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Severely injured, the Creeper is unable to defend himself as Jack Sr. proceeds to use a spare harpoon to stab the Creeper continuously through the chest until he runs out of breath. The Creeper chases the scared teens into a wide field, killing two of them. He pretends he was not "picked out" to avoid the unfortunate fate. She was "picked out" by the Creeper, but warns disbelieving students that the Creeper would return for those it chose. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Among other atrocities, the Creeper accidentally destroyed a civilization, killing all of its inhabitants, but expresses no sympathy towards his mistake. The Creeper drives a large, rusty, 1940s-era delivery truck, which he uses to transport bodies and scare victims to get a scent from their fear. He found them cornered with Jezzelle, a psychic woman. This might be due to the fact that he does not have time to do so or that he simply does not like to kill unnecessarily. The CreeperItBat Out of Hell The two met in the police station, where The Creeper sniffs her but does not find anything of interest after seeing she doesn't fear it and leaves her. As they travel they hear a newer version of the song, then police are attacked and killed by the mysterious driver of the old truck. After his teammate is beheaded by the Creeper, Scotty demands the other 3 students picked out by the Creeper leave the bus so the other students and himself would be safe. He flew back to his church, and knowing that his hideout was no longer safe, he disposed of the evidence by setting it on fire, along with the basement and his workshop. 5 out of 5 stars (473) 473 reviews $ 21.99. When the driver got out to investigate, the Creeper killed him before continuing the hunt. If the Creeper does accumulate knowledge from the heads he eats, he could theoretically be a technological genius. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Pin-up Captain Adult Costume - Clearance Size XS and XL, Trick or Treat Studios Jeepers Creeper Movie Quality Face Mask for Halloween, Novelty Creepy Scary Horror Halloween Cosplay Party Costume Latex Head Mask - Corn Modelling Mask, Trick or Treat Studios Men's Jeepers Creepers - The Creeper Deluxe, Multi, One Size, Novelty Creepy Scary Horror Halloween Cosplay Party Costume Latex Head Mask Ghosts Nail Mask, Forum Novelties Men's Texas Cowboy Duster Coat Adult Costume, Brown, Standard, Novelty Funny Halloween Cosplay Party Costume Latex Head Mask - Super Fatso, Forum Novelties Men's Plus-Size Extra Big Fun Tex Costume Duster Coat, Brown, 3X-Large, California Costumes Men's Wicked Wings, Gray/Black, One Size, Star Wars Supreme Edition Chewbacca Mask, Brown, One Size, Minecraft - Creeper Prestige Child Costume. While normally lying flat against his head, the Creeper is able to expand a wide fringe of webbed, insect-like appendages as a threat display or when agitated. Afterwards Darry insists they go back and investigate. Later, shortly after Bucky successfully called the Taggarts for help, the Creeper punched a hole in the roof of the bus and attempted to abduct him. When he was roaring in rage that someone knew of his origins, the Creeper caused multiple crows to fall out of the sky. He then climbs atop the bus., The Creeper can scream or screech, and whistle. //-->, © - Halloween Costumes | Halloween Accessories & Halloween Decorations | Privacy Policy Very soon, he threw Trish away and decided with Darry. It is unknown if the Creeper was aware of Darry's continued influence but Darry's acts allowed the psychic to warn her friends of him and lead to his capture by the Taggart Family. The Creeper is a sort of a Chimera.