'm serious, it's not allowed.


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