iracing fov calculator
Once you have a number that works, set only half of that number to Vanish Y. This way you wont need to adjust to the incorrect field of view.

// given the FOV you want, calculate the correct viewing distance The…. Total Spanish Simulator ( *closed) の Carlos Casas 氏が、シミュレーション環境を正しく構築するためのガイドを書き上げていました ( *現在ではドメイン閉鎖 2014-07-21)。, スペイン語で記されたそのガイドを、BOX THIS LAP の Gonzalo Camara 氏が短く英訳した記事を公開しました(2014-10-27)。, 日本語翻訳版の公開を Carlos Casas 氏に快諾頂いたので、以下に掲載します。ぜひ一度目を通してみてください。これまで気付かなかったことに気付かせてくれる記事かもしれません。なお、記事中の各画像はクリックすると拡大して表示されます。それぞれ引用元サイトの画像を直接表示していますので、元画像へアクセスできなくなるなど、表示されなくなることがあります。 表示されなくなるものが出てきたので画像を掲載して引用元URLを表記するようにしました。, なお、一部、例として挙げられる画像がその前後の章のものに思える部分もあるのですが、原文の順のまま掲載しています。, 1 – メインモニタまでの距離 { You can improve your skills and iRating in the sim with just a few weeks of coaching. Field of view calculator A super simple way to calculate the mathematically correct field of view (FoV) for your racing simulator, based on monitor sizeand viewing distance., FOV CALCULATORS – All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. { This website is not associated with Codemasters, and all game logos are trademarked to Codemasters. return calcSingleFOV(monitorWidth, viewingDistance); 2 – 視線(高さ) }

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Only half useful, glad you say horizontal width at least, the amount of people who seem to think you measure diagonally is worrying. Enter your monitors horizontal width and the distance from your eyes to the monitor to calculate the correct field of view for your seating position. } else { @font-face { return 0; { This helps me out massively with buying new cars and tracks in iRacing! { Whenever I set it up in iRacing using the calculator, I see no mirrors in the Skip Barber and the camera is right on the nose of the car. // calc FOV

@font-face { I like the distance calculation and I would like to suggest an optional schematics – where the side monitors will be mounted with overlapping the middle monitor bezels … in iRacing that works very easy – you have 2 values – 1 without bezel and 1 with … in overlapping you add only 1 bezel to the value without. // assumes all three monitors are same width, if not pass total width into calcSingleFOV() FOV Calculator One thing often overlooked in iRacing is the FOV, or Field of View, that your car should be set to. }

※掲載されていたドメインが消滅していたようです。 (2020/08/13 更新) Reducing the distance form your monitor to your eyes will increase … Calculators work in cm or mm or inches. Looking to get better at iRacing? form.FOV.value = (calcTripleAngFOV(form.monWidth.value, form.viewDist.value)).toFixed(2);, 使い方: モニタまでの距離とベゼルを含んだモニタの幅を指定すれば自動的にFOVが計算されます。モニタは3画面全てに同じ距離を適用します。 This is a translation topic. On a single monitor you want to use the width of the viewable part of the monitor, on a triple monitor, single renderer, setup you want to use the width of the viewable image as well, but include the center bezels, that is treat it like one large monitor with some annoying black lines on it.


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