isuzu n35 150
0000090258 00000 n 0000010532 00000 n 0000085641 00000 n 0000010369 00000 n 0000017809 00000 n In Stock. There are two models in the Isuzu Grafter range: the 1.9 litre, 125PS Grafter Green (Isuzu N35.125), and the 3.0 litre, 150PS Grafter Blue (Isuzu N35.150). %PDF-1.5 0000059670 00000 n Gross Vehicle Weight: 3,500kg. Tow bar option available. 0000082420 00000 n 0000083146 00000 n Fax - 01707 28 29 31 0000060336 00000 n 0000083529 00000 n 0000059725 00000 n 0000103712 00000 n UK, Tel: 01707 28 29 30 Junto con las  nuevas medidas de seguridad en cabina, como el ordenador de a bordo, el avisador acústico de marcha atrás, y los sistemas de frenado asistido y el control electrónico de velocidad, el N35 está equipado con frenos de disco delanteros y traseros de accionamiento hidráulico conforme a la normativa de seguridad de la CEE. 0000010271 00000 n x��][o��~7��p^�8'�z�d�/@���x�q2ь���A��lK�e�������楪�� g�n֥��>~d�������ӟ�{��������=�������Bvjכ��z��ߣ��2�����}�������j����v?��OX�b'U''���� �����w�����{�����;���{?W4�Ds�NG�:B�B��K'9:���i��� �ܙ�ބjP�6��[�["%\�������P��>�io��٣��op@��k���Aq82m�g�{镈i�&���^ʦ���e޶=�?7���� ղA�Syv6��M��e�ɉ}S��*F�����9��?�Q��9!�n��`GaF� e7Ϝ(,�(��=�~�FUD`8����Q�%�e.] 0000009996 00000 n Hatfield 0000818383 00000 n Isuzu-backed repair and maintenance contract available upon request. What`s more, the complete 3.5T Isuzu N35 Grafter range can tow an impressive 3.5ton, giving a mighty 7ton total combination of vehicle and trailer and with Isuzu 3 Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty,  3 Years Isuzu Assist & Award winning CARE programme, the Isuzu N35 Grafter range is a serious proposition. In order to deal with your enquiry, we may need to pass your contact information to your local Isuzu truck dealership for follow up. All chassis cabs come with a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty and roadside assistance as standard. 0000117485 00000 n El Isuzu N35 asegura el máximo control, para ofrecer en cada momento una experiencia de conducción segura y confortable. 0000860854 00000 n Fax: 01707 28 29 31 0000816164 00000 n Available in a number of different configurations to best suit your business, the Grafter excels when it comes to efficiency, durability and reliability. 0000085438 00000 n 0000030768 00000 n 0000042251 00000 n No, I'd prefer to not be kept informed about Isuzu Truck products, services and events. 0000104222 00000 n 0000024365 00000 n 0000104040 00000 n Our privacy policy explains more about how we manage your data. The recent introduction of the new Isuzu Grafter N35.125 Grafter Green models brings a new efficient Euro 6 engine without the requirement of Ad-blue and with the additional benefits of; increased carrying capacities, improved drivability, handling and comfort, whilst retaining the infamous ‘workhorse’ attributes the Grafter range is known for. 2018 Isuzu Grafter Grafter N35.150 T Grafter Chassis Cab 3.0 Manual Diesel Drops Swindon, Wiltshire Note: The price displayed for this vehicle (£20995.00) is exclusive of VAT. 0000083237 00000 n 0000010095 00000 n 150 año 2008 carrocería Moderna, Doble rueda, ballesta reforzada, Aire Acondicionado, en perfecto estado de funcionamiento y mecánico. Payload Allowance (Body & Payload for Chassis Cab). VAT Number - 428964411 | Company Number - 3692258. 0000083055 00000 n endobj Front: Semi elliptical alloy steel springs with hydraulic shock absorbers. Email:, Emergency Assistance 0000031793 00000 n Yes, please keep me informed about Isuzu Truck products, services and events.No, I'd prefer to not be kept informed about Isuzu Truck products, services and events. Used Isuzu Trucks Grafter N35.120 Dropside Tipper N35.120T 120 Bhp - Double Rear Wheels - Very Clean Alloy , 2017, not known, 16112 miles. 0000082815 00000 n Drive Away Applicable. The Isuzu Grafter N35 is ideal for a range of applications and industries, including Tree Surgeons. 0000036554 00000 n 0000060214 00000 n 2 0 obj 0000082026 00000 n 0000060586 00000 n 0000080423 00000 n 0000059970 00000 n 0000859599 00000 n 0000086349 00000 n Isuzu ‘Grafter Blue’ N35.150(T) Dropside 3.5T GVW / EURO VI-D 4x2 rigid twin rear wheels specifications: Weights (kg) PROVISIONAL Cab type day Wheelbase WB 3350 Vehicle Mass Unladen Front 1630 Rear 800 Total 2430 GVW 3500 Payload Allowance 1070 Max. 0000011851 00000 n 0000082125 00000 n h���A �4FP�WT0��>��m{�d������C. If you’d like to find out more about our truck range or any of our services, please contact us using the form below. 0000010046 00000 n 0000080219 00000 n , Unit 2, Hardwick Grange, Woolston Grange, Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 4RF | Telephone: 01925 853 870 0000859368 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n 0000185655 00000 n Como cada vehículo de la gama Isuzu, el N35 ofrece una posición de conducción acogedora y confortable. Gross Vehicle Weight: 3,500kg. 0000083383 00000 n 0000010222 00000 n Covain Vende: Ref 578 Camión chasis cabina Isuzu N35. 0000083642 00000 n 0000013433 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� 3 0 obj 0000090223 00000 n 0000011176 00000 n Hertfordshire Descarga el catálogo electrónico Isuzu Free Time. 0000081614 00000 n <> Yes, please keep me informed about Isuzu Truck products, services and events. 4×2 rigid chassis cab with twin rear wheels. 0000032493 00000 n 0000859830 00000 n Would you like to be kept informed with Isuzu Truck products, services and events? 0000032605 00000 n 0000013520 00000 n 0000031233 00000 n 0000847988 00000 n 0000002956 00000 n Rear bumper: Aluminium rear under run bar. 0000081923 00000 n Don't just take our word for it, the Isuzu Grafter N35 is an award winning Isuzu truck. 0000080526 00000 n System: Vacuum servo assisted hydraulic dual line with ABS, EBD (electronic brake distribution), EVSC (electronic vehicle stability control), ASR (anti slip regulation). 878 0 obj <> endobj xref Jack with a small selection of hand tools. Brand New unregistered Isuzu N35-150 Grafter LWB Dropside, (14ft 6'' long) complete with Towbar & Strap Box, GVW 3.5 tonnes, GTW 7.0 tonnes, £23,750.00 + vat + £320.00 Initial Registration Fee & 12 Months RFL, order your '70' plate now! <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 858.75] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Drive Away Applicable. Please ensure any fields marked in red are filled in correctly. 4×2 rigid chassis cab with twin rear wheels and dropside body. 0000835816 00000 n 0000863911 00000 n 0000059069 00000 n 3 years unlimited mileage warranty, 3 years Roadside Assistance & 3 years Low Rate Finance available. Del carrozado clásico con caja fija al portacontenedor o al transporte de mercancías en general, el N35 es tu compañero de trabajo ideal, ya sea en transporte por zonas urbanas o áreas extraurbanas. 0000088925 00000 n Isuzu N 35.150 Covain Vende: Ref 578 Camión chasis cabina Isuzu N35.150 año 2008 carrocería Moderna,Doble rueda,ballesta reforzada,Aire Acondicionado,en perfecto estado de funcionamiento y mecánico.Para 3500 kilos y conducir con carnet B el de coche.Documentacion en regla.Pisibilidad de Mis anuncios Publicar anuncio 0000089779 00000 n 0000867085 00000 n Builders, landscape gardeners, arborists and other contractors rely on the Grafter to pull its weight on site day in, day out, and its performance more than lives up to its name. 0000059333 00000 n 0000081261 00000 n <>>> 0000081386 00000 n 0000003449 00000 n 0000008950 00000 n 0000010418 00000 n Preston, Lancashire £19,990 Práctico y versátil, el N35 se  adapta a cualquier exigencia sin comprometer nunca el espacio para los pasajeros o la carga, ofreciendo siempre el máximo confort. 4×2 rigid chassis cab with twin rear wheels and tipper body, Engine: 4JJ1-E6-D Isuzu turbo intercooled DOHC 4 cylinder diesel with DPD & SCR, Isuzu 5-speed manual synchromesh MYY5A overdrive, 300mm diaphragm type with hydraulic actuation. 0000012390 00000 n Rear: Semi elliptical alloy steel springs with hydraulic shock absorbers. 0000080180 00000 n Gross Vehicle Weight: 3,500kg. 0000032378 00000 n Warrington Vehicle Centre Limited are a credit broker, not a lender, we can introduce you to a limited number of lenders. ��)�ol������s�@��O��場?s������S��x8�;�Ŷ|}У;?��(��U��Qlf5\_;���������ē��i;�:^зP����u�T]�iBuS3�?�b���l�g!.Gz��z'���(�~�Xbz�N�q�:�9i&�e6%�R���4u�����\�biA��QO�f�Ј�a�[�т�����L��Q�w�L�� ����O�d�E"��M�jV\$���$n�ӂd�6�+Yq�H�j��I[m�V��_���6i;�|A�V˾[xA�s2P"����A��t�2}���3?�����A+3������� �9����e�����Q1c w�����1�È~�����w��mJ���G6P�z�2�â"�{tP���l:b�cz=� Tipper bodies all come with the bodybuilder’s three year, 100,00 mile warranty. 0000085516 00000 n Parallel ladder type channel section straight side rails, riveted upper flange. 0000060460 00000 n 0000089514 00000 n 0000021384 00000 n 0000820739 00000 n Activa Javascript en tu navegador para poder utilizar milanuncios, Concesionario bilbotruck -tercer año consecutivo líder de ventas de, Venco camion cuba con equipo para desatascos desatoros desatranques cisterna de, Covain Vende: Ref 578 Camión chasis cabina, Copyright © 2020   Adevinta Spain S.L.U. If you would rather not hear from your local dealer, please make this clear on this contact form. 0000086462 00000 n stream There are two models in the Isuzu Grafter range: the 1.9 litre, 125PS Grafter Green (Isuzu N35.125), and the 3.0 litre, 150PS Grafter Blue (Isuzu N35.150). For Isuzu Commercial Assist call free on 0800 008 7210. The award-winning Isuzu Grafter is one tough little truck. Gracias a su gran manejabilidad, al renovado confort y a la extrema fiabilidad, el Isuzu N35 no tiene límites en lo que puede hacer por ti. ?�V�4���0���X����q"��ڑPEZc�TV���f��5��n�yw8�Y~zX���M�ffS���O�y:��v��X��2�Q�f����s�'d�Qi����"lk��ь�7!�z��X tY7�l;]�l�f�P6J-�Y7���lx�� gd�$�ځ���D��1��w~F����� 5���J�V���3[5��.��\����}Y��ז;��0�kھ�|-��V�Q״v�j��&^�������hOe���H��f����G4��������|�,I'��(��S�fz;>sY��,Y����E*��7����)/.>+M�McF߶E��n�r�Ǜ�WN�'C_�3*�䳴7���T��g(��� 0000080841 00000 n Isuzu Truck UK Ltd Modern Slavery Statement 2019 4×2 rigid chassis cab with twin rear wheels and tipper body. 0000011767 00000 n Exhaust brake, Front: 293mm ventilated discs with asbestos-free pads, Rear: 275mm ventilated discs with asbestos-free pads, Park: Mechanical drum brake rear of transmission, Steel reinforced composite front bumper with fog and daytime running lamps, Pillar mounted entrance grab handles both sides, Driver’s fully adjustable suspension seat with head restraint, Driver and outer passenger retractable diagonal seat belts, with pre-tensioner, Interior rear view mirror on collapsible mounting, Deep cut side windows to reduce blind spots, Electric windows with driver control and lock, Recirculating ball type with full integral hydraulic power assistance, Multi information display provides data on servicing, emissions and fuel economy, Combination stalk incorporating headlamps, indicators, fog lamps, washers and wipers, and exhaust brake, Kenwood DAB Radio with Bluetooth (Sat Nav option available). Max Trailer Weight: 3,500kg. 0000081510 00000 n 0000807423 00000 n <> The Isuzu Grafter is so popular, in fact, that it has been named Best Builders’ Truck seven years in a row by leading commercial vehicle publication Trade Van Driver. Length 10ft 6"Based on the M4 corridor in Swindon Wiltshire the M4 Van Centre specialises in new and used vans and minibuses. 0000081717 00000 n 164 Great North Road 0000008349 00000 n 0000059280 00000 n Yes, please keep me informed about Isuzu Truck products, services and events. 0000039457 00000 n 0000819588 00000 n 0000010173 00000 n 0000010320 00000 n ��L�=�?���*̸�~ӆ˪��n��1@� ;�vÑE�H��CNAZ�Y�*S��3f�S=e ���0@��8jǒ�����?


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